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Esther Bright Not Appearing After Entering Gate

Discussion in 'Starbound Support' started by bairbros, Jun 30, 2020.

  1. bairbros

    bairbros Space Hobo

    I'm new to the game so I may be wrong about how events in the game are supposed to go but by what I've seen online I believe this is correct. When I got to the ancient gate to go to the outpost it said I had 25/20 of the material needed so I entered immediately without having to go look for supplies. Esther Bright was not there to welcome me and now I can't progress. I have no mods on so I am not sure what to do without restarting from scratch. Additionally I have tried restarting the game multiple times and she does not spawn in. As a result I'm stuck on the Getting Started quest and I am also on Windows and windowed mode.

    (I got it fixed by using the admin command to summon her, but am not sure how to delete the thread or if I can)
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