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    This is Version 1 of the file. Select Version 2 if you would like to use the the more traditional PACKED UNPACKED folders.
    Are you tired of having to repeatedly type in commands everytime you want to extract or pack an XNB file?
    I know I was...
    To those that said yes, I present to you, EASY XNB!

    Easy XNB is a batch file I created for the purpose of making XNB NODE by Draivin, (an XNB extraction and packing tool), as user friendly as possible all while adding a few features to the base functionality of the program.

    EXNB features a user interface which opens in its own window, allowing you to Extract & Pack files at will by simply typing a "1 or 2", and hitting enter. After every action you take the window will remain open, ready to use again.
    When you're finished and wish to close the program type a "0" and hit enter or close it by clicking the X in the corner just like any other window.

    Note: You WILL still have to manually place the files you would like to Extract or Pack into their respective folders.

    Any action you take within EXNB will be displayed on screen as well as wrote to a log file, "EXNB_LOG.txt", allowing you to see everything you have done complete with the date and time of when the action took place.
    You can open this file with any text program, or if you prefer, you may also read this log file straight through EXNB, by typing the number "3" and hitting Enter.
    Some may argue that a log file is a supplemental feature, but to those that do a lot of editing, (such as myself), I find it very beneficial to be able to verify what files I have started working on as well as finished preparing, and when.
    To those who don't, it can be disabled if you so choose. By typing the number "4" and hitting enter, the logging function will be disabled and no log file will be created.
    Note: Logging is Enabled by Default, so if you don't want to log your activity, you will need to Disable it each time you open the program.

    Every action you can make will be listed on screen at all times, so theres really no need to remember any of this..
    "EXNB" speaks for itself, and will hold your hand every step of the way if you let it.

    Extract Zip to your Stardew Valley folder, (commonly at, C:\Program Files(x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Stardew Valley).
    You should have my main file "EXNB.bat", and two folders, "XNB" and "YAML-PNG" in the same folder as Stardew Valley.exe as well as the XNB NODE files, "xnb_node.cmd" and an"app" folder. ALL IN THE SAME FOLDER.


    There are two versions to choose from:
    My original, XNB-YAML Version and the classic more familiar, PACKED-UNPACKED version.
    The only difference between the two are the names of the Input Output folders. Everything else is exactly the same.


    Need help with installing XNB NODE?:
    1.) As of now, the newest version of XNB NODE is version 0.2.2 and can be found HERE. If the link is ever severed you can always find the newest version of XNB NODE at Draivin's GitHub HERE.
    2.) Unzip the contents of the zip file to your Stardew Valley folder, so that "xnb_node.cmd" and the "app" folder are in the same folder as Stardew Valley.exe. You should also have my file "EXNB.bat" at the exact same location.
    3.) Skip any other tutorial you've read, and now, just run my batch file, "EXNB.bat"

    Installation Summary:
    If everything has been installed correctly you should have all of the following files in your Stardew Valley folder.
    "EXNB.bat", "xnb_node.cmd", then 3 folders, named, "app", "XNB", and "YAML-PNG",
    (or "PACKED", "UNPACKED" depending on the version you chose.)

    !!Once again, all in the same folder!!

    Isn't this pretty much the same as XNBExtract?
    Well, yes.. and no...The basic functions are the same, both relying on the processing of XNB NODE, but EXNB does things a bit differently, (and better IMO), featuring a user interface and logging capabilities.
    To be completely honest, I had no idea that XNBExtract even existed until I was almost finished with my version. After using XNBExtract for a while, I have to say, theres absolutely nothing wrong with it, It does what its supposed to do, though in my opinion, I still do prefer my batch file "EXNB". ;)

    What is this weird "_" file that pops up in my installation folder?:
    The short answer is that it is a completely harmless temp file.To explain it a bit more, it is a temporary file EXNB uses for its copy and paste function, a dedicated clipboard, if you will.
    It's sole purpose is to copy text used in the batch process so that it may be shown in the "EXNB GUI" and the "EXNB_LOG.txt" at the same time while keeping my code short as possible. If you are curious to see what is currently stored in this file, just open it with any text program and you can view its contents.

    Is it okay to rename any of the files or folders?
    I do not recommend this as "EXNB" uses every file name that comes in the zip file to sort everything out, but, because I assume many of you already have been using Xnb Node and may have gotten used to the folder names included with it, I HAVE included an optional download that uses the classic folder names "Packed" and "UnPacked", titled "Packed-Unpacked Version" as opposed to my version the "XNB-YAML Version".

    Alternatively, If you have experience with batch files you could open either one of them in a text program and find and replace all the folder names with the names you would like. Just make sure to also rename the actual folders as well. But, while on the subject, just a friendly side note,I will not be responsible for fixing your installation, due to you editing it, and screwing it all up! lol If you do try to edit the batch file yourself, and have issues, take the easy way out, and just re-download a fresh copy...

    Liability Disclaimer:
    Easy XNB is not, (nor can be), responsible for any kind of damages to your files, computer, you, or anything else. Due to the nature of EXNB, all base functions of XNB NODE by. Draivin, still soley rely on XNB NODE to perform its functions.
    Therefore any responsibility due to damage, errors, bugs or otherwise to the files you pack or extract in using EXNB along with XNB NODE, still soley belong to the processes of XNB NODE, or in most cases, user error.
    To significantly limit these cases, (I personally haven't had problems), be sure to always use the newest version of XNB NODE.
    Affiliation Disclaimer:
    I, (Atomos), am not affiliated, associated, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected to "XNB NODE by Draivin" or "XNBExtract by Drogean". The names “XNB NODE”, and "XNBExtract" as well as any related names, marks, emblems and images are the property of their respective creators and fall under their own personal Licenses, Permissions, and terms of Usage.
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    • NutchapolSal

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      Can I just edit the batch file myself? because I used XNBPACKS and XNBEXTRACTS as the folder name for some reason
      also, I (think I) have enough knowledge about batch for it
      • AtomosomotA

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        Yeah, no problem, you don't even have to ask.. If you have issues, let me know and I can do a quick edit on it myself.
        • XRiku

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          Sorry for bothering, but... What does this ( means ? Do I have the wrong version of the mod, or did I do anything wrong ?
          • AtomosomotA

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            At work right now.. but just off the top of my head I would suspect that Xnb Node may not have been installed correctly.. Pm me with any other information you can provide me.. (All Xnb Node related files you have in your Stardew Valley folder.. etc.).. and I will look into this as soon as I get home. Also.. thank you for your interest in using Exnb.
            • AtomosomotA

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              Think I might have figured out your issue.. Seems you are using a very old version of Xnb Node. :poke:Try this one!
              Let me know if updating does not solve your issue.
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