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Bug/Issue Event providing basic craft recipe won't re-trigger after server disconnect

Discussion in 'Support' started by dinkerton, May 12, 2018.

  1. dinkerton

    dinkerton Space Spelunker

    Clint came to give me the recipe for the forge the day after I first went into the mines on my friend's game. I lost connection to the host server sometime later in that day (but my friend was still in) and was able to load back into the game on the same day. I still had all the fish I had caught that day but I didn't have the forge recipe anymore. I thought Clint would come by again the next morning, but he didn't so now I am forge-less, recipe-wise.

    Not a crisis, since the other farmers have the crafting recipe still, but I figured it's worth reporting.
    • Numpty85

      Numpty85 Space Spelunker

      Similar but not the same, I purchased the wedding ring recipe from the travelling cart [I am host] we paid the 500 but neither of us are able to craft it?!

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