Enhanced Quests, Events, and Mail?

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by joykiller91, Feb 9, 2017.

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    I really love accepting quests and watching all events. Mails also need more oomph...

    -Repeated quests
    -More types of quests
    -puzzle solving type of quest??

    -Poor NPC's....hahaha there's mods for Jas (complete 2-10 hearts events) and Siv's marriage gives 8 & 10 for the other singles....Vincent is left in the dust...Kent also :( they need more life put into them.
    -Rival heart events
    -Rival marriage!!! (How many posts about this already?)
    -SDV lore events? Maybe put in some quest-related things (Save the Homeland vibe anyone?)
    -[Dialogue] Would be better if they have more Q&A even if it doesn't add points to the hearts.

    -Love notes~
    -More annoying spam
    -More mail from parents
    -Your old city friends??
    -Friendly notes. (I've always wanted to have more interaction with Vincent and Jas)
    -Happy birthday/New Year/Event messages?

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