RELEASED Extended Fridge SMAPI 0.94

Extended Fridge for SMAPI 0.40.x - 144 slots - 4 pages

  1. Borodin

    Borodin Oxygen Tank

    Having no problems yet. The storage space is larger, and the recipes reflect everything I've put in it.
    • devilsoblivion

      devilsoblivion Orbital Explorer

      This is amazing! I just wish someone would do this with chests now. :rofl: And with bigger slots.
      • Ghostly Fox

        Ghostly Fox Heliosphere

        So...Odd question, maybe, but is there a way to add more space to the fridge on the user end that isn't difficult? I apparenly use too much space even for this big 'ol fridge.
        • Standardheld

          Standardheld Subatomic Cosmonaut

          I've found an issue yesterday: I put a big chicken egg (white) into the fridge and everytime I want to take it into my inventory, I got a copy and the origin egg stays in his fridge slot. So I am able to get an infinite number of big white chicken eggs and never run out of them.
          • Iomega0318

            Iomega0318 Big Damn Hero

            Added to my mods list haha :)

            My sister was just asking me to make her a mod like this :p
            • Khaosius

              Khaosius Cosmic Narwhal

              I have this issue with a starfruit. I can give SS/console logs if needed.
              EDIT: Actually, this is happening with ALL of my items in the fridge. I can remove everything by shift+clicking though, so they're not 'stuck', just... infinite clones.
              EDIT2: Also occurs with furniture. Does not work with weapons or rings.
                Last edited: Dec 20, 2016
              • sunandshadow

                sunandshadow Intergalactic Tourist

                I installed this today, and it seemed to install properly, except I did not have an arrow to go to page 2. Is there no page 2 if you don't fill up page 1??
                • Acerbicon

                  Acerbicon Pangalactic Porcupine

                  Yes, page 2 doesn't appear until page 1 has been filled up.
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                  • ChaoticReverie

                    ChaoticReverie Void-Bound Voyager

                    Is this mod still being updated? It has a duplication issue.
                    • Borodin

                      Borodin Oxygen Tank

                      Are you using the latest version of both SMAPI and the mod? Are you running other mods, and if so, are they completely compatible with the Fridge mod?
                      • ChaoticReverie

                        ChaoticReverie Void-Bound Voyager

                        Latest Smapi and latest version of this mod. I'm running other mods but none touch the fridge or containers in anyway. It happens when right clicking an item as long as it's the only one of it's kind left in the fridge.
                        • Borodin

                          Borodin Oxygen Tank

                          That gets rid of all the obvious stuff, then--unfortunately. Which means the ball is in Crystalmir's court, and he hasn't been here in almost 2 months. One of the SMAPI folks might be willing to help at that point, since by convention, a mod's considered pretty much abandoned if the developer doesn't show up for that period.
                          • Beon

                            Beon Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                            I really hope that this will get picked up.
                            • ChooMcoo

                              ChooMcoo Void-Bound Voyager

                              Mod unusable with most recent game update. Please fix this other wise I'll lose everything of importance in my fridge.
                              • Ladysarajane

                                Ladysarajane Existential Complex

                                Actually no you won't lose your stuff. Someone pointed out to me, that if you keep taking things out of the fridge it will empty page by page. There is a mod called Chef's Closet that you can put chests in the kitchen and put your foodstuffs in them and the stove will see them for recipe making. Unfortunately, that makes the kitchen very cluttered. I rather use this mod, but if the author is busy, he is busy. I wish @Crystalmir would let Pathoschild update it for him if he is too busy.
                                • Soulofthefarmer

                                  Soulofthefarmer Void-Bound Voyager

                                  [04:50:18 ERROR SMAPI] Skipped Extended Fridge because it's not compatible with the latest version of the game. Please check for a version newer than 1.0 here:

                                  It didn't work with stardew valley version 1.2.29 :0
                                  • Borodin

                                    Borodin Oxygen Tank

                                    That's because, as a bunch of us have been mentioning up here, the mod's abandoned. The modder hasn't posted on Nexus in 6 months, and has been gone from here for a long time, as well. We're hoping someone will tackle this.

                                    The only alternative currently is a mod called Chef's Closet. Instead of storing in the fridge, it allows you to add chests to the kitchen which recipes will take into account.
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                                    • Soulofthefarmer

                                      Soulofthefarmer Void-Bound Voyager

                                      Oh, i didn't know that. Thanks u for helping me :) I will download it!
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                                      • Crystalmir

                                        Crystalmir Subatomic Cosmonaut

                                      • Ladysarajane

                                        Ladysarajane Existential Complex

                                        <3 Oh that is great! I love this mod. Thank you for letting us know you are updating it.

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