Elevators, Trams, and other vehicles

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do you agree with me?

  1. Yes, this would be amazing

  2. Maybe, I haven't looked into this

  3. No, I like the current vehicles

  4. I only like The Trams and Elevators idea

  5. I only like the Other vehicles Idea

  6. I only like the Animal mounts idea

  7. I agree with you but i would change...(write in comments)

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  1. KingDragonMage

    KingDragonMage Void-Bound Voyager

    Trams and Elevators.
    now, since update 1.3.0, trams were introduced naturally spawning on medical stations, or Built in Rail Crafting table. in my opinion, these look more like elevators and should replace all other platforms and elevators, or there could be different types, including but not limited to Miner's Tram, Executive Tram, Astro Tram, etc. not only that but there could be a special Wire that would look like a elevator button in real life that would differentiate depending on the Tag.
    Other vehicles.
    Sold by penguin pete, located slightly east to the Tele Shop and west of The ark, are remotes that may power different vehicles:Green Boat, Green Hoverbike, Yellow Hoverbike, and a Red Hoverbike. now, none the less these are very impressive at achieving a faster speed than just regular walking 1. I would either like to see more vehicles, such as these that i have come up with: USCM( United Systems Colonial Marines) van/truck, USCM Artillery car, Drivable Drill, Helicopter, etc..or 2. having a similar system of the Mechs were
    the player had the options of custom designing there own car, boat, plane/VTOL and Shuttle, each of the types of vehicles would have there own custom part crafting area and assembly table by Penguin pete's
    shipyard, or by the Mech Lab. Car parts would consist of many different wheels, or hover units hover all vehicles would have a cockpit/ drivers compartment, also the choice of being a fighter, cargo or passenger(also allows NPCs and Crew members to sit in a passenger seat)and flying would have wings, jets and boats would have different hulls and bridges, also players could put a symbol or sign on the side of their vehicle, like a Bio hazard containment or USCM. and flying vehicles could be a alternative to a mech when in space

    Animal Mounts.
    bought in the Terra Mart on the Outpost would have several different mounts, like the creature that pulls the treasured Trophies Vendor after completing the 3rd mission given by Esther on the Ark. as well as a saddle to be able to ride fluffilos or a Moshie.

    Thanks for Reading! P.S i might make a demonstration of a mod to show how I would make things.

    other Suggestions/discussions of mine:
    *none Yet*
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  2. KingDragonMage

    KingDragonMage Void-Bound Voyager

    im back!! also Nova kid horses and glitch horses
  3. RedsoneRelic

    RedsoneRelic Aquatic Astronaut

    Trains (To fit the NovaKid theme.)
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  4. Starfan87

    Starfan87 Starship Captain

    Carriage avian style! Submarine hylotl style! Pod with two long legs apex style! I think the hoverbike is human enough. Novakid mini train! Floran mooshi with saddle!
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  5. Thrifty K

    Thrifty K Aquatic Astronaut

    I think introducing horses that can be found wild on planets or maybe at some special vendor with racially-unique armour with different tiers would be pretty lit.
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  6. KingDragonMage

    KingDragonMage Void-Bound Voyager

    I do very much like the idea of trains, though I am not quite sure how they would be added, would they need a track? or would they work similar to hoverbikes?

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