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  1. Sir Wilfrey

    Sir Wilfrey Spaceman Spiff

    A: My inconsistent Writing Habits
    B: My lack of any inspiration or will to write lately
    C: My lack of experience in managing an RP of this size, I had no idea it would grow this big
    My thanks go to:
    All R.P'ers
    Those that encouraged this work, however short it was
    Those incredible individuals with a flaming passion for E.E, it's them who have made this a massive learning experience and given me a fresh view on Humanity in general

    This is likely not the end, but a segue towards something even grander.
    "That is not dead which can eternal lie, And with strange aeons even death may die."

    (cue neat title theme)

    STATUS: On Hiatus

    Rp can be found HERE


    First off, allow me to introduce myself. I am Sir Wilfrey, but most call me Dumbass. I've had plenty of experience with RP but never tried to run one. (in public). I like to organize the hell outta everything, so work with me here as I get the basics out of the way in this section.
    • This is a welcoming place, treat people with respect.
    • I write very erratically. (I stop writing for long periods sometimes, which is why there's a Status marker)
    • All Forum rules apply, always, everywhere. I respect the Moderators and uphold their rules. Usually.
    • Take it formally, but not boringly, this is a Tragedy story that doesn't take itself seriously.
    • Not all Lore is given to you, you have to learn it yourself as you would IRL.
    • The story itself changes depending on your actions, events really matter here.
    • No characters will ever be static, I aim for immersion and realism in interactions.
    • I am extremely unorthodox in how I RP, things like themesongs and Events are very commonplace.
    • Magitech is simple; use your imagination but don't be Overpowered, I have ways of dealing with OP people.
    • Combat is simplistic; whatever works best for the plotline and it's direction. Death shouldn't be a massive concern, unless you never use strategy and bumrush the main antagonist like an idiot.
    • There are no stats, no RNGeesus, I am the puppetmaster in a greater scheme. My goal is to entertain and this is my performance, I simply ask the actors do their parts well.
    • Backup characters are permitted, since this is not an RPG like most of the others here at this point.

    Alternate Universe Starbound inspired by various, darker anime. In this universe, the Ruin is nearly goddamn indestructible, and there are no relics that can save reality. In a desperate plea to fight the spawns of hell it creates, the central powers of all the remaining races join together in a group project called the Antimatter Institute, where students of all walks of life and heritage train their minds and bodies to use cutting-edge technology that borders on, if not is entirely, magic.

    The ability to manipulate light, create fire, electricity, and nearly any other element, with the most unstable and recent advancement being Dark Matter manipulation itself, the control of nonexistence. They train their whole lives to fight creatures of entropy and darkness, and some have strayed the path and joined the enemy side, forming a maniacal cult of super-charged warriors of fanatical devotion to ending life itself alongside the Ruin. The students are known as Technomancers, and only 1,000 of each race can ever make it into the Antimatter Institute, though most only go through such torture as a last resort anyways.

    In this universe, the only thing that will save you is your refusal to die.

    In this section I explain Affinity and how playing a race is most likely to affect you.

    "When our technology advanced far enough to manipulate the elements with specific brainwaves, we found quickly that each race had typically become affiliated with certain elements due to biology, though there was still plenty of exceptions and many could overcome those restrictions with specialized training. The elements themselves were given names, but actually cover a broad spectrum of powers unique to the individual. Some within the same Element grouping can do different things than each other! Individuals themselves often are close with particular groupings, this is dubbed Affinity. Neurology is fascinating!"
    -Administrator of Scientific Research Higgins Ripley


    Human: Not particularly good with any element, but not usually restricted either. Adaptability at it's finest.

    Hylotl: Tends to have an easier time with things revolving around Water and Ice, from their generations of aquatic dwelling.

    Apex: Research proves to have an easier time with Earth and Life, likely from primitive ancestry.

    Floran: Standard tests showed skill with a confusing mix of Fire and Life, likely a testament to their natural yet barbaric heritage.

    Glitch: Shown to usually have immaculate Affinity to Earth and Energy, for obvious reasons.

