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    A thousand years ago... The Gelsburg Dynasty was made, a dynasty which destroyed civilizations and declared war... One woman stood up,
    with her wings and weapon. Excalibur was created. Excalibur was a weapon held by HER, the goddess Borealis. People called her then the MOTHER.

    The War is still cointinued this year, and a guild of heroes is made...

    Full Name:
    Family Name:
    Is he/she blessing Borealis? If so, just say he/she is of the Gelsia religon:

    Said a maid...
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    · Gelsia ·
    The mother, o thee our master, Thou shall not worship another. Thou shall have no disobedience to you, nor hatred. Thou those who are blackened.
    The Gelsian Priests of the Dynasty.
    Gelsians worship one person, the statue of borealis. The goddess of the Peacock.
    Her sign is a cross with a snake head on top.
    The pagoda of Pakalo, the statue of Loka, and the temple of Mika, thee one we grace, thee those sacrifice for you.
    The Pakalokamikas are ancient people who do rituals to sacrifice ones loved one for the "Gods Ceremony"
    Their sign is a Mask with a feather.
    Leka Jeuk Moak Deak Ieok! Del Nes Bon Dal Onka Gado Merilaka!
    They are species, human species. Thats all. They have no info nor sign.

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