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  1. cbhoff923

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    I'm so used to mods that you install with NMM that this was blowing my mind. I really do appreciate it a lot and I'm sorry for being so difficult.
    • TheLenny

      TheLenny Void-Bound Voyager

      For some reason if I save and close the game; start the game and load my save, all the stuff in my basement is gone, the basement has been reset to the default layout. Is there a way to fix this? I know this was mentioned before, but a few post later it's also mentioned to work again, so I don't know if it's a problem with the mod or if I'm doing something wrong.

      Here is the output I got:
      • cricketsins

        cricketsins Intergalactic Tourist

        I am having the same bug as TheLenny, however my game also has a problem with crashing. I kept having trouble catching it, because I kept hitting ctrl+c on the link in my SMAPI and it kept initiating and overwriting my damn crash log, but heres mine:

        Specifially, what happens to me only occurs when the game is already loaded and for one reason or another (damned skull cavern) - I close my game to title (NOT a full restart). Upon trying to reload my game, it crashes and produces this log. It's been happening since I installed this mod, and is 100% reproducible. Loading it after a complete restart works fine and does not crash my game, but the items are still completely gone (set to default, but it leaves the upgrades)

        The crash log:

        And I'm not sure if this will help in any way, but here is a log after a clean startup and shut down.

        Normal (not crash) log:

        Hopefully this all helps.
        • Entoarox

          Entoarox Oxygen Tank

 is the only place where log files are accepted from, due to the sheer amount of mods most people have, logs uploaded anywhere else are simply not worth trying to read.
          • cricketsins

            cricketsins Intergalactic Tourist

            Sorry about that! Here are new ones, the same theory, though.

            Crash log: (opening save after "quit to title")

            Regular log:

            edit: fixed link, sorry
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            • Entoarox

              Entoarox Oxygen Tank

              Strange, that error shouldnt have happened :S
              The fact that it did is very *very* strange.... :S
              • cricketsins

                cricketsins Intergalactic Tourist

                Yeahhh and it throws errors throughout playing, too. I don't plan on uninstalling it because last time I played, there was no cellar. So, I don't exactly feel like I'm losing anything but not being able to use it. And the crash is rare - and fast. It takes two seconds to start my game back up, and the nature of the crash prohibits it from costing me any time in-game. So, I'm perfectly happy to patiently wait for a patch. Or, try to help however I can.
                • DesertEskimo

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                  SO how does one actually upgrade the cellar? Where does one spend the money at?
                  • Moragaine

                    Moragaine Industrial Terraformer

                    All the house/building expansions are from Robin in her shop.
                    • Androxilogin

                      Androxilogin Existential Complex

                      Within the cellar itself. You click on barrels and such. Activating them will exoand the cellar and remove that barrel in the process.
                      • vosseau

                        vosseau Intergalactic Tourist

                        is it possible to use the mod in 1.3 or is it waiting for everything to update?
                        You made a great mod, i just cant go back a version so i can use some cool mods :p
                        • Androxilogin

                          Androxilogin Existential Complex

                          From what I've heard, the framework & ALL need an update that has yet (?) to surface. I have no means of testing at the moment to confirm.
                          • Coolwyngs

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                            Will you be updating this to be able to work with the new version of the game? I miss your wonderful work. Sorry for posting on a old page.

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