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    "Fun for the young, and the young at heart!"

    Code of Ethics

    We do not do business with slave traders, especially those that use children. We will not accept business from those who do.


    Products - BRIX
    MY FIRST BRIX - 3 Pxl per BRIX block
    Designed for toddlers, the MY FIRST BRIX are too large to place in a mouth and too rounded to injure easily. (Yay, overzealous safety regulations.) Despite the limitations, we made sure they are, as always, fully compatible with the rest of the BRIX line, though the main adaptor blocks are part of the MEGA BRIX system.
    MEGA BRIX - 4 Pxl per BRIX block
    For ages 5-8, the MEGA BRIX are 2/3rds the size of an equivalent MY FIRST BRIX. Slightly less rounded, they come with actual fun accessories instead of being nothing but a Lowest Common Denominator time waster. Fully compatible with other BRIX systems, though best used with MY FIRST BRIX and standard BRIX.
    BRIX - 5 Pxl per BRIX block
    The real meat-and-poatoes of the BRIX line, these carefully crafted polymer bricks are meant for ages 8 and up, but over time they have proven to be a great entertainer for even bored adults! Best of all, BRIX blocks are cross-compatible with all of the other BRIX sub-systems, so you can easily expand your fun!
    NEONICLE HERO BRIGADE - 8 Pxl per BRIX block
    In a world, where a great evil has- AHEM. Sorry, that was our dumb PR pamphet. The NEONICLE line uses a modified version of our TECHANNO system to allow the creation of posable action figures. Compatible with all other BRIX systems, it is best used with BRIX and TECHANNO systems.
    TECHANNO - 15 Pxl per BRIX block
    TPD Rating: 1
    Using specialized pieces, TECHANNO allows the construction of highly realistic RC vehicles and, if you wish to forego batteries, mechanical wonders of all sorts. Compatible with all other BRIX systems, though best paired with BRIX, NEONICLE and BRAINSTORM systems.
    BRAINSTORM - 30 Pxl per BRIX block
    TPD Rating: 2
    The ultimate construction toy, BRAINSTORM allows the creation of genuine, totally autonomous robots. Not recommended for anyone under 18, due to it's sheer mindboggling complexity. Compatible with all other BRIX systems, though best paired with BRIX, NEONICLE and TECHANNO systems.

    About BRIX...
    A staple in any toy store, the BRIX line of construction toys are loved across the universe for their simple-to-use bu hard-to-master nature, and their sheer indestructability. In one way or another, all BRIX products are compatible with all others, allowing vast collections of parts to be used to create everything from non-construction toys, to mechanical wonders, to masterpiece sculptures. BRIX have proven time and again to be suitable for all ages, though we will admit it was probably a bad idea to create a toy that has to be severely watered down for anyone under the age of 8. Despite this, BRIX is our greatest non-electric (mostly) creation, and we are proud of it.

    Products - BinaryCycles
    BinaryCyle - 750 Pixels

    Powered by your own pedalling, this LED-lit futuristic-looking bike will make you the envy of everyone else in the neighbourhood!

    Warehouse Stock
    Raw Materials
    Plastic Polymer, 1 cubic meter - Out of Stock

    Processed Goods
    Copper Wire, 1 meter - Out of Stock

    Manufactured Goods
    Empty :saywhat:

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    Further Information
    GECorp Buys...
    Electric & Electronic Components
    Copper Wires
    Electronic Circuit Boards
    Consumer-Grade Robotic Skeletons
    Wireless Communication Transcievers
    Misc. Electric Components

    Electronic Devices
    Control Panels
    Wireless Communication Devices
    Security Software

    Security Cameras
    Biometric Locks
    Electronic Keypad Locks
    Security Services

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    Incoming message from GECorp...

    Sorry we took so long to get back to you. We accept your terms for us providing you with a steady supply of Elex-O batteries. However, we are currently under-stocked on supplies. Please be patient, and we will address your orders as soon as possible.

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