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Environment compatibility flags

Discussion in 'Starbound Discussion' started by Grayecastle, Dec 24, 2013.

  1. Grayecastle

    Grayecastle Big Damn Hero

    What do those mean. I ran the diagnostic and it says as follows:

    Scanning System

    Number of processors: 8
    Processor architecture: x86
    Processor: Intel64 Family 6 Model 42 Stepping 7, GenuineIntel
    ProcessAffinityMask: 000000FF
    SystemAffinityMask: 000000FF
    WindowsVersion: 6.0.6000

    EnvAppId: 211820

    Environment Compatibility Flags: VistaRTM ElevateCreateProcess

    Steam is running in compatibility mode.
    Running steam in compatbility mode can cause stability and performance problems.

  2. Aey

    Aey Big Damn Hero

    Going to take a wild stab and say this:

    Environment means what your computer is running or trying to run. It doesn't like Steam in Compatibility mode.
    If you're on a PC, go to C:\Program Files\Steam\Steam.exe and right click it/Properties/Compatibility tab/Uncheck ALL check boxes in that tab.
    Press OK, restart your machine for good measure and try running the game again.
  3. Grayecastle

    Grayecastle Big Damn Hero

    Alight I went into it and when I went under the compatibility tab all the boxes were unchecked except one. The one that was checked was "run this program in compatibility mode as:" and I could not uncheck it
  4. Aey

    Aey Big Damn Hero

    Curious: What system was noted under that box you couldn't uncheck? XP?

    You need to be logged in as an admin to change settings like that, especially if the admin has set restricted permissions on your machine.
    Please note that this does not mean to check the Run as Admin box in that tab. Don't do that. ^^
  5. Grayecastle

    Grayecastle Big Damn Hero

  6. Aey

    Aey Big Damn Hero

    Ye gods, Vista. DX

    Well, you've got 2 options, explained here.

    You can move your Steam Apps (C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps) folder to another location, uninstall and re-install Steam, and then move it back.
    You can edit your registry. I despise having to edit my registry for anything as it can seriously mess up your machine's soft components.

    If your Steam Apps folder is small, I'd just move that and uninstall and re-install.
  7. Grayecastle

    Grayecastle Big Damn Hero

    Sorry for the late reply. I'm a little daunted by the task at hand especially since it might not solve any of these FPS problems with the game
  8. Aey

    Aey Big Damn Hero

    It's no problem. I'd leave the registry editing to folks who do that sort of thing for a living.

    Re-installing Steam is only as hard as you make it, really. If you're OCD (like me) and go on un-installation binges, you only have a couple of Steam apps in that folder and moving it is a snap. If you're a pack-rat, the whole process can take awhile. By awhile, I mean get up and take a walk around the neighborhood.

    There are definitely some things that I leave until absolutely freaking necessary. Like installing XP mode on my Windows 7 machine so that it'll run those few old programs not compatible with 7. ... I look forward to that like I look forward to having teeth pulled. >.<

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