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Discussion in 'Cheats' started by steffjes, Mar 3, 2016.

  1. SarahKik

    SarahKik Pangalactic Porcupine

    This made my life so much easier! Thank you!

    @Exo Pesta: Have you upgraded your rod yet? That might be helpful. Otherwise, just takes some getting used to.
    • steffjes

      steffjes Big Damn Hero

      Sometimes.. When you look into stardew valley mods and you see your own mod..
      But someone else claiming to have made it...
      • steffjes

        steffjes Big Damn Hero

        Planning to release another fishing mod tomorrow
        Be on the lookout if you are having trouble even with this mod installed.
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        • shwee

          shwee Space Hobo

          Aaaaah thank you, bless you! I had all but given up on fishing. I was so bad at it and even after trying dozens of times, I never got any better. This is a lifesaver!
          • steffjes

            steffjes Big Damn Hero

            Update: Super easier fishing has now been released.
            This mod makes it even more easier.
            • Clarineta

              Clarineta Void-Bound Voyager

              Thank you Steffjes for the Super Easier fishing. Even with that I mess up about a quarter of the time. But I finally can start to finish the community center.
              • tandpastatester

                tandpastatester Poptop Tamer

                You'll get better at it. I started using this mod quite early in my game and it helped me to improve my fishing skills while actually being able to catch them. Eventually I made perfect catches every single time so I uninstalled the mod now. I'm even considering trying the harder fishing mod soon.

                Catching fish with this mod shouldn't be hard. Are you spam-clicking LMB to control the bar right now? If so, that might be why you're having difficulties. Instead, try holding down LMB and releasing it when necessary. It becomes much more controllable this way.
                • tomastaz

                  tomastaz Space Spelunker

                  Hey, so sorry to ask, but is this for Storm?
                  • Jigain

                    Jigain Phantasmal Quasar

                    This is a straight up XNB replacement - doesn't need an API. One of the few mods that works with both Storm and SMAPI, not to mention without an API at all.
                    • steffjes

                      steffjes Big Damn Hero


                      Also i am currently working on a medium fishing mod, This makes fishing easier but not as easy as eaier fishing is right now..
                      After that i will be working on a storm version where you can just tick a box for the fishing difficulty.. But i have never worked with storm yet so i ain't even aware if thats possible.
                      • tataezakab

                        tataezakab Space Hobo

                        Easier fishing download:
                        Super Easier Fishing download
                        I think it very easy ,please give more one a little change
                        octopus/squid/pufferfish made a little change

                        a lot of people want entertain but not hard
                        • Jigain

                          Jigain Phantasmal Quasar

                          steffjes, your mod - among other things - increases the size of the green bar, doesn't it? Or is that just a consequence of leveling up the fishing skill and I never noticed until just now because I started a new game?

                          If the former, I would actually be quite content with the vanilla values of darting and such if the green bar - the tolerance, if you will - was as generous as in your mod.
                          • CosyAlligator

                            CosyAlligator Aquatic Astronaut

                            Leveling up your fishing skill increases the size of the green bar (it's designed so that fishing gets easier the more practice your farmer has. like in real life, the more you do something the easier it is). The mod might increase it too but I don't think so
                            • Jigain

                              Jigain Phantasmal Quasar

                              Ah, I see. That would make sense.
                              • eternalbeloved

                                eternalbeloved Orbital Explorer

                                This helps, but the more rare fish are still very hard to catch with how fast they jump up and down. Can you change this please?? Those fish jumping so fast makes it almost impossible for someone like me.. I really suck.
                                • curi0

                                  curi0 Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                                  I really tempted to use this before finally catched the damn glacierfish.. Can you help me fill in what each of the fish stats refers to?

                                  163: "Legend/110/mixed/50/50/600 2000/spring summer fall winter/rainy/688 .05/5/0/.1/10"
                                  My guess is:
                                  Fish ID: Fish name/difficulty/movement type/min. size/max. size/fishing time/seasons availability/weather condition/?/?/?/?/?
                                  Also, I'm not sure why some of the season availability and fishing time data aren't consistent with the Wiki.
                                  • steffjes

                                    steffjes Big Damn Hero

                                    Thats because the wiki isn't correct :fishbowl:
                                    Also here is the format:

                                    Fish name/Chance of them doing for example a dart (This influences the time they wait before shooting up and down again, High is shooting up and down rapidly after eachother)/The movement type/Darting intesity min./ Dart intesity max./Fishing time you can catch (not editable)/Seasons (not editable)/ Don't worry about the rest. I don't even know.
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                                    • Xylia

                                      Xylia Tiy's Beard

                                      Question: Does your mod modify treasure gotten while fishing? Because this happened in a new playthrough (Spring 14, Year 1):


                                      Also in that same chest was a diamond, and the previous day, I caught a Smallmouth Bass from the Forest Pond and got a chest and it had a Rare Disc, an Ancient Sword, and an Ancient Tool in the same chest.

                                      Not saying that this is bad, I'm just curious.
                                      • Baenling

                                        Baenling Space Hobo

                                        My skill is Fishing 7 and I still can't catch a Sturgeon, even with Iridium Rod. Would you consider making a version even easier than Super Easy?
                                        • huligan

                                          huligan Seal Broken

                                          waiting for mediem fishing

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