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Discussion in 'Dev Blog' started by SamuriFerret, Feb 19, 2016.

  1. danks_

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    Server updates when?
  2. Quinch

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    Just a question, for those of us who bought the game on GOG, how would we go about getting to the nightlies?
  3. Nightmaster

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    On planetray variety to the devs:

    I find these tweaks amazing but if you guys are trying to add variety to each planet how about you conduct that aproach (forgive my english ok? I am from Brazil :) ):

    1- Each planet have a "theme" that will define the types of biome. Think of it like the Planetary classification that you see on star trek, only that in SB that classification would be diferent. For examples see that page:

    2- Each planet, despiste its final classification class, would not be composed of one single mesh of biomes. Instead every biome would have a separate "area" that can be accessible from a give location in the surface of the "primary area" (the one where we land on the first time we get down to the planet). A Earth like medium size planet (I will assume a lush planet) would in theory have regions that could be classified as "Oceans", "Deserts", "Forests", "Volcanic" and etc etc. So instead of trying to place all that types of biomes in a single region as the current system does and thus creating a very huge planet that takes almost 15 minutes to traverse from one side to the other, you simple make a small to medium initial area that at some points would have special objects/locations that upon interaction would transport the player to a new area of the planet.

    3- Each planet would have a number of regions based on its size, so a very small planet would have just one region while very large planets could have as much as 7 regions.

    Example (using a medium size lush planet) :
    The planet have a classic lush biome as base. Since the planet is medium size I would say that the planet have a maximum of 3 regions, being the first one the "Lush" one. In this case the planet have a "Forest" and a "Mountain" region.

    At some points in the surface of the Lush biome there would be special locations/objects that would allow the player to travel to one of the other regions of the planet if you interact with it. These locations/objects would function much like the ancient doors one can find in the underground of the planets, except that instead of transporting one to a random generated dungeon that would vanish once you leave the area these places would transport the player to a new region of the planet, like if you were transported to a new planet, only that this new planet would be on the same planet. These new regions would also have their special locations/objects so that players could traverse to other regions.

    These sugestions would allow for the game to have planets like Earth that have multiple diferent regions.

    Of course this sugestion could increase the total size of each .world file since it would contain "more than one planet" inside so to prevent a very increasing size of database of the "Universe" folder the limit (and minimum) to the number of regions each planet would have is based on the size of each planet. Since we currently have very small to very large planets that limit could be set this way:

    Very small - 1 region
    Small - 1-2 regions
    Medium - 2-3 regions
    Large - 3-5 regions
    Very large - 4-7 regions

    As for the problem of resources that currently are tied to specific biomes (and these biomes are somewhat tied to specific star types) my sugestion is to create a multitable for ore distribution for each biome based on the tier of the system in which the planet is localized. That way you could have two Ocean planets in two different tier of systems and they would not have the same ore table. That could also allow for a better and more random distribution of planet types between the diverse star type tiers that are currently in place.
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  4. SivCorp

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    You don't. The nightlies are for steam client users only.
  5. scaper12123

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    My only hope is that, in including different biomes within a single planet, the whole system will serve to make exploring planets more challenging.
  6. Tommie

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    Ya know, I was actually just thinking a couple weeks back about how cool it would be for planets having multiple points of interest to land on rather than landing on the entire planet itself. And each point of interest would be its own biome with it's own unique traits and planets with only be capable of generating certain biomes together on a single planet. I dunno', how does that sound?
  7. Tamorr

    Tamorr Supernova

    Probably check out more over the weekend, but I did get to see at least 2 planets. The starter granted and a fully 1 tropical and touch down of another. I was weary on the first one since most of it was like it was invaded... went around the entire planet and well... I saw why it seemed like it with a floran comlex, castle, and prison all on one planet. That is not to mention initially I landed in a scrap heap... >< This planet has gone to a bio-disaster. At least the second tropical I just barely got a touch down before is disconnected me from server error saying something bout ship something or other crashing... On that one was more tropical welcoming with the swamp... new character.

    What I think of it so far, at least where tropical is concerned; is that it seems ok. Quite a bit of different terrain to cross. Just happen to luck out with the 3 major complexes on my first tropical choice. It was busy looking for sure, but will we have a chance to see one that is completely tropical? Just curious. If we can, all I can say is that will be a long trek to find the right mix. Like the diversity that I had seen.

    Inventory management is going to be a pain more than the last one. Especially if my collecting spree fills up. >< Not packrat friendly. The extra tab somewhat helps, but since you can only put items of specific type in those tabs... I'll just say tedious. No overflow or even manually placing in other tabs. I don't know what to make of the new inventory system. I probably could get use to it, but does make things a bit more tedious back n forth to ship to empty inventory or base. Well not like you could fit all of it on ship anyhow... which is fine.

    So end note:

    If planets can have chance to be 1 or multiple it would give it even more diversity. Assuming that is not the case. I'll find out over the weekend. :nurutease:
  8. lazarus78

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    No one said anything about volcanos and ice. In fact, it makes plenty of sense. Geothermal activity is not really indicative of biome.
  9. Mackinz

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    Can you access Nightly through GoG? Starbound dev @kyren has the answer.

    <kyren> no
    <kyren> GoG doesn't have the infrastructure to handle nightly automatic large uploads
    <kyren> and hundreds of versions
    If you want to use Nightly, you need to use Steam.
  10. jakecool19

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    Well I played about 2 hours of it and while it's definitely a rough draft its still a pretty awesome one and I'm really excited to see where it goes. In my opinion I think that the biomes should instead be coordinated with planetary hazards and biomes like volcanic should be able to go anywhere. Still really happy to see something like this and thanks for a great game.
  11. Akastuki

    Akastuki Void-Bound Voyager

    Got this problem while trying to play nightly
    Anyone know how to fix this?
  12. Mackinz

    Mackinz The Waste of Time

    Yeah. Wait.
    <kyren> nightly is nonfunctional for the next hour or two
    <kyren> it's getting functional as we speak
  13. Akastuki

    Akastuki Void-Bound Voyager

    Thanks for the fast reply!
  14. ChaoticGamer

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    Is it truely expermiental?
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  15. emeraldgreen72

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    there is something ive been dying to say about the outpost but have not got to say it

    females in outpost 14 males in outpost 8 i did not count the frog guy and i classified 3 of the people to be male under there look and personally stance

    why so many females compared to males and also why did you change danny :nurusad: danny is the nickname i gave to the avian with the red goggles in the outpost btw
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  16. wolf721

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    Can you add something to do with gass planets, like being able to harvest gasses from them maybe or something else?
  17. Highmastet

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    I've downloaded nightly twice and it still refuses to open. When I try opening it from the files itself it says I'm missing something called "api-ms-win-crt-runtime-l1-1-0.dll"

    Any Help?

    *the "l" is a weird horizontal line I cant write but yea
  18. ogdred

    ogdred Phantasmal Quasar

    I really really REALLY dislike the biome changes , I tried like 5 or 6 times to go to a forest planet and it was always desert , moon/airless , flesh forest or some other random garbage instead of what there should have been there - a forest.
    It was extremely frustrating.
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  19. Mackinz

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  20. M_Sipher

    M_Sipher Oxygen Tank

    Given how most games have a massively unbalanced ratio in favor of males, I PREFER the Outpost's current balance.

    Not everything has to cater to male fee fees. Sometimes there's more women around. That's a thing that happens.

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