EXTRA Story Quest: Universal Cleanup

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    Remember in my profile how I thought Shuma-Gorath was the son of the Ruin? This is basically the foundation for an Epilogue Questline, featuring the Marvel Universe.

    Before the Ruin expired at the hands of the Last Protector, the Ruin tossed aside something into the cosmos. Its seed? A final act of revenge? Both? Whatever it was, no one was able to notice it, until it landed on a random planet. As it started terrorizing the inhabitants of this planet, the Last Protector, bereft of the guidance of Esther Bright, is left on his/her own to investigate the planet's razing. As the Last Protector gathered accounts from eyewitnesses, he/she would later describe this horror as a eyeball with green tentacles. Later on, this savior of the universe, would meet this Ruin-spawn on a desolate planet who would introduce itself as Shuma-Gorath, and declare war to conquer all sentience in the name of Thanos. Uh-oh, could this mean Shuma-Gorath was under Thanos' influence the entire time, as was the Ruin?

    The truth was, in the wake of the Infinity War, the gems were discarded in a black hole, and later discovered by the Cultivator, which he gave one to each chosen race before he expired after locking away the Ruin. With the Infinity Gems still intact, it didn't take long for Shuma-Gorath to discover the Ark and steal the gems back to Thanos.

    The Last Protector knew in his/her heart that he must finish off Thanos before the universe collapses before his might. Should the Last Protector triumph, he would use the gems to resurrect the Cultivator. And in return for his selfless act, The Cultivator uses its newfound power to restore the Earth. And dubs the Last Protector, Grand Protector, and now upholds the greatest seat of power and responsibility to restore the Protectorate and continue it's perpetual mission.
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