    Avian: Most studies showed strong Affinity to Air and Life, probably from their pacifist ancestors and strong link to the sky.

    Novakid: Bombastic and unpredictable, the star-people are renowned for their links to Fire and Energy.

    MAGITECH 101
    Here is explained the Element grouping, and how the concept of Technomancy is applied.

    "Students of all races are trained before applying to the school on basic Magitech control, and understand each element type and the amount of variables applied. Magitech equipment is as simple as a chip in the brain. Since Magitech is entirely controlled by brainwaves, simple thought patterns are enough to trigger most abilities for most students. For instance: Thinking of Fire moving from your hand is likely to trigger the same result, given you have training and experience in such an element. Potency is dependent on the skill and strength of the user, as well as the amount of energy that person can exert without harming themselves, or, in dire cases, if they've Overclocked their abilities temporarily, though this is a largely prohibited practice as it can lead to fatality of the user if not expertly monitored. The size and scale of a "cast" depends on these factors. Some people may also have Secondary Elements, and require less training in that field opposed to not. We have yet to find any individual who can naturally have Affinity to more than two Elements. What follows is a general idea of each Elemental Grouping." -Lead Loremaster Eridium Neon
    Energy: Electricity, power of machinery.

    Fire: Ability to create combustion, resistance to flame and heat.

    Water/Ice: The ability to combine the hydrogen and oxygen nearby to create and control water particles or freeze them in place.

    Air: Control of gravity in a way that can create powerful gusts, levitation, and most things involving oxygen.

    Earth: Ability to manipulate plant life, minerals in the ground, and on occasion animals.

    Life: Healing, mending wounds, on occasion creating toxins. An old hero was able to bring the dead back.


    This Application is for the Antimatter Institute, as you may not begin a member of the cult of the Ruin, but may decide to join them at a later date. It also assumes you have undergone your Basic Element training, a prerequisite for joining the program.

    *You walk up to the Computer Terminal outside the massive complex that is the A.I campus. Despite being overshadowed by the building, an artificial sun lights all corners of the outside in a warm, pleasant glow. An energy field blocks physical entrance to the complex, and you can see a few students in the courtyard talking and going about business. A gigantic spire reaches well above the clouds in the center of the complex, and you read in the brochure it can function as an emergency ship for all staff and students inside. A jingle from the Terminal jolts you from your thoughts, a friendly if simple animated face greets you and requests you choose an option. You choose "Register for Antimatter Institute Curriculum" . This is the day you trained for a year for.*

    //Login Procedure.exe....
    Scanning Student Database....
    Identity Mismatch....
    Please Enter Identification Data Below//


    Full Name:
    Standard Apparel (Images Acceptable):
    Physical Appearance(Images Acceptable):


    Reason for Application to A.I:
    Planet of Origin:
    Descriptive Backstory:

    Negative Traits:
    Primary Affinity:
    Secondary Affinity:



    //Login Procedure Ending
    "The Universe; Enjoy, Defend, Understand"//

    Short intros to some NPCs you will run into, in Lore-friendly format.
    //Administrator Login.exe....
    Scanning Staff Database....
    Choose Dossier//

    Administrator Field: Student-Regulation/Lead Loremaster

    "Oh god... where do I begin with this one.. His power frightens even I.. I think The Principal put him as Lead Loremaster as some form of punishment... or maybe fear..?

    He came to the school with no introduction, no application, just walked straight through the multi-trillion pixel expensive energy field and asked to meet The Principal. Pah! Nobody meets The Principal face-to-face... except... he did... somehow... just said 'I'll do it myself' and warped away. Nobody meets The Principal and lives... yet... he sits in the Library, protecting and logging out the codexes, usually without a word..

    He also has a second duty apparently.. today, a student attacked Professor Higgins... with a loud, thunderous crash, there suddenly stood Eridium.. after another boom of the same caliber, both the student and he were gone.. I saw the student hours later, he was in utter terror and refused to speak about what had happened.. whatever did happen, I pray nobody ever pushes the school rules or misuses their power on the premises again..

