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    This is a simple dialogue-only mod that gives Jodi and Kent more to say. Full text is included behind the spoiler tags and in the info file.

    Nexus link.

    It expands on:
    -Jodi's ambivalence toward being a wife and mother and her anxieties about the future
    -Kent's PTSD and resulting struggles (without making him open up too much and too often because that doesn't seem to fit his character)
    -Both talk a bit more about each other and their kids

    I was particularly interested in the inner struggles they're both dealing with and how they relate to each other after Kent's experiences. I tried to remain faithful to their established characters and hope I've done so. It does lean toward the depressing, considering the issues being dealt with, but the general tone is in line with what's depicted in the vanilla game. There are some positive lines and also evidence of a stronger friendship with the farmer as hearts increase.

    There are a total of 47 lines for Jodi and 37 for Kent, including the original content (I only made one or two tiny tweaks to that). Content is spread fairly evenly across heart levels. In the future, I may do a v2.0 that concentrates on 10-heart dialogue, but nothing is currently in the works.

    "Oh! You aren't exactly how I imagined... but that's okay! I'm Jodi. It's a quiet little town, so it's very exciting when someone new moves in! Having a farmer around could really change things."
    "Maintaining a household is difficult work... but somebody has to do it. Yes?"
    "Yesterday I visited Yoba's Altar to ask for my husband's safe return. I'm trying to stay positive, but it's hard sometimes"
    "It's nice to have a family... but I'd be lying if I said I never long for the freedom of youth..."
    "My husband Kent is a soldier, working overseas. That's why he's not here right now. I know he'll come back safe once his tour is over! Need something?"
    "Exercise is important for staying healthy. I always make sure to set aside some time for it. As a parent, I don't have much time to devote to myself. So I try and make every minute count."
    "Are you growing grapes on your farm this year? Vincent just loves them."
    "I hope that Sam can make some realistic goals for his future. ...But I don't want him to give up the things he enjoys, either. It's not easy keeping a good balance as you get older."
    "What did you say? It's [time] already? My goodness! I still have tons of work to do!"
    "I wish I could spend more time outside, but there's so much work to do. I started wearing rubber gloves to keep my hands soft. The older you get, the more work you have to do to stay healthy. Ok, bye!"
    "Oh, I have so much to do today. I love my boys, but sometimes I feel like I've lost my identity to being a wife and mother. You start to forget who you were and what dreams you had when you were young."
    "So you're a farmer, huh? Interesting. I've never met a farmer before. Maybe some day you can teach me how to grow vegetables."
    "It must feel so rewarding to watch the things you planted grow. And then you get to enjoy eating them fresh. I know what my favorite part would be!"
    "Where does all the time go? *sigh* I remember when Sam was a little baby wearing diapers. He was such a cute little kid. Don't tell him I said that. You must really like talking to me, huh?"
    "The food at JojaMart might not be the healthiest for my family, but with such low prices you'd be crazy to shop anywhere else!" OR "The food at Pierre's is so much fresher and healthier than anything I ever bought at JojaMart. I do miss those cheap Joja prices, though."
    "Do you have any fun plans for the weekend? Me? I never seem to anymore."
    "If you could start your life over again, would you make the same choices? It's a hard question to answer, isn't it?"
    "Hi. Need something?"
    "I'm so glad you're trying to improve that old farm. Once you've got everything in order, it's going to add a lot to our community! It's going to be a lot of work for you, though.Bye."
    "I don't like to dwell on the war too much, but I really worry about the future for Sam and Vincent. I just pray that they never have to see it."
    "I'm taking a break from house chores today." OR "I'm taking the day off. If I don't spend any time outside, I'll go crazy! Plus I don't want my legs to turn soft."
    "Sam has been so good with Vincent, especially since their father was sent overseas. I'm proud of the man he's becoming."
    "I had a dream that I had complete freedom, no obligation to anyone but myself... ...Then I woke up and realized I had a full day of house chores ahead of me..."
    "I wonder if anyone would notice if I didn't clean the house today. ...I don't know which answer would bother me more."
    "The fresh spring air is so nice, don't you think?"
    "Summer is nice, but it also means more work. I'll have to keep the garden in shape on top of working in the house!"
    "Hello. Do you need something? I'm a little busy."
    "Housework is frustrating because you're never finished. The day after I sweep the floor, it's dirty again."
    "Farm work keeps you in good shape, doesn't it? I only work out once a week, and I'm not sure if that's enough."
    "What in the world am I going to make for dinner? *sigh*..."
    "You're from Zuzu City, right? We used to live there, years ago. Do you ever think about going back?"
    "Maybe I've spoiled the boys a bit. They've never had to do any chores. I guess I want them to be able to enjoy their childhood while they still can. Well, Sam's basically a man now, though. I hope he hasn't grow up to be lazy. That won't do. Being a parent isn't very easy."
    "Caroline and I are good friends. I tell her everything."
    "When you become a parent, you have to leave your old lifestyle behind. Maybe that's not entirely true... but if you're not careful, it will happen."
    "Oh, what did you say? I'm sorry, I'm just so tired today! Kent was tossing and turning all night. He must have been having bad dreams again. I'm afraid to ask what he dreams about."
    "I loved playing in the snow when I was a kid. The great thing about being a mother is that I get to enjoy it again"
    "Hi. Do you get tired of people asking about your farm all the time? I think I would."
    "*sigh*... Sometimes I dream about life on my own... without a family to look after. Is that horrible? Don't tell anyone."
    "What do I do for fun? Hmm... That'a a good question. I like sleeping."
    "Kent has been home for a while now, but he still seems uneasy."
    "Sam makes a lot of noise with that music of his. I hope it doesn't disturb the neighbors."
    (If married to Sam) "How's Sam doing? I have to admit, there's less cooking and cleaning to do since he moved out..."
    "We kind of rushed into our marriage, with Kent being a soldier and all... I hardly got a taste of youth and freedom, and now it's too late to ever go back. Just don't make the same mistake."
    "It would be nice to take a vacation once in a while..."
    "Well, another year is almost over. They seem to go by so quickly, don't they?"
    "I'm so relieved that Kent is safe, but... I trust you to keep this between the two of us, [Farmer]... He's just not the same man he was before he was deployed. I know he went through some terrible things, but he doesn't like to talk about it and I don't know how to help him. Sometimes it's hard to be strong for the people you love. *sigh* Thanks for listening, [Farmer]."
    "If I was rich the first thing I'd do would be to hire a maid and a chef. My goodness, that would be nice!"

