Empty new farm needs neighbors.

Discussion in 'Multiplayer' started by Mannabell, Dec 23, 2018.

  1. Mannabell

    Mannabell Orbital Explorer

    I will add anyone wanting to build up a new farm. 7250-1827-1130[​IMG]

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    • Rickytan253

      Rickytan253 Poptop Tamer

      so i have a discord ive made, trying to get switch users there alot of them play stardew valley including myself. if you would like to join your more than welcome to https://discord.gg/9yxjkw
      • farmergrant

        farmergrant Space Hobo

        Add me I want to play! Friend code: SW-1848-3040-4327
        • Mannabell

          Mannabell Orbital Explorer

          I added you. My farm is open still! ☺
          • Rdioactivetoastr

            Rdioactivetoastr Space Hobo

            I sent a request :) my FC is 6155-5242-0050
            • yoshisisland

              yoshisisland Space Hobo

              Will add you tomorrow! :)

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