    I went to visit Eridium in the Library today. He was reading a codex on Human History. He could feel my presence from across the Library, and I could feel him inspecting me, without looking.. I approached and greeted him, taking a seat nearby. He seemed remarkably friendly, offered me a coffee, asked me how my day was going. We had a surprisingly pleasant chat about Human Video Games and something he referred to as "RPGs". He said it was the reason he wore his ridiculous blue hat, called himself a "Nerd". It was enjoyable, until a student started throwing books at another and he used some incredibly powerful Air control to throw the books back into the student at at least the speed of a car, sending him through a bookshelf. Eridium scares me, but at least he seems very pleasant and somewhat innocent-minded."
    -Administrator of Information Logistics Caroline Brandy


    Administrator Field: Chief Administrator/School's 'Backup Defense System'

    "Such a nice guy, such a terrible foe. You don't become the leader of a school of superheroes that control magic/technology without being the absolute scariest fucker on the starmap. He's actually really old, older than any Novakid I'm aware exists. He said 'somewhere around 500 at this point, who keeps track at this point?'. Last I heard, they only live to 300. How does he seem so young? Just what is he? I wonder sometimes.

    Seriously, this guy is 6'6 feet tall, and has a muscle structure that would make an adult poptop jealous. Did I mention he's a damned Novakid, they don't even have muscles and somehow he's the Star version of Abobo. I would literally cry for any of those cultists who tried to face him one on one, have you seen his freaking 'sword'? The thing is more like a steel girder he swings around, he dropped it once and it shook the ground! Anyways.. ahm.. he's a really, really good Principal, actually. Rumors are going around that he and Eridium are old friends, christ I'd hate to see those two team up.. like a black hole and a supernova (no pun intended) decided to build a hydrogen bomb.

    But aside from the fact most of us haven't even seen his face and know to shit our pants when he walks into a room, as someone who has known him since his darkest hour, I can say he's really misunderstood. I was there when he broke out of the IRIS facility, I helped him hunt down the dreaded Matvel Galkin, I designed his iconic black labcoat and Brand-Glasses, I watched his ship literally crash into the Galkin Family Flagship as he tried to take them with him to save thousands of lives. He's not vengeful, he's not wrathful (that Serus side sure as shit is), he just understands a good leader has to make hard choices. I respect him, and he gives me hope that we have a chance against the Ruin and it's followers."

    -Lead Weapons Analyst Nilus Glace

    "Did I mention he's 6'6 feet tall?"

    Administrator Field: Administrator of Information Logistics

    "Yup, that's me. I wrote that. Because that's my job; read and double-read and triple-read the log entries. I handle nearly all information in the Antimatter Institute, it's a hard job. I know nearly everything there is to know about nearly everyone in the complex, and can give you that info at the drop of a hat. Will I? I've seen Xenon beat an adult poptop's head in with his fists, no thank you.

    A little about me? Well, I love coffee, and Justice, and books, and Ivan.

    I came from a Miniknog colony, born, raised, bred like cattle. Xenon came when I was about, I want to say, 19? (I'm 34 now, if you're curious. This was before Magitech came around.) Well, he was just browsing a shop in town, and some idiot agent decided he was suspicious, and tried to take him into custody. I learned three things that day, three very important things.

    1: Xenon fucking scares me, and should.

    2: Xenon does not appreciate the Miniknog in any way, shape, or form.

    3: I will give him, and all he stands for, my complete loyalty for the rest of my life.

    Xenon fought the agent, and it escalated to total chaos. I shouted for him to keep fighting, and tried to help myself. Sadly, I am not a fighter, and was knocked clean unconscious. I woke to the town burning down and the Miniknog ships bombarding our world as tensions had apparently raised, my apartment in rubble, and Xenon carrying my limp and burning body to his ship to save my life. A total stranger, a member of a race who has done such terrible things to him. I was not the only one he saved, but I'm the only one who stayed.

    The Antimatter Institute is not just a school for heroes; it's Xenon calling in a favor from the many lives he's become entertwined with. I'm proud to answer it.

