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Discussion in 'Dev Blog' started by SamuriFerret, Feb 19, 2016.

  1. hanleybrand

    hanleybrand Phantasmal Quasar

    I'm unclear about why you merged three seperate posts (specifically three replies to three different posts on different topics that were from different users)?

    Is there a rule that each user only gets one response?
  2. pop-yotheweird

    pop-yotheweird Ketchup Robot

    because double (or more) posting is literally an act of wasting space (and against the forum rules). you can easily quote the three separate people and reply in one single post. no need to make a separate post for each reply you have.
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  3. sleepy123

    sleepy123 Big Damn Hero

    That's strange. I'll check everything again since I seem to be the only one with this problem. Hope I can get it right eventually.
  4. Player_man

    Player_man Void-Bound Voyager

    having multiple biomes on each planet sounds great! I know that there's probably going to be some restrictions on what biomes can go together. There's a lot of potential for finding really cool planets, but the planets would be too similar if there's too many rules for what it can generate. I'd like it if the planets started getting really crazy in the end game, since it seems like that's supposed to keep going, after the main game is done.
  5. Ralij

    Ralij Big Damn Hero

    I don't see any issue with conflicting biomes. Volcanic + Ice? Iceland. Forest and scorched? Pompeii. Arid/desert and lush might look a little strange, but the Sahara ends somewhere so that the habitable region around the Nile can begin.

    Will the required protection techs still be required for those biomes or are those determined by planet type? The only thing I can see getting in the way and becoming a major problem is the mixtures when combined with low tier worlds, and especially the starting world and system if they require the appropriate mid to late game protection techs to traverse.
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  6. c2h5oc2h5

    c2h5oc2h5 Phantasmal Quasar

    I don't think crazy biome mixes is something bad. It's not that you'll find weird mixes on every planet (it could be reinforced by probability of having certain biomes mix), but imagine what a great incentive for exploration it would be if you want to find lava and snow mixed and you know it's somewhere there, waiting for you :D. Some neat biome transitions would also be great.

    @edit: Ad post above. I think having only certain areas of the planet inaccessible can be quite fun IMO. Anyway, I can imagine not all planet types will be available during early progression levels, which eould solve the problem and gradually reinforce variety when progressing.
  7. Xylia

    Xylia Tiy's Beard


    I would like to make one request:

    PLEASE, make it so that if a tab is full, it automatically goes to the next available tab.

    For example, if my Biome Block Tab is full, and I pick something up, say, a different color dirt that should go in that tab... instead of letting it on the ground, the game should check the first "general" tab to see if there's room. If there's room there, it should go there.

    Or, let's say the first "General" tab is full, and I kill an NPC and a weapon drops, instead of leaving it laying on the ground, the game should check the Biome Block Tab to see if it's full, and if it isn't full, it should stick the weapon in there automatically.

    Nothing should be left laying on the ground unless ALL tabs are full.
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  8. Doctor Stein

    Doctor Stein Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Jesus Christ, I love this game so much <3
  9. Kawa

    Kawa Tiy's Beard

    Well, why don't you marry it then? :nuruflirt:
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  10. Doctor Stein

    Doctor Stein Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Oh man, if there was a way to do so, I totally would!! <3
  11. Kawa

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    Then by the power vested in me by myself, I now pronounce you freaky-deak and sandbox.
  12. Senpai Deviljo

    Senpai Deviljo Cosmic Narwhal

    I'm curious dev's, I want to know if i have t manually tweak my SB to get the hunger system and new updates. Since both my stable and unstable is Glad giraffe and thats been like 2 months old or is it that we have to wait for a new new update for stable to be debuted. (FYI for some reason my unstable isn't working fully but i'll check the support forums to see if there's an awnser)
  13. Doctor Stein

    Doctor Stein Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Happily married forever and ever and ever =3
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  14. Mackinz

    Mackinz The Waste of Time

    Yes, you opt into the Nightly beta for Starbound - Unstable. Right click it in your Library, click Properties, click the Betas tab, select the Nightly beta, click OK, then wait for the game to update.
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  15. Senpai Deviljo

    Senpai Deviljo Cosmic Narwhal

    It's always been on nightly beta unless it have reset itself and i'll have to redo it. Thanks i'll double check it.

    Edit: I tried it made a whole new installation process and it goes to the launcher and menu but when i try to play it crashes.
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  16. LogicCore

    LogicCore Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    One thing I'd like to see tweaked, I don't like the inventory tabs being hard locked to those items.
    It's sort of annoying when you have an empty tab, but you can't pick up an item because it's home tab is full.
    Also, I'd like Food to stack again.
  17. pop-yotheweird

    pop-yotheweird Ketchup Robot

    welcome to the nightly.
  18. Ignorus

    Ignorus Void-Bound Voyager

  19. karlowaty

    karlowaty Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    i just want to say that im not happy with those changes. played starbound for couple of hours. didn't like what i saw imho. i mean, today i went on desert planet, and there was like 4 or 5 subbiomes(one from the dark/night planet) and no sand. rly ? planets were perfect for me before the change

    edit. can you fix inventory/hotbar? when i press take all button or shift+click it sends items in the hotbar not in the inventory, ty.
  20. Dash_Rendar

    Dash_Rendar Void-Bound Voyager

    This "experimental nightly" stuff looks great. I've been away from Starbound for around 6 months but I'm keen to jump back in and give it a try.

    So when I create a new universe / character for nightly, what are a good set of console commands to quickly unlock all the game (like, unlock all the progression quests so i can fly anywhere)?

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