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Discussion in 'Dev Blog' started by SamuriFerret, Feb 19, 2016.

  1. roman.stanash

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    Praise Tiy:chrono: and Big Ape of course.
  2. Trek47

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    It's probably a hangover from the Koala days when you could find such things as volcanic minibiomes on first-tier forest planets, which to be honest wasn't all that good.
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  3. ADaks

    ADaks 2.7182818284590...

    The biggest complaint with the planet variety was the blog post! They said some of them are a bit weird and make no sense. I'm sure next update that will be rectified.
    This is like the crew complaints. Everyone got up in arms about the crew being useless and then literally next blog post the concerns were all addressed. The reason these things aren't perfect when they announce them is because it's the beta of the beta build...and y'all know this...
    ....and still whine about it.

    Personally I miss different colored creatures and critters by the planets they're on even if we can't have the kind of randomized variation we had before in them. Now it's kind of like once you've seen all the've seen every creature in the universe and that's it.
  4. Bonabopn

    Bonabopn Fluffiest Squirrel

    instead of adding more seperators to the inventory system, why don't you just make a sorting method for the whole inventory? that way you don't have to manually seperate your loot if you find too much to put in one pocket.
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  5. S_K_A_L

    S_K_A_L Intergalactic Tourist

    Are armor perks going to become a think or has that been scrapped altogether (glitch mining speed, human inventory slots, etc).
  6. davidlolcat

    davidlolcat Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Are all blocks going to be craftable eventually?
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  7. GenoMech

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    mmmmmmmm i saw this coming, this is awesome, biome combos like that would give some new life and meaning to the planets, i like that

    alright, let me think on some stuff on biome combos that......make a special sub-biome exclusive to that combo

    • Desert biome with Ocean biomes, you get an actual desert island beach type biome
    • lush biome and snow biome, you get a tundra biome with evergreen trees covered in snow, snowy log cabins with fire places, give it that "winter holiday" type feel
    • Arid biome and desert biome, you get the canyon biome where there is some weak green plant life, slight darker due to the shade, but also water pools, caves, caverns with water, etc
    • The toxic and barren city biome, you get a wasteland biome, with toxic pools, crashed ships, broken buildings and homes, essentially a toxic version of scorched city biome
    • Desert biome with magma biomes, you get the power zone biome, its a hot desert with a constant electrical storm that occasioanlly shoots down a bolt of lightening (like the random meteor, except more constant but less powerful
    • Alien and Toxic biome, you get the Dizzy biome, where it feels like an acid trip in the background, the water messes with your controls or makes it harder to see, enemies are hidden everywhere, etc, something to make the player unconfortable going through, however some of the best items are hidden there.
    I got loads of em lol
  8. ErkGloom

    ErkGloom Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Thank you chucklefish for making such an amazing game and giving me and my friends something fun to play together every once in a while. the more content you add, the more faith I have in you overall as a company. Please continue to bring amazing things to Starbound. and never give up.
  9. Joft

    Joft Orbital Explorer

    More dungeons eh? Anything Novakid related? Is that ever gonna happen? Please?

    But seriously though, the planet variety is a welcome change for me. After going to any type of planet and seeing all the sub-biomes, it lost its charm, So totally unpredictable planets will be really cool.
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  10. jonathonspy

    jonathonspy Existential Complex

    for some reason when i am in populated area's everything jsut slows down, if i stay too long i crash, even when there are no npcs on screeen
  11. Kelthazan

    Kelthazan Pangalactic Porcupine

    Biomes and sub biomes should really be (maybe loosely) tied to similar or reasonably connected biomes, like finding a snowy or desert on a forest planet - that I can see - even a moon biome might make sense in the sense that part of a moon crashed into the planet. But if things get toooo out there like ice on a fiery planet then.. yeah nein. Things should make sense while adding variation to planets. And honestly I think a matching color-scheme through the biomes might help with that. Have a purple planet with purple trees and grass? Make the sand biome the same color so it all synchs nicely. Hell, matching or similar colors might even make the why-is-this-here biomes work too.
  12. Will Liferider

    Will Liferider Ketchup Robot

    I think there should be an additional zoom level added that's even more zoomed out. It would be useful when building for trying to take a screenshot of a large area.
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  13. Yammy

    Yammy Poptop Tamer

    I'm new here so all of this is exciting, but especially the performance tweaks! Looking forward to it :)
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  14. Littleman88

    Littleman88 Big Damn Hero

    Actually... Volcanic next to any other biome isn't too unbelievable if the biome is ultimately generated in the shape of a volcano. Though really, keeping like biomes together is the safer route, and ordering transitional biomes the ideal (Forest/Jungle > Arid > Desert/Ruins-Scorched > Volcanic (Journey to Mordor complete!) Heck, if the generation can recognize if the majority of a stretch of land is at a higher altitude, working in snow might not be so jarring. Mind, planets will probably need to be isolated to 2-4 major biomes, one per 1500-2000 blocks on average. I'd love to see bigger worlds as a result, but I understand engines have their limits.

    And of course, the ultimate transitional biome will always be ocean. CF can set an ocean biome between any two biomes (except moon or midnight) and it would still feel natural.
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  15. Ainzoal

    Ainzoal Ketchup Robot

    Yeah no since weapons are tied to mouse controls
  16. Thalant

    Thalant Zero Gravity Genie

    I think he means to make it so you can choose which special attack you have in a weapon when you craft it, or something like that.
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  17. Kennethern

    Kennethern Phantasmal Quasar

    They're also complaining mainly about transitions, rather than the biomes clashing them-selves. A forest randomly turning into a city scorched to dust "by the sun" makes no sense, while seeing a bit of a transition of maybe trees becoming more scarce, and the dirt turning into dry dirt, then sand, then dust in between the two biomes.
  18. TheFloranChef

    TheFloranChef Giant Laser Beams

    Multiple biomes in a planet. Yes! If there is anything strange it should be easy to fix.
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  19. Kennethern

    Kennethern Phantasmal Quasar

    I thought he was talking about unique primary attacks, granted he was talking about crafting specific secondary attacks. As an example, perhaps a side-slash, which is basically a dagger attack, that's faster than the traditional, but is limited by it's size handicap.
  20. lazarus78

    lazarus78 The Waste of Time

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