WIP Elliot 3/4 View (and other portrait fixes)

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    I am new to all this!! Hey!
    I have only been playing Stardew Valley for about a week, only just got into Summer, but I've always been interested in mods.

    I saw that Elliot loves giving the side-eye, but if I ever plan to marry him he better turn my way!

    I read up on XNBExtract and edited some of his portraits, as well as minor changes to Abigail's, Penny's, and Leah's. Nothing fancy here, just the base pngs.

    Elliott.png Penny.png Leah.png Abigail.png

    Notes: I don't know the context of Elliot's last face, so I may still change it. And one of his images has only an eyebrow difference, which has not yet (if it ever will be) been implemented. Also, there was a movement to remove the biased lipstick from every female, but that is currently on hold.
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