Tutorial Easy infinite pixel farm (no mods)

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    I came up with a very efficient pixel farm since i know a lot of people struggle with getting pixels i thought i make a tutorial.

    search planets for a Sewer, the big ones with the Poo Golems. (DO NOT KILL THEM)
    Lead all the Poo Golems to one spot (2x5) there are usually around 5 Poo golems in one dungeon.
    Dig a hole between you and the poo golems so the small poo's fall in.
    The small poo's can be killed easy (With any weapon that can hit through walls) and you can collect the pixels quite easy!
    Make sure the Poo golems canĀ“t hit you with their ranged attacks, but still have a line of sight to you.

    This trick also works with 1-2 Poo golems but the more Poo golems, the more tiny Poo's

    pixel farm.png
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