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    Hello :DD
    The areas at the top of your farm that your spouse occasionally goes to to do whatever (e.g Abigail playing flute) could become an extra interaction which could also do something helpful like, it could be a "lazy/idle" way of increasing there relationship because you decided to spend some time with them.

    Some examples could be:
    like in the 4 heart event with Abigail where you take out the mini harp, when she is playing the flute at the farm, you can go over to her and your character will take out the harp and play with her.

    You can go up next to her and take photos with her.

    You can help him fix his bike by handing him tools or "fixing" the wheels on the bike.

    You stand on the other side of her "gadget" and work on it with her.

    You can go up near him and lift weights with him.

    I think this would be an interesting idea to add, not necessarily a must be added but something I think would be a nice addition to the game

    this is a quick photoshop that I made as an example of what I mean
    Playing instrument with abigail.png
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      I like this and maybe become a receptionist for Harvey. That would give Maru time for her nursing duties, she always seems so rushed. For Leah you could pose for a painting or sculpture. You could collaborate on a book with Elliot. Penny is the teacher so I'm not sure what you could do with her, maybe let her use the farm as a field trip setting or even create a school in a shed. You could maybe set up a bird sanctuary with Emily for her to care for sick or injured birds.

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