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  1. TheSecretman83

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    I would love to see either a mod, or an official update, that expands on the process for making Maple Syrup.

    Currently, you tap a tree and get pure, Refined, Maple Syrup. That just isn't how it works ConcernedApe. To put it into extremely basic terms, you tap Maple Trees for Sap, and boil down that Sap until you get Syrup. The exact process is way more complex, but for the sake of this game that's all you need to know.

    Now, here's a list of things this mod would add, and how the new process should work.

    Maple Sap - Item -
    Description: Raw Sap tapped from a Maple Tree.
    Price/Value: 10 Per Sap

    Add. Notes: Different from the regular yellow sap dropped from chopping trees.

    Sugarhouse - Building -
    Description: A Building used to boil down sap into Syrup
    Price/Value: 10 Iron, 30 Stone, 100 Wood, 10000 G

    Add. Notes: The building should carry unique/exclusive equipment(Like the cellar does with Casks). Also, the Sugarhouse should produce Silver to Iridium/Purple Star Quality Syrup. Can Refine up to 5 Bottles of Maple Syrup at a time. Each Syrup takes 20 - 40 Sap(Currently Undecided for Balancing Reasons)

    Maple Syrup - Item -
    Description: The Description should be Identical because it should use the same ID. The only thing that should change is the price, so as to balance the mod.
    - Base: 300 G
    - Silver: 400 G
    - Gold: 500 G
    - Iridium/Purple: 600 G

    Add. Notes:Regular Maple Syrup can be made by tossing 30 sap and coal into a Furnace. It will produce the lowest quality Maple Syrup. The Sugarhouse is used to process up to 5 Maple Syrup at a time without the use of coal. The Sugarhouse also produce a higher quality Maple Syrup that's worth more.

    Regular Tree Sap can be refined, either through crafting, or by use of a furnace, into Maple Sap in a 40:1 Ratio, meaning 40 Regular Tree Sap is crafted down to 1 Maple Sap.

    An interesting thing I've seen done is flavoring Maple Syrup with various fruit flavors, like Blueberry. I'm not sure what could be done with this information. It seems like people could have food/gift preferences tied to these flavored Maple Syrups.

    If someone is interested in possibly trying to program this, please leave a comment saying so.

    DISCLAIMER - I am not a programmer. I know nothing about C# and Stardew Valley Modding, What I'm proposing seems possible, but I could be wrong, If something like this isn't possible, please let me know.

    EDIT - I read back on what I wrote and realized that I mis-worded some things. I have since gone back and fixed those errors. I apologize for the extreme confusion.
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    • KThxBye910

      KThxBye910 Void-Bound Voyager

      This is a really interesting idea. I'd love to see it in play!
      • Coolwyngs

        Coolwyngs Giant Laser Beams

        looks cool I love the idea. I hope it comes into being.
        • sunlite

          sunlite Pangalactic Porcupine

          I like it, but then it would make the amount of pine tar and oak resin vs maple syrup severely unbalanced. I get 3 oak resin and 3 maple syrup every 8 days, so getting 20 just by putting it in the sugar house would completely unbalance the amount of oak resin and maple syrup.

          What we really need is someone fixing the tapper destroy-on-contact glitch in Cindersap forest. I really could use all the pine tar for rain totems...
          • Hammurabi

            Hammurabi Big Damn Hero

            I think you've got that backwards -- he's saying that 20 units of maple sap (product from the tapper) would result in one unit of maple syrup (refined product). Not that one unit of sap would turn into 20 units of syrup.
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            • monteso

              monteso Big Damn Hero

              I think you are making this overly complex then what it really needs to be. Why need a whole building when a craftable machine and a tool shed will work just fine if not better. There's already a mod for implementing new custom machines
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              • TheSecretman83

                TheSecretman83 Void-Bound Voyager

                That could be done as well, however the machinery used in Sugarhouses is FAR from small. It might be simpler programming-wise to make a custom machine, but having it be an entire building would better tie to reality. It's give and take.

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