    Also, I hope for all of our sakes, while we're beating the hell out of that Ruin, we make a pitstop and take the Miniknog with it."


    //Administrator Login Procedure Ending
    "The Students; Encourage, Regulate, Educate"//

    //Student Login.exe...
    Known Entities Database Loading..
    Choose Dossier//

    Entity Class: Harmless Citizens

    "Oh good grief these guys are a headache. A bunch of kids got the idea of taking LARPing too far, and now they show up on our missions sometimes. They all dress up in ridiculous costumes and 'fight crime' across the galaxy. It's a wonder how they survive. Actually... how do they get around so quickly? We've never seen a ship of theirs, or see them leave a world. They just... are suddenly there. They say their silly "Uphold the Color Code!" catchphrase and run around. We haven't seen them fight anything either. But they are always in areas obscenely dangerous (we first found them on a damned Sulphur Ocean world) and they must either get killed and are replaced by someone else in the same suit or.. no, surely not..

    Who are these kids..?

    "The ridiculous costume they all wear, there is one in Red, Green, Blue, Pink, and Black.
    This crazy bastard lives on that Sulphur Ocean world apparently.

    We have yet to see ANY of their faces, so we have no idea who they actually are.

    Goddamn weaboos."
    -Squadron 7 Leader Armistice Rustbolt

    //Student Logout.exe...//
    //Student Login.exe...
    Enemy Database Loading..
    Choose Dossier//

    Threat Level: Living Apocalypse (???/???)
    PrAy t0 yoUr goDs


    (Static plays loudly for a few seconds, before a cracked screen shows.. Earth? It is in open space, but a massive black and purple warship can be seen behind it. A wispy voice laughs lowly, sending chills down your spine despite being a recording. You feel soulless eyes bore into yours, and you feel as if you're right in front of it. Intense dread fills every atom of your body, you feel like screaming out as a wave of black engulfs your mind.

    You see a flick of its dark hand towards the planet, and after a brief delay you see a large tentacle rip through its crust, debris spiraling into space. Your heart stops as you feel the figure put a hand on your shoulder and its words in your ear.

    YoU wIlL diE a tRIlliOn deAthS bEfoRE I'm ThrOugh WiTh yOU, mY tOY.")

    The recording stops, and you nearly drop to the floor from exhaustion.
    Attached to the codex are pieced-together pictures of a creature you've never seen before, but you recognize the eyes.

    You feel like they will follow you forever.

    Threat Level: Universal Threat (9/10)
    Approach: Face with heavy backup


    "The lost souls claimed by fear or evil, either too scared to fight the Ruin or so cruel they do it willingly. They hunt down colonies that would stand against their conquest, and mercilessly slaughter anything they're told to by the higher-ups, like Malus Vocivus. The fools.. they either can't see how expendable they are to the forces of the Ruin, or they simply don't care. Fear does strange things to a mind.

    We've tried to reason with them, tried to hunt down their commanders, tried anything that may free them or make them come to their senses, nothing works. Much to our regret, it seems the only way to save lives is to end them.

    Why must that always be the case.."
    -The Principal


    "A common uniform."

    //Student Logout.exe..
    "The Enemy;
    Beware, Destroy, Fear."//

    Bits of Lore on various characters in the form of Codexes (Aka Holologs).
    Be sure to keep an eye out for details, I like to really make you speculate and think ; 3
    It's also written in multiple writing formats and perspectives as an exercise for me.

    "The Neon Notebook"
    "A Chat by the Fire"
    "Hankon's Haiku"
    "Experiment Log #130-X"
    "A Dark Log 1"

    Red Ryder, Evren Lux
    FactoringZettaShonic, Prarry Radiowave
    Combozone, Godwit Grawsbeak
    WarSarah, Invun Viro
    DustyScabbard, Dusty Mertans
    Omicron445, Isaac Phosphor
    HunterC1998, Hunter
    MilkCalf, Snab Cleavewood
    Arra, Delzin Einstraad
    RGBunpro, Zackery Lestoud/Rusty
    Taktik, Char-Wood
    Dragonclaw, Jack Sanders
    critsarecool, Enok Tore
    Dipdoo, Rufus Donia

    Crossfang enjoys the RP so much he's making amazing character art for nearly everyone!
    Wilfrey Seal of Approval!

