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Discussion in 'Dev Blog' started by SamuriFerret, Feb 19, 2016.

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    /aicommand giveBeamaxe

    this should work ;)
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    Yes, I meant there being a transition zone. Sorry for being so vague about it. ☺
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    Disclaimer: I've had precious little time to delve into the game to test these myself, so a lot of this is based on feedback I've seen here. I will more dedicatedly work on it later.

    I'm liking the idea of mixed biomes, and I understand that there was a disclaimer before, but some of the combinations are a little odd. Given that loot is scaled to the biome it's in, this could or could not be a good thing. If the loot isn't going to be disproportionately skewed one way or the other, it might be best to go back and overhaul that system so that loot is tied to the danger level of a planet, rather than what's there. Obviously, exceptions should be made (like with biome-specific visual pieces) but this would prevent an extraordinarily un/lucky character from getting a hold of some amazing equipment just because they happened to spawn onto a Lush world that was covered in dangerous terrain. Then again, if they went into that dangerous terrain and got back out with the loot, maybe they deserve it.

    Secondly, there either needs to be transitory zones, or the zones used need to be severely narrowed (lush/forest, desert/barren, etc) so that the transfer doesn't seem so harsh. Otherwise, I love what I've seen so far, at least in concept.

    Now on to other crap.


    The real reason is likely someone going "I have a neat idea for the appearance of a character- I'll just make them an NPC and plop them down on the Outpost!" The majority of them just happen to be female, is all. Just a guess, however. Thinking about it logically, though, as the base camp for outcasts, refugees, and exiles, many of the people we interact with should likely be female- males tend to pick up labor-intensive work, and are more likely to serve in the armed forces. It is entirely possible that the Outpost is currently suffering from a low population of male inhabitants because of the situation the universe is currently in. Many of them are serving in combat roles elsewhere, dead and gone due to the conflict, or simply working out in the shipyard or at the mine. A similar situation occurs in the Appalachian Mountains of the USA where the men are gone for a week or more due to their jobs laying pipe (puns intended, go for it).

    While it is a thing that happens, I don't think having a majority of male characters somehow makes it cater to males. Were this game NOT the amazing 2D sidescroller that it is, and instead a 3D game with amazing graphics, having a majority female Outpost would likely seem to "cater to males." Dat eyecandy.

    (Admittedly, a majority of it seems to be feathery or primate eyecandy, but hey, take what you can get).

    This, however, is a large part of it. Remember this.

    It very well should be removed, even though it won't be. I don't much care for it myself. I don't find that it increases the difficulty in any meaningful way and I personally would prefer a more in-depth look/overhaul at enemies and their abilities than simply putting a bandaid on it and calling it a day. That being said, I don't mind it being there either, but its a very blunt solution. One that saves time and energy so that they can be focused on better things, but still. I honestly would prefer enemies that are harder because of the abilities they bring to the field, rather than "Don't touch them, they're covered in bees."
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    Here are some problems and comments on this current *Nightly Version* Note: I am using a Mac/OSX
    Good Comments:
    -I like the new S.A.I.L. it adds more AI scientific feelingish lolol
    -I love the new crafting system and the upgrades on the crafting tables, I love the add ons it so kooooooooo
    -Wohoo you can finally buy fuel and the crystal(after doing that mission 5 billion times my dreams finally come true)
    -Love the new Special Weapon Attacks
    -Love the new Augments !!!! awesome awesome awesome
    -Love the Pokemon capture system I mean monster
    -Love the new planet variety
    -The new inventory is totally cool for me

    Not so Good Comments:
    -There is no matter manipulator in the beginning(You have to use commands or mods to get it) and this one needs to be fix ASAP because you can't do anything/progress without the MM
    -In the beginning, You have to mess around and click around to finally interact with S.A.I.L. - This just sometimes though, in some playthoughs i can interact with it just fine
    -When you are on a crafting table and you press 'C or N' on the search bar your 'Basic Crafting' Menu or the 'Inspect Feature' pops up. It didn't do that on the old versions, Same when you try to put on coordinates on the 'Navigation' the Toolbar above are the ones you are interacting with instead of the Navigation search bar -.- please lock the UI like before. This problem might just be on the MAC/OSX.
    -Upgrading the ship should be a little bit harder, or make the upgrade module a lot rarer-- It is super easy to find the upgrade module
    -Vehicles are still laggy except for the boat(add more colors on this 1 please)

    This is just stuff that I *want*
    -More Hair/Color
    -Some kind of map/minimap that as you walk around it'll be recorded/remembered just like in terraria
    -Please remove the cooldown on crafting.. idk whats the point of that.. if there is please do tell me
    -In the future maybe we could add an Information Broker: like there should be a bar or something where you can obtain information about planets/npcs/missions, for example if you wanna go to a planet with Avian temples you go to an Npc and ask for coordinates and then you have to pay. :) something like that
    -In my opinion, the old glass icon looked WAAAYYYYY BETTERRRRR lol jk but i really do like the old icon of glass
    -add a 'familiar outfits'(like in terraria) on everything even the back cuz sometimes i don't want the stuff on my back to show :) there are some mods out there that will do this though
    -Traveling bandits or enemies... So you colonized a planet, built a stronghold with your colony... now what??? I say you guys add some kind invaders or something
    -You guys should put different colors of dirt to make the planets more diverse. Like there should be pink dirt somewhere right ??? lol jk
    -in the future a submarine or some kind of small flying shuttle should be added

    but above everything, I simple just want to play with my friends so if you could make the multiplayer similar to other steam games with the option of 'Join Via Steam' or something easy cuz Ik there is multiplayer but I tried everything and I couldn't get it to work.. I just wanted to play with a friend.

