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Easter Egg within the character creator [3/6 found]

Discussion in 'Starbound Discussion' started by plaYer2k, Feb 21, 2013.

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  1. Daj

    Daj Big Damn Hero

    Seems like something someone would have randomly guessed ages ago...

    But, yeah, that's it.
  2. FiveFives

    FiveFives Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Sweet! well done!
  3. Daj

    Daj Big Damn Hero

    Pretty sure it's the same set used (at least the mask) in this pic that was put out awhile back:
  4. blargyblargy

    blargyblargy Starship Captain

    Fuck, MasterApe.

    I'm not sure how you did it. But I'm proud.
  5. Luci

    Luci Subatomic Cosmonaut

    1. Acquire constellations.
    2. Identify them.
    3. Take first letter of each constellation name.
    4. MasterApe
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  6. Magician Xy

    Magician Xy Ketchup Robot

    Well there go all my theories about the hints being obvious, and reasonable for a layman to figure out.
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  7. Luci

    Luci Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Well, it was obvious that it had to with the Apex. :monkey:
  8. Magician Xy

    Magician Xy Ketchup Robot

    Actually, since the only clue was the star constellations, it's not obvious at all. It could have been any other race.

    Unless the Dr LiLi thing was related somehow... Oh! Maybe it was a red flag so we knew to look for an easter egg in the roadmap? Or something? I dunno. Hard to see how it relates, if at all.

    Final comments: This one was at least a little easier than the last one - no red herrings, anyway. :p
  9. blargyblargy

    blargyblargy Starship Captain

    Oh welp. Fuck.
    I'm still proud of you all.

    I'm suppose to be an astral cartographer why can't I unto star charts.
  10. Luci

    Luci Subatomic Cosmonaut

    If someone found the star constellations before any other hints, then I see where you're coming from.

    But we had "Furious George" in a few of the roadmap screenshots, Apex as the selected race in the character creation progress. "Bingo Bongo" also contributed, even if it was a bug.
  11. Kousaka

    Kousaka Void-Bound Voyager

    The MasterApe clothes colors are stuck on orange for me in chrome and firefox.
  12. MoonGeek

    MoonGeek Phantasmal Quasar

    Whoa, I helped in finding an Easter Egg! Is it normal to feel all fuzzy? o_O
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  13. Magician Xy

    Magician Xy Ketchup Robot

    I see. That's actually a good point... does this mean that we'll know the next hint is hidden when there's something released with lots of hyotls (for example)? At least then we'll have an indication of where to look instead of shooting blindly in the dark. Nice! Now I can keep an eye out.

    Same here. Related to the bug from release? Or are the armors supposed to be like that?
  14. tramsan

    tramsan Contributor

    All those other things actually had nothing to do with the clue. They were just coincidences. :p

    The one you guessed was Orion was in fact Andromeda - that cluster of four you thought were a separate constellation is Andromeda's arm.
  15. tramsan

    tramsan Contributor

    Dammit. Give me a minute, I'll fix it...
  16. Magician Xy

    Magician Xy Ketchup Robot

    Darnit. Back to shooting in the dark then. Now where'd I leave my hunting rifle... :V

    Also, does anyone else think the Apex helmets look an awful lot like mind-control crowns? Just saying.
  17. Alpha_Squad

    Alpha_Squad Cosmic Narwhal

    Hmmmm, this will make it two movie references as Easter eggs. Now if we can tie 'I Found a Glitch' to perhaps a movie quote we might have a steady trend in the naming process.
  18. tramsan

    tramsan Contributor

    Ok, I think the new armour should now be 100% deorangified. Someone who had the issue, please force a refresh and see. I also noticed the last easter egg, the avian armour (IronEagle) had the same issue in a few of the images, so fixed those, too.
  19. I feel very proud for some reason! [​IMG]
    I did kinda kickstart the hunt for constellations, but the constellation I found wasn't even the right one... :badpokerface:

    Also... damn you, Haruhi! As I was scrolling through the posts I missed while I was gone, I suddenly realised to look at the first letters, but you had already posted! D:<
  20. Forever

    Forever Phantasmal Quasar

    First thing I did was look at the constellations and rip the image out, but I gave up after not being able to name a few. D:
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