    Eridium Neon

    Godwit Grawsbeak

    The Principal (Xenon)

    Evren Lux

    Isaac Phosphor



    Dusty Mertans

    Rufus Donia

    Enok Tore

    Delzin Einstrad

    Jack Sanders

    Snab Cleave-Wood

    Caroline Brandy (Npc)

    Spectrum "Bucket" Knights (Npcs)

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  2. Diamond Dog

    Diamond Dog Guest

    Isgud, expect a Starboundy and slightly more serious version of Prarrie to be my character
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  3. Sir Wilfrey

    Sir Wilfrey Spaceman Spiff

  4. HunterC1998

    HunterC1998 Cosmos Killer

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  5. Red Ryder

    Red Ryder Guest

    It looks really good! I look forward to the final project~

    Just don't overwork yourself ya goof
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  6. WarSarah

    WarSarah Heliosphere

    Oh snap, this looks cool. I like how in depth you're thinking!
  7. DustyScabbard

    DustyScabbard Spaceman Spiff

    I miss the adventures that went on in Super Wizard Bros. Glad to see it revived, in one form or another.
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  8. Sir Wilfrey

    Sir Wilfrey Spaceman Spiff

    RP-wide Events like sieges on locations, actual missions and bosses to clash with on either side, critical scenarios that can change the very balance of the RP itself, I call it Dynamic for a reeeeeeaaassoooooon~ (Someone will still be startled shitless when something massive happens when they aren't ready, I guarantee it). But thank you for the feedback! I'm breaking almost every rule of RP I can get my hands on and rely on the community to know just how to bend it.

    and yeah Dusty, I miss S.W.B a lot too, it was the best RP I ever ran
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  9. Diamond Dog

    Diamond Dog Guest

    Shame that S.W.B couldnt go on
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  10. Arra

    Arra The End of Time

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  11. Sir Wilfrey

    Sir Wilfrey Spaceman Spiff

    UPDATE TIME: I made an Application for those interested, as well as a detailed explanation on Magitech and the Element Groups.
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  12. HunterC1998

    HunterC1998 Cosmos Killer

    This....calls for a whole new Character...

    Ohh question!! Will this RP's combat be magic based, and are guns completely out of the question?
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  13. Sir Wilfrey

    Sir Wilfrey Spaceman Spiff

    You may mix and match at will, you could likely combine weapons with your own abilities if you so chose to.
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  14. Combozone

    Combozone Existential Complex

    So anyone can apply, right?
    There's no "limited only for select people that I like" kind of deal, or "only 6 guys"?
    Will send you my application soon anyways. Would love to be in on this kind of thing.
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  15. HunterC1998

    HunterC1998 Cosmos Killer

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  16. Sir Wilfrey

    Sir Wilfrey Spaceman Spiff

    No, not even remotely. Unless I have a serious reason to not want you here anyone can sign up!
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  17. Red Ryder

    Red Ryder Guest


    Full Name: Evren Lux
    Race: Novakid
    Age: 26
    Gender: Female
    Standard Apparel (Images Acceptable): Dark red turtleneck sweater, gray jeans and black combat boots with a black trench coat that reaches down to just past her knees, tan gloves, and a tan Stockman hat (See profile picture in all honesty)

    Physical Appearance(Images Acceptable): (See profile picture for a general idea) Evren is a 5'6" Novakid weighing in at about 90 pounds with an athletic and masculine build, her curves and chest often unnoticeable unless you look. Her plasma is light green, almost a combination of jade and sea-foam green making her omega symbol stand out even more, though most would be drawn to her corona which warps and moves like a dancing fire, often displaying her emotions for her.


    Reason for Application to A.I: To learn
    Planet of Origin: Asgiran, a small, lush planet.