    I didn't get to do a whole lot of exploring since the coordinates system for me was buggy and I didn't understand how to do the gladiator sword quest... I also don't know how to get missions now... and there isn't a lot of quest available for me in the outpost... also I haven't messed with the crew system and the fossil system lol I kinda got lazy since the coordinates is not working for me.

    I played it for about 4 hours i woulda played more if I could actually use the coordinates navigation :c
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    Are nightlies down right now? I can't get my launcher to launch through steam....
  6. N3bulu5

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    big thanks, you saved my weekend :_D
  7. Astasia

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    I don't like the multiple major biomes per planet thing at all. Planets are small and there's a virtually infinite number of them, if I want to see a forest I go to a forest planet, if I want to see a desert I go to a desert planet. Going to a forest planet to chop wood and landing in a moon biome does absolutely nothing to enhance gameplay IMO, nor does running around it and finding other random biomes. This is the opposite direction that game should have gone IMO, you should be adding more things specific to each planet type to differentiate them and give us a reason to constantly return to them, not blending everything together in a big random mess.

    If you want to add more variety to planets, add more sub-biomes. A lot of the current biomes could be tweaked rather easily into sub-biomes that fit fairly well into the existing main biomes, a snowy forest for example as mentioned by several other people.
  8. HyperMan19680

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    I personally would like to request the ability to sort chest inventories like you can your normal inventory. It bothered me for a long while myself.
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  9. Drakolis

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    I think you should rework "Take All" button in some way, because for now it feels like container just drops its contents and you simply pick items up, For me, the biggest problem with such a way is these pickup messages, which fill half of my screen and i have to wait till they fade out. It is also anoying in Stable version, for example, when you move a large 32+ container and all these pickup messages appear for several seconds...If there is some way to limit their count, please implement it. Thanking you in advancе.

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  10. SorenTheAvian

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    I would love to try out all of these amazing features!
    If I could fix my ship...
    by gathering the core fragments...
    by digging underground...
    by using my pickaxe...
    by activating my pickaxe, which it seems my Nightly game does NOT want me to do.
    2sad4me RIP :chucklefish:
  11. emeraldgreen72

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    First of all omg that's a lot to read secondly your probably right about the outpost 3rd would you like me to give you the platinum chip
  12. Ishrindor

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    I think the new performance change, or should I say improvement, would be helpful for me cause as it stands now I get major lag spikes while in the outpost.
    As for the take all button on the chests, I'm wondering if we can have it bound to a key so all we have to do is press said key and take all contents from the chest.

    Ok I've played it a bit and already ran into one major game ruining issue.
    None of the food stack, if this doesn't get fixed I can see this game going dead.
    One thing I don't have to use a mod in order to have the food stack once again.
    Well time to set my stable game to stay at it's current build till this major game breaking bug is fixed.
    Or I'll ask for a refund.
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  13. Mackinz

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    A "major game ruining issue" that they have been discussing for months as a way to make hunger actually a challenge instead of a walk-in-the-park because you can just grind out a practically never-ending single stack of food?

    You've not even given it a chance, and are reacting negatively...
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  14. Azidoazide Azide

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    I really wish someone would consider adding code from the FrackinUniverse mod to Vanilla. The extra biomes present in the mod really would compliment the newest changes.
  15. Kawa

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    Were it that easy...
  16. Mackinz

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    Sayter says no. His mod does not fit vanilla Starbound at all.
  17. Azidoazide Azide

    Azidoazide Azide Void-Bound Voyager

    I think the super science quests, the advanced crafting, and the exotic biomes compliment Starbounds theme perfectly. I can understand some parts being incompatible like the recently added Starbooze, but overall my opinion is that adding segments from FrackinUniverse would be a positive addition.
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  18. Silverforte

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    We've heard that X times before. I hope it's a significant improvement. Still holding my breath for server tools and anti-hacking measures like server-side files, and dungeon master mode.
  19. Chloron

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    Maybe loading-at-startup tweaks? The loading took so long! Thank you. :)
  20. Old King

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    I'm really liking the idea of multiple biomes per planet, I always felt like "seen one planet, seen them all". This sort of helps that to me more than just having a lot of sub-biomes. Plus I always hated the sci-fi trope of "water planet", "forest planet", "tatooine", ect.
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