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    A way to make players more involved in their Starbound universe. I've seen and heard people say so many times "The end game is so boring" "There's nothing to do" and this is an idea I think may completely change it.

    Of course, this is optional for players, but it will influence the way the universe looks massively.

    ------------------------ Faction Generation

    Players can pick between several major factions. The factions are randomly generated and have preferences of species: some factions might believe Glitchs are impure and need to be destroyed and, as a result, will refuse to take Glitch members.

    Faction names are randomly generated by the faction's Home System; if their home system is called ABC123, it would be something like ABC123 + Alliance, + Fleet, + Empire etc.

    ------------------------ Faction Quests

    Faction quests are sometimes long and require effort from the player. Some quest ideas:

    Assault is a combat quest. The objective of the quest is to remove a group from a a location on a planet near the faction fleet. If the location is considered dangerous towards the player, the player will be given a squad of soldiers from the faction as allies in the mission. Once the quest is complete, the players faction might inhabit the location.

    Colonisation is a, well, colonisation quest. The player will be tasked with building several (2 - 4) guard homes, then build several (+2 compared to the number of guard homes) civilian homes. Once the colony is built, the player will have to place the factions flag on the planet.

    Rescue is a quest where the player will be tasked to locate and bring back a squad of faction members (scientists, soldiers etc.) missing in action from a planet.

    ------------------------ War

    Opposing factions may often go to war. Players receive a notification that their faction is going to war against another and will be able to join their faction in battle. A war is a system-wide conflict where two factions battle for control over the system. The player's faction will be beamed down in battalions, large groups of soldiers with one objective. The objective in wars can be:

    Conquest: Take over Control Point(s) on a planet. The players faction has to hold the point for 5 minutes to win the battle.

    Siege Defence: Protect a location from the enemy. The location is usually a town. At least 1 town member needs to survive for the players faction to win.

    ------------------------ Faction Fleets

    Fleets consist of large groups of ships. The player can teleport between their ship and the faction Flagship. A high ranking member of the faction is usually standing in the control room of the flagship, and gives the player faction quests.

    ------------------------ Ranks

    The player begins at rank 1 in the faction. The final rank of a faction is a special forces-esque rank. Each rank gives the player different perks. There are 5 ranks.

    Rank 1: Discounted bandages from the medical team at the Flagship + faction off-duty uniform with emblem and colour scheme. (t-shirt + pants)

    Rank 2: Faction combat gear

    Rank 3: Discounted green weapons from the weapon vendors at the Flagship.

    Rank 4: Faction soldier companion

    Rank 5: Faction emblem as a decoration, provided free by the general store on the Flagship.
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    Ahh this is such a cool idea. I have a few questions.

    1. Will players be able to switch factions?
    2. Can players be kicked out of their faction?
    3. Can players join more than one faction? If so, will this impact their relationship and standing with other factions?
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    Sorry for the late reply, forgot about this thread.

    Players can switch between factions without their reputation being damaged.

    Players can't be kicked out of their faction.

    You can only join one large faction, however, you can join multiple smaller factions that may be fighting over a single system, or maybe a group of systems. Large factions allow the player to travel across gigantic leaps with no fuel cost thanks to their flagship. The player can beam to their ship and the flagship regardless of where they are in the galaxy.

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