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Discussion in 'Dev Blog' started by SamuriFerret, Feb 19, 2016.

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    Different folks, different strokes.

    Though I actually understand how much that may be a bother, I don't think the consequences will be so far reaching. You will just have to adjust your gameplay and stop hoarding thousands of edibles, but get and use them as they're needed. That may actually improve gameplay, as it won't be about everyone ignoring hunger mechanics as they have hundreds of sandwiches of power in their inventory just waiting to be consumed at the rate of one per few minutes.

    At the same time, I wouldn't mind if some stacking would be possible, to a small extent. For example, having all items in the stack average their spoilage ratio wouldn't really disturb much of the gameplay, while still allowing current mechanics to do its job.
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    I would think one solution to supporting food spoilage and keeping stackable amounts would be as it is implemented in Don't Starve. That is, an indicator bar that shows an 'average' level of freshness/spoilage in the stack, and you by default consume the least fresh item first. So each individual item could still have a freshness level, but still be stackable together with others of different levels. Stack splitting could break stacks apart, so you could also dump the least fresh half of the stack, etc.
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    That would be nice, yeah, but look what Kawa said earlier. :eek:
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    For all you people arguing over whether food should be stackable all I want to point out is Ark: survival evolved's food implementation. Whether this is a point for
    stackable food or against, I don't know. I just thought it would be relevant since food in that game also spoils and is stackable.
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    Great! Now you and the developer of "Choke Le Fish" can go run along in your happy, sunshine-y chucklefish free paradise. We wont miss you. Also, sorry for the double post. Could a mod' please merge them? Thnx.
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    Inventory management.
    A simple question. Is it available through modding API?
    If no, then will it be available?
    If also no, then why?

    P.S: I'd prefer to have only _one_ inventory tab on start, possibly even smaller than now. With ability to extend via some kind of bags.
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    I have been following the dev blogs for over 2 years. I check almost every day to see what's updated. Most of it doesn't impress me. I'm going to give some more constructive criticism here.

    I don't play Nightly BECAUSE I dislike the bugs and crashing, so I wait for stable updates. I understand this game is Early Access, but it frustrates me when the devs don't focus on getting the most important things done first.

    Difference between meat and fluff? Meat is stuff that gets you engaged, gives you a purpose. Quests are good and I'm glad they are finally getting around to that. Took them 2 years to get some decent quests, but now they are redoing them. I want to see more of THAT being focused on before release.

    Fluff is... well, just little added things. Things the game doesn't really NEED but are kind of fun. I see a LOT of it. You can give somebody little bits of food a day and say it adds up to a big hearty meal, but it really doesn't.

    I love building and exploration. I spent a lot of time in Terraria, but for Starbound it just feels... empty? Watered down? I guess that's fine while it's in Early Access. When I first started playing I'd dig for hours and find very little, but now there are more interesting things to find. Building is also fun, but maybe it's the prefabricated stuff you can tear down and build back up that turns me off. I want to be able to build nearly everything with raw materials. That's something I hope the devs will add later. I really do like the recipes and plans you find throughout the game.
  8. endertrot

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    What, you mean like the minecraft mod where you just push "r" and it sorts your inventory? starbound also has a sorting button, though its only for your inventory.
    :eek:... *runs for the hills screaming.* But joking aside, one would be too small. I know you said it would be expandable by bags, but one would still be too small. maybe go back to two and turn overflow back on. heck, just turn overflow back on in general.
  9. maxneutron

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    planets are complete madness now and i love it.
  10. pop-yotheweird

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    I'm unsure whether you know how Chucklefish's specific process is going. they built the current game as an extended teaser, something to tide the fans over until 1.0. every single update has improved that aspect. now they're at the point where everything they built up has to be altered or removed and replaced entirely to fall in line with their vision of the game. that takes an stupid amount of time when you have to change worlds to fit dungeons, code in new and dynamic quests, implement certain mechanics to make the game feel like your progress matters. this is why certain big title games have crazy development cycles or, unfortunately, never release at all.

    it'd be different if they had a team at 50 or 100 people but they have, like, 12 or something (don't quote me on that). they don't update the Stable branch because they're rather worried about getting whatever content they can out to the fans so they don't start rioting the forums or boycotting the game or whatever. thus, it's very likely to be broken and as such, the Nightly is born. to say, "Hey, we have this new stuff and we want y'all to check it out. when we do some internal testing and finalize everything it'll be a Stable release, but please understand that it's a big test and it'll take time to make whatever changes need to be made.

    cut them some slack. it's a big game by a small team.
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  11. M_Sipher

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    Yeah, I'm really not feeling the planet mix. A little more variety per planet type is nice, but really, we should not be hitting Midnight biomes on... well, anything other than Midnight planets. Lunar biomes shoudn't be anywhere but on the airless Erchius moons. Now, those major planet types having alternate biomes, like a Midnight or moon with some desert or ice, that's all fine. But it shouldn't reverse.

    It's not just a matter of a universe that's entirely a messy what-the-hell grab-bag that breaks theme, but... what's left for the later game? If you can see all the biomes without ever leaving a Gentle Star system, what's the damn point? You've blown your wad early, leaving the endgame all limp and dangling. Why move forward and explore more stuff when you can get nigh everything at the lowest tier?

    Stuff NEEDS to be held back for reveal later in progression. Start with a limited range of biomes then expand out. Pepper the higher-tier stars with more of the old biomes, but don't go the other way around.

    And even then, there SHOULD be worlds with only one biome (and maybe directly-associated sub-biomes). Smaller globes especially.

    Yeah, it's an early take on the deal, but still. I worry that not holding biomes back for later in the game will bite you in the ass.
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  12. Nariz

    Nariz Void-Bound Voyager

    I am greatly relieved to learn about the performance patch, my fps was dropping from 60 to 23 sometimes and it got really annoying to play ;-;
  13. greenman

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    Where is the best place to give feedback?
  14. Kawa

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    Not here. Most of the legit feedback gets drowned out, I'm afraid.
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    well i just started playing and i don't have the option to enable the matter manipulator at my ship's computer...
  16. AntlerWeasel

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    On the steam forums, theres a thread about the matter manipulator, and how you gotta go into the admin commands.
    Quests are kinda disabled in current build, and the Matter Manipulator will be given in the opening quest when implemented, which I hope we get to test soon!
  17. greenman

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    huh. There should be a dedicated sub-forum for feedback, but I can't find it here or on Steam. If they're specifically asking for feedback for something, like this thread, they should tell us where to post :geek:
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    So far this is what I got from the nightly:
    15+ minutes of loading
    5+ to start the game with a character
    10 fps per 2 seconds.

    Is this some sort of cruel joke by our mighty dev overlords? Last time I tried (glad giraffe) at least I could get 15-25 fps and 10-15 in crowded areas. Now it's as unplayable as it gets; which is weird, because I can run other games with no major performance issues. That said, I own a semi-toaster, albeit a good one.
  19. Mackinz

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    The button "take all" should close the chest (like in fallout series).

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