Electricity and Reputation

Discussion in 'Mechanics' started by TalphaLL, Jun 2, 2016.

  1. TalphaLL

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    So I kept posting this on news posts but everyones basically ignoring me so im posting it here.
    So I Have 2 Suggestions I would love to be added in.
    1. Electricity. pretty self explanitory. you could make electricity via air, water, steam, ETC. to power things, which also opens the door for big machines and things like that.
    2.Reputation. So it would be like a system where if you kill an NPC or a person, your reputation decreases and you eventually become evil. If you help NPCs you become good. Both have different parts. Like both have different weapons and such. Also if your evil people would target you, and things like that. If your good, you could example aid villages in defending them.
  2. Shadow20218

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    Electricity is something I keep saying we need because how do we keep all the lights on in our houses and ships at all times without using any energy. Plus they already put outpost wind generators yet the "generators" just are a spinning turbine sprite. The oceans would have a purpose with the water and steam electricity and the generators could use the current wiring system to connect to batteries to charge them. (the batteries could be timed at different sizes). and the wireless generators could be connected to charge the whole of 300 blocks or so transferring electricity to the nearby wiring objects.
  3. jaymee_murder

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    I think on one hand the devs don't want to make it so you have to power everything cos its a sandbox game and they don't wanna make it too complex, but at the same time complexity and depth can really make a game great, they may feel that no matter what, you need your ship to work and if you run out of power realistically you shouldn't be able to even bean down or anything, but that could be solved by just saying that the ship has solar panels or putting something on the ship to show it making its own power. A complete electricity overhaul might make the game really good or it might not feel like starbound anymore, so if they were thinking about it, they'd need to test the waters a bit and it would take a while. I think its worth for them to look at minecraft mods cos some of them mods concentrate a lot on sci-fi aspects and technology which could work great in this game.

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