    "Hello, farmer. I've been gone so long... I feel like a stranger."
    "Did you hear that?! ... I guess it was nothing."
    "...I don't know if open spaces or four walls bother me more."
    "I don't know if I'll ever get used to being back home. The peacefulness of the town feels like a mask. That's probably just me though."
    "Things haven't changed much since I've been gone. Well, except that you're here."
    "Things haven't changed much since I've been gone. Except that we have a new farmer in town."
    "Sometimes walking past the cemetery, I can almost feel their eyes on me."
    "You know, if not for the pictures from Jodi, I would've barely recognized the boys when I came back. It's been so long that it almost feels like they're a different family from the one I left."
    "You've been here a while now, haven't you? Your farm must be thriving."
    "I need to find something to keep myself busy around here. What do you do when you need to distract yourself, [Farmer]?"
    "...I lost a lot of friends in battle. What's sad is that I can't even remember their faces. ..."
    "I hope that Jodi and the boys are alright. ...That I'm not doing them more harm than good."
    "Are you friends with my son? You probably know him better than I do..."
    "Don't come up behind me like that! ...Sorry for snapping at you, [Farmer]. I just don't like surprises anymore."
    "Do the days of the week all blur together for you, too?"
    "I've been up since 4 o'clock... sometimes I wonder if I'll ever get back into a normal routine. Sam has really grown up since I left. He's a man now. I wish I could've been there for him."
    (If married to Sam): "Hey, [Farmer]. Are you enjoying the married lifestyle?"
    "It looks like a decent day for fishing, doesn't it?"
    "Does this much peace and quiet ever put you on edge?"
    "Do you take a break on the weekends? I'm not much used to it, myself, but it's important not to get burned out."
    "Damn this war, [Farmer]. When you're on the front lines, you forget how to do anything other than fight and survive. How does anyone come back from that? How does a man go back to being the husband and father his family needs? Nothing feels the same."
    "Jodi tells me you've really become a part of this community. I'm glad to hear it."
    "Sam and Vincent turned out to be good kids. I can't get back the time I missed watching them grow up, but at least I got to see them again. Too many people I served with will never get that chance."
    "I have trouble sleeping, so please excuse me if I seem tired. I'm sure you can understand."
    "I want to do something nice for Jodi. She had to handle the boys and the household by herself for a long time. ...Even now, there are times when I'm not much help to any of them."
    "I don't know what to do with myself now that I'm back. I'm used to having more structure in my day."
    "It's nice to hear the sounds of birds and frogs again. They're louder than I remember."
    "We used to live in Zuzu City, too. Sometimes I miss the noise, but you have so much more space to yourself out here. It's easier to get away from it all. Is that why you left?"
    "It's difficult to connect with people again after seeing so many of your friends die, but I'm glad we go to know each other. You've been a good friend to me, [Farmer]. Thank you for that."
    "Seeing daffodils in spring always remind me of the valley, no matter where I am."
    "Vincent woke me up this morning and I yelled at him. He's too young to understand. He just wanted to play. ... I told him I was sorry, but... Kids forgive and forget, don't they?"
    "Have you found any fiddlehead ferns this summer? Mom used to make them into a great risotto."
    "It's nice to see Sam take Vincent to the beach in summer. I'm glad that they still spend time together."
    "Pelican Town doesn't have very good defenses, does it?"
    "I used to like the smell of burning leaves in the fall. ... "
    "Sometimes I have this dream where Sam and Vincent get sent to the front lines with me. No matter what I do, the dream always ends the same way. ...I hope this war ends soon, [Farmer]."
    "I think I hear thunder in the distance... But there are no storm clouds."

    Jodi New Dialogue.png
    Kent New Dialogue.png

    Thanks for checking it out!

    (I hate to have to say this, but some people can't be trusted to respect the work the modding community does, so...
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      Thank youuuuuuuuuu, I was thinking of expanding it myself, but I love what you wrote for their dialogue <3
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        Thank you! Yeah, I opened up Kent's file and it was only like 15 lines. I understand that CA could only spend so much time on every character, but Kent has so much potential and there's stuff going on under the surface with Jodi, too.

        Basically I want everyone to have ten times more dialogue because I love this silly town. :)
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          Oh thank you so much for this addition! I've always had a soft spot for Jodi, especially after she invites you to dinner. I'm really happy to see more content for her and Kent too. :DD
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            Thank you! Yes, she's really trying to hold everything together and protect her kids as much as possible even though it's difficult for her emotionally. I feel for her.

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