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    Wargroove is an amazing game with many beautiful components to it. The story is something captivating and easy to follow, exploring the many parts of the universe. I love how most of the characters have time to develop, through the side missions primarily. That being said, I think that the developers wanted people to really get attached to Sigrid in the first mission. By the end after the entire plot and twists, it was really underwhelming on the final standoff between the heroes and Sigrid. I was able to complete the mission in 18 turns and obviously being attached to the character watch the sword get driven in her. If she is the 900-year-old undead vampire, is she really dead? I mean she turned into bats as a dramatic exit but could there possibly be a return in DLC or future content?

    The ending was something that I did not expect Chucklefish to do. I mean what a cliffhanger. After an incredibly hard level, this was the one mission where I had to dial on a handicap to beat. It all ends abruptly in my opinion, but then there is a new locked level named the epilogue. Pretty much you need to obtain a perfect score on all levels in order to play and truly complete the game. I already can speak for some that this is going to be impossible given the different playstyles everyone has. In a way, the developers put a cap on completing the game. I get it with the pictures, but for it to be limiting for gameplay, is upsetting.

    Maybe this may be a Wargroove and Chucklefish fanatic, but man there is so much more as a gamer that I would like to see. The lore is amazing, the gameplay is solid, and if there could be an animated series that would be icing on the cake. Just the thoughts of a gamer to keep in mind.
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      if you wish to unlock epilogue I noticed stars are available in arcade mode
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        You can get extra stars by playing Arcades and Puzzles! And Arcade gives you a little bit more fun with the characters and their interactions with each other. You also unlock jukebox stuff, and some more Law by completely arcade runs!
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          yah as others said you can get plenty of stars. i beat the campaign doing only two side missions and had 65 stars already. i think its great they left a few things to be earned over time. ill put it to you this way, the level requires 100 stars and there are 200 in the whole game so you only have to get half of them to unlock it. just mess around with the other modes.

          i soooooo agree with you about sigrid. i liked her too and i think youre right they wanted us to as shes the only bad guy you really get to play with on her own. the final fight with her was so underwhelming. she better come back in dlc maybe with another evil co or two at her side and unleash the real might of vampires upon us. could even make a new high powered land unit for each team and for her it would be high vampires.

          this game went far beyond my expectations and i cant wait for more. in fact i wont, ill just make it myself with the custom editor haha. but its nice they already expressed plans for free dlc.

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