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    major in a minor kinda FIX :facepalm:
    i noticed too little too late after posting that Shane's
    drinking animation at the pub was wonky. i should've tested
    the mod a little bit more, sorry :[

    so i went and : - fine-tuned his drinking animation, it's so
    smooth now, i hope :D
    - switched up the way i drew his knees,
    it's less outline-y now plus it shows more
    depth to his thicc thighs.
    - some stray pixels that happened when
    unpacking the .xnb file
    - holy crap,
    fixed that blank white dong
    between his legs in some frames of the
    drinking animation. sorry !

    :poke: fixed file has been uploaded ! :poke:
    once again, sorry ! it was an amateur mistake on my part.
    do notify me if you discover any mistakes though, i'll do my

    best to fix them asap :]




    :casper: hi, internet forum people! :casper:
    my name is timmy :]

    jello, is anybody still on here?
    i'm two years late, oh well, but still...

    this is my first time posting on the forums and also my first attempt at some proper pixel art ! ( aside from all them microsoft paint masterpieces done in the computer lab, which are lost forever, rip ;-; )
    i spent the last two weeks or so messing around in GraphicsGale, reading and re-reading tutorials and help forums, plus studying other works while groveling at my own ineptitude hahah heh ehh ugh...

    ...and here i am two weeks later with this handsome lad, all done and ready to present to everyone.
    i put a lotta work and effort into this, and so i hope you guys enjoy!




    ^ ^ ^ *fixed* ^ ^ ^



    1. navigate to your Stardew Valley Contents folder.

    ( e.g. for PC - C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Stardew Valley\Content )

    ( im sorry GOG or mac or linux users, idk :[ )

    2. search for the .xnb files : ( as shown : "folder name" > "file name".xnb )

    Portraits > Shane.xnb

    Character > Shane.xnb
    Character > Shane_JojaMart.xnb

    3. back them up in a separate content backups folder, if you wanna, you do you.

    tips : - model your backups folder similar to that of the Content folder, so you don't confuse or replace anything in the future.
    - don't forget to copy ! hold the "ctrl" key while dragging the file. you really don't want missing assets that crash your game.

    4. now replace these specific .xnb files with your newly downloaded .xnb files from your's truly :]

    tip : it's nice to have a separate mod folder too to store your downloaded files, so you know what's what running in your game.

    5. you're all set to run the game and enjoy your husbandos or waifus or mutuals !
    note : you can revert back by simply replacing the current .xnb files in the Content folder with your backed-up ones. Remember to copy !! CTRL CTRL CTRLLLLLL !

    ( and yeah it sucks when you have low storage data, keep a notepad checklist in that case and manage !!! :chrono:)



    :nod: h o t a n d s t e a m y :nope:
    ( nexusmods )

    ( or y'know from below if you prefer the forums )
    igotchu :]


    <3 Concerned Ape <3
    for the game and the sprites, of course.

    <3 jookjook2 <3
    for their Shane sprites which was the base and inspiration for me ever makin' this. ever.
    ( quite anonymous and i'm not sure if they're active anymore but if you're reading this : you're great! thank you for your incredible beefcake Shane :] )

    <3 junimods <3
    for their wonderful creations and posts which were also a massive inspiration to me to go make something. ( plus i also modeled and kept looking at their posts to see if i missed out on any info :p )


    still need convincing? just look at them.


    :X merry courting 'n' happy wooing :x
    ya filthy folks !

    - timmy

    disclaimer - needless to say, don't be a jerk. this mod is free and i urge that it remains free.

    - feel free to edit my work ! if you want to upload your own work which is edited from mine,
    a nice shout-out and a link to my post bodes well with me.

    - you're also free to feature my work somewhere other than
    Chucklefish Forums or Nexusmods too ! however, under the circumstance that the download should be linked
    back to here.
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      *finally figures out that a zip file =/= winrar file*


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      • laurabi

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        This is so great, I don't know why no one has said anything about it. I love your portraits of shane! <3
        • Explorer_Timmy

          Explorer_Timmy Scruffy Nerf-Herder

          aw thanks!

          yeah, fair enough i was 2 years late to the party now that the fanbase is slowing down a bit, and i guess people would more likely be looking towards game mods rather than the portraits tab here on the forums as i think people have built a niche of content mods specific to their likings very much like i have.

          but still, 1000 views tho, i am still giddy that that much people gave a shot at my first post !
          there's also multiplayer coming out soon, content mods most probably would be compatible but i can't test that out because i have no friends ;n;

          i will be starting school in about a week, i can't say how active i'll be on here because lil ol' me has gotta be an adult now and all.

          but still !
          lookie lookie at what i'll be posting sometime soon !

          [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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          • paigetothestage

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            my goodness, i love this??? this is stunning
            thank you so much!!

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