Equilillis: The North of Equeteria

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    The north of Equeteria

    • Once upon a time, there was a far-away land nobody ever knew about. Though some people say it as a legend. A queen ruled the world for several years. Until a cruel man from Lucifers commands assassinated her. This lead war between the wrong-doers and the good-doers. The war continues every new year in the North of the Equeteria, the capital of Equilillis. Folks people got separated from their families each new year. Now starts the search of Equilillis: The north of Equeteria.

    Welcome to...
    Aquastredam: The industrial part of Equilillis. Here you start your journey to Equilillis, but wait...

    10 days?!
    We need to pass 20 cities to get there?!
    How will I ever get to Equilillis? It’s too far!

    Yes yes. Lots of people fear that when travelling to Equilillis. But fear not, because goddess Orinen: “Goddess of Hope and justice” will bless us.

    Lucifer is coming for Aquastredam. So first you need to decide quickly! Either to save the citizens then go search for Equilillis, or spare them for your safety!

    Info about the City:
    - Known for the massive industrial machinery they make.
    - 250 km across the river of Aquastredam.
    - Has a population of 1K.

    The goverment is quite strict to their rules. If someone does one thing crossed off the rules, they get sent to the river for execution.

    Places to Visit:
    - Marigold Village ( YOUR HOMETOWN )
    - Paul’s Attire for Warriors
    - Aquastredam Guild
    - Aquastredam Forest
    - The northern ruins of Orinen
    - Minerva’s school for the Magic-Minded
    - Charlotte’s Boutique
    - Aquastredam Shopping District
    - Old Aquastredam
    - Castle of Aquastredam
    - Big Ol” Onen: “The sacred home of Orinen”

    Main Plot: Your a member of the Aquastredam Guild. The guild right now is currently paying funds for more dorms for other Applicants // Incoming Members. The Guild Staff assures you to wait until the other applicants have been finished with their applications.

    Treasure and Loot!: They are many kinds of loot. Such as Charisma Necklaces, Strength Gauntlets, And even Aquils! ( Money for Aquastredam ).

    Here are some Rankings:
    Rusty: Common, And easy to find Treasures.
    Common: Not so hard to find treasures, and can be sold for 100 Aquils.
    Unique: Kind of hard to find treasures, can be sold for 1K+ Aquils.
    Epic: Hard to find treasures, can be sold for 10K+ Aquils.
    Legendary: Very hard to find treasures, can be sold for 100K or luckily 1M Aquils.

    - Yes, their is a looting system. But sometimes used with other Roleplays. -

    How to Locate: Glad you asked my fellow friend! Loot can sometimes be hard to find.
    So your given a Tracking Device! Used for detecting Unique or Epic treasures nearby.
    Simply start it and travel around until you see a green or blue dot on the device!


    Remove green and black statements too check in those questions. No inappropriate characters allowed.
    Mark important info about character in red to identify if it’s important.

    Name: ( Full Name )




    Race: ( Below the application are the races with the other application questions. )

    Starter weapon of sort: Swords, Axes, Daggers, etc.

    Strength is the amount of force you take to fight something or someone.

    Defence is your guard. The more the guard is stronger, the more the shield will last.

    Agility focuses on your, or the enemies speed. Speed is used for hardcore combat.

    Charisma is your luck. Charisma is used when you need a higher chance of winning or a higher chance of getting rare loot.



    Human: Humans like us! Humans mostly in Aquastredam are soldiers or villagers!
    - Strength + Defence
    - Agility - Charisma

    Merkotas: Merkotas are Half Cat Half Human creatures.
    - Defence + Charisma
    - Agility - Defence

    Demons: Servants of Lucifer. Do wrong deeds and destroy fun.
    - Strength + Defence + Charisma
    - Defence - Charisma


    Let’s continue the application, shall we?





    Non Playable Races:
    Nikomeko: Cute Cats with fierce damage.

    Kumokonilo: Weird Totem Creatures with human bodies.

    Approved Applicants:
    - que silent sounds -

    - Don’t be a Bad Doer!: Why do you want to make an inappropriate life for everyone else?
    - Hey! Don’t say that.: Swearing is illegal! Does who swear are slaves of Satan! ( joking, sorry. )
    - Stop being mean!: Please don’t break our heart!

    And that’s all you need to know about the R.P! Lol it took so long for me to finish it but anyways...
    Bye! <3


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