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    f1 = Angry, f2 = Blush, f3 = Exclamation, f4 = Happy, f5 = Heart, f6 = Music Note, f7 = Question Mark, f8 = Sad, f9 = Sleep, f10 = Video Game, f11 = X, f12 = Pause
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      Love the mod, thank you for uploading!
      Out of curiousity, is there a way to switch the placement of emotions? For example, if I want F1 to be Happy, for Angry to be at F4, and to switch F10 and F12?
      Thank you so much.
      • 0patata0

        0patata0 What do you get if you multiply six by nine?

        would you please help me to me download it?
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          So did you ever plan to come back to this and update it to allow users to change which keys are used? A lot of mods out there use F2 and F3, and F4 is the base game's hotkey for screenshot mode. I'd put these on the number pad, personally, but I can see other people wanting to do different things with it.

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