    Descriptive Backstory: Evren was born into a family of travelers, archaeologists, and others with a strong passion for learning and adventure, this caused her joy in learning and curiosity to grow early on, always ready for the next adventure. She lived her childhood happily, up into her teen years, where in an expedition into a Floran ruin ended with an injury to her throat after she was caught in a trap. This caused her to lose her voice, so she had to learn sigh language in order to communicate until her voice had been regained. Though even after she had gained her voice again, she stuck mainly to sign language and body language having adapted to it over the years she was a mute. Knowing the dangers of the world, she saw her "muteness" as an advantage and has since stayed silent unless necessary. Though soon after gaining her voice Evren split from her family to go off on her own journey to learn, which eventually led her to the Antimatter Institute.

    - Able to use sign language, using this and her body language / corona to communicate
    - Intelligent and a quick learner
    - Agile, able to climb up most surfaces and navigate herself around using parkour
    - Able to use her Affinity's to 'create' weapons. Though, at this moment of time, she can only create small daggers at most with her Earth affinity.
    - Skilled with most blades and typically dual-wields both her affinity's and daggers, her favored weapons.

    - A fluent and exceptional writer, often carrying a book bag full of notebooks containing logs of her adventures
    - Very curious, though this can get her into trouble, sometimes ending in injury or, on one occasion, being chased out of a village by rampaging Avians. Though, as the saying goes "Curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back".

    - Not very strong in combat, while she is able to take some of a hit, she has to rely on her wit and agility to succeed in battle
    - Due to the fact Earth is not her first affinity or one Novakids are typically attuned with, she cannot use it to its full potential thus far, only able to manipulate minerals in small doses. Hence why she can only create small blades.
    - Though muteness has it's advantages, it also has disadvantages. Due to her chosen muteness it is difficult for Evren to communicate, especially at a distance, having to rely on tools or her surroundings to get someone's attention
    - Evren is anti-social, making team-work hard for her if she isn't familiar with her team mates. While she has traveled in a large group before in her childhood and early teens, she now prefers smaller groups of people to travel with.

    Primary Affinity: Fire (I changed this, I hope that's okay, it works better with what I'm working towards)
    Secondary Affinity: Earth



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  18. Diamond Dog

    Diamond Dog Guest

    //Login Procedure.exe....
    Scanning Student Database....
    Identity Mismatch....
    Please Enter Identification Data Below//


    Full Name: Prarry Radiowave
    Race: Replicated Glitch, but claims to be a prototype "synth", whatever that is.
    Age: 24
    Standard Apparel (Images Acceptable): blue jumpsuit
    Physical Appearance(Images Acceptable): [​IMG]


    Reason for Application to A.I: Goddamn mercenaries took all my stuff, seeing as this was the only place i had enough fuel to go to i decided to join, why not.
    Planet of Origin: I come from a planet called Zion, it was a nice place.
    Descriptive Backstory: He was created by an organization called the institute, however, 15 years after his creation he was freed by a man he constantly refers to as "Professor Wilf" who reprogrammed him to be sentient.

    Skills/Abilities: He can broadcast radio signals and play music on them.
    He has a rather good memory.
    He is probably the only person who can simultaneosly use a shotgun and a katana while drunk, and get good results.
    Primary Affinity: Energy.
    Secondary Affinity: Fire.

    Positive: Rather resilient due to being a robot.
    Can contact his home planet if supplies are ever needed.
    negative: A drunk robot, that is all.
    Neutral: Finds alcohol everywhere for some reason.
    Notes: He usually carries around some "Sunset Sarsaparilla", which he gets from traders from Zion.

    Themesong: Whatever he currently has on his hard drive, although he is rather fond of rigor mortis rag ()

    I rmoved it
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  19. Red Ryder

    Red Ryder Guest


    Maybe add "Gender" to the app?
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  20. Sir Wilfrey

    Sir Wilfrey Spaceman Spiff

    I forgot to include Gender. This has been fixed.


    oh also
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