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    If the game where ever to get DLC or a content patch of some sort, here is one of the things I'd like to see.
    Hopefully it could be implemented with little to no effort, i base this on having absolutely no experience coding or game designing at all :)

    The Endless Dungeon

    The dungeon would simply pick a random dungeon from the game for you to play, this would be floor one and would drop loot similar to normal difficulty.

    Each time the player finishes the floor, they reach a new floor and the difficulty increases, maybe immediately, perhaps after a few floors, alternatively it could load dungeons in chronological order before increasing the difficulty, meaning you'd get first get a desert dungeon, then a barrens dungeon, just like in the original game, and at the end when beating the mountains dungeon ( ? ) they would start on hard difficulty in a desert dungeon.

    epic difficulty would drop legendary materials and recipes as normal, depending on what zone you're in, alternatively very deep levels of the dungeon could drop fully crafted legendary weaponry or armor, provided that they would drop from a difficulty even harder then Epic.

    To make the dungeon truly infinite, eventually it could drop loot with bonus stats increasing infinitely, making the game infinitely replayable, in this case the mode/dungeon could be restricted to characters exclusively made for this mode, so that the normal campaign in multiplayer wont be ruined for those using normal items, if loot is not infinite, a highscore list could be tied to the dungeon to see whoever got deepest!

    Ofcourse the Devs are free to pick and choose how difficulty and item drops would work.
    Thanks for reading, i hope you like this idea! <3

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