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Bug/Issue Error Item: Modding Glitch Problem

Discussion in 'Support' started by DoodleHasDoodles, Jan 6, 2023.

  1. DoodleHasDoodles

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    I recently encountered the error item after I added a few new mods to my game when I used the clearance bin in Joja Mart using the clearance bin mod and came across the item in the bin. Is there a specific mod that may be causing this? Screenshot 2023-01-05 184620.png I saw other threads and posts with the same problem as me and the source usually led to an error caused by PPJA mods. I happen to have a few PPJA mods installed but I'm not exactly sure if they are the source of the error. I also found the error item when talking to the cashier at Joja as well. But Pierre's seems to have no problems with the items. From what I know, it must be one of the recent mods that may have caused the error item to pop up. Hoping someone can help, thank you.

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