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RELEASED Factions (Beta)

Discussion in 'Other' started by Tipheret1337, Nov 2, 2018.

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    Join the Marines of the United Systems or the Space Pirates in their mutual confrontation! Fight for survival and control of resources after the destruction of the Earth! Solve tasks and complete missions to forge your reputation on the faction of your choice! Create new equipment to visit new worlds and face new enemies! Win a name among yours and, why not, the best rewards!


    The mod practically does not modify the original content of the game. It adds a faction system, giving them presence through new space stations and other locations. The player can interact with either of the two factions, which will be neutral initially, and join one of them in order to gain reputation and rewards through completing tasks and missions. But beware! Once you form part of the ranks of a faction, the opposing one will not want to deal with you or may even be hostile.

    Within the space stations, the player, through the NPCs of his/her faction, will have access to new questing zones and dynamic dungeons, new daily quests, new crafting tables and materials that will allow them to create dozens of new powerful armor sets and weapons to confront new monsters and bosses. It also adds a good number of tools and gadgets, new and funny pets and a lot of curiosities that we prefer that you discover for yourselves. Additionally, the mod becomes a wrapper for the original endgame content, adding replay value to it. All with the good old RPG flavor.


    Download and install the mod from Steam (I can not upload it to the forums due to file size limitations). Once you have done this and have completed the quest "Become space-worthy", talk to S.A.I.L and/or look for one of the multiple stations of the Marines or the Pirates in some solar system. Keep in mind that the content is designed as an endgame, so it can be overwhelming for non-advanced characters.

    There is no need to start a game from scratch, but the new content will not be shown until the player visits new solar systems.


    The mod is stable, but in continuous development process, improving the current content and adding new one. So, you can say that it is unfinished, but not incomplete.

    However, due to the early state of the mod and possible future modifications, we recommend trying the mod with new characters or, at least, making a previous copy of the storage folder of the game to avoid unwanted results.


    As you can see the game is oriented towards the classic RPG, but also embraces multiplayer and PvP. All of these are aspects that we want to maintain in the future, but which of them will deepen more depend on where the development of Starbound goes and those aspects where Chucklefish goes further.

    Some things to expect in the future are:
    • Improvements and additions to PvE content: more questing zones, dungeons for groups, monsters, bosses with special mechanics...
    • PvP Oriented weapons with capablle to harm members of the opposite faction.
    • New objects, consumables, furniture, pets and more.

    You are invited to stay abreast of the development of this mod in my personal Discord server


    We are open to any idea you want to send us and, of course, to guide those who wish to collaborate with their creations: modded items, pixel-art, music, etc ...

    You can offer your suggestions, improvements and collaborations in my personal Discord Server.


    Our intention is to pay attention to all notices of this type that the players wish to send us. But in order to help you, we need the proper information. Please, follow these steps:
    • Right after the error happens, look for the game log. It's stored in the file 'starbound.log', located in the 'storage' folder of Starbound.
    • Open the file with notepad and copy the contents to pastebin.com
    • Send the link to pastebin via comment or at my personal Discord Server.
    • Add any additional information that might be useful, such as your activity when the error occurred, relevant screenshots or the technical specifications of your computer.


    To all of you who have read this presentation on the mod, for putting up with this unfortunate English. I promise to polish the grammar in the texts of the mod.

    I would like to give a very special thanks to ThatThunderCookie (Quiqksilver at Reddit) for her excellent work that inspires many of us and without which I would not have started modding. Some items of of this mod are inspired (if not traced) of his creations.

    To YamiKaos, Reiser and, especially, to CyberPelpo for their invaluable help testing all the content of the mod. Even when it was unplayable. Thanks guys!

    For Ruth and Alaia. For being as you are, loving me as you love me and supporting and understanding a freak like me.


    ยท Does this mod work with Frakin' Universe?: First tests say it's compatible with FU, but It has not ben deeply tested yet. Any feedback about this would be appreciated.
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