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Discussion in 'Cheats' started by steffjes, Mar 3, 2016.

  1. steffjes

    steffjes Big Damn Hero

    Yes, if you wish to have the squid/pufferfish/octopus lowered a bit you will need to replace it again.
    There is no way for me to change the file whilest its being used

    • TooManyGamesPoro

      TooManyGamesPoro Void-Bound Voyager

      Oh don't apologize! I just was not sure! Thank you for telling me! I am very noob at this mod stuff so I just did not want to mess something up. Thank you =)!
      • Afterscore

        Afterscore Weight of the Sky

        My man. Thanks a lot for this, I'm not especially terrible at the fishing mini-game I just despise those fast ****ers.
        • steffjes

          steffjes Big Damn Hero

          Hope they are easier to catch for you now ^^
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          • The Russan

            The Russan Space Hobo

            The only thing I did differently was change the name of the file. Does that matter?
            • initemarez

              initemarez Space Hobo

              i cant catch a sturgeon to save my life. im using the mod and fishing with a fiberglass with bait at the lake near the mine ive caught all the other fish there besides sturgeon
              • Cassie

                Cassie Phantasmal Quasar

                I hope you don't mind but I put a little section in my fishing guide on Steam just for this, I noticed a lot of the comments were of people having issues with fishing and couldn't quite get it, so I hope this helps everyone!

                Even I have some trouble with it occasionally but I like the challenge c:
                • steffjes

                  steffjes Big Damn Hero

                  This does matter.
                  The game looks at the file fish.xnb and than calculates what fish its gonna be.
                  If you don't call it fish.xnb the game can't look into the file. Meaning you will crash.
                  • steffjes

                    steffjes Big Damn Hero

                    Don't worry.
                    This mod was made for the community so i really don't mind if it gets shared.
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                    • steffjes

                      steffjes Big Damn Hero

                      Update 1.4 - Sturgeon made easier, Balanced it a bit more.
                      ( You shouldn't feel a big diffrence than it was in the previous, Only the sturgeon got made easier a lot. )
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                      • steffjes

                        steffjes Big Damn Hero

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                      • Yulgalminakf

                        Yulgalminakf Intergalactic Tourist

                        Does this mod mess with the catch-rates and/or catch areas for different fishies? Cuz I can't seem to catch anything but Perch's and Pike's in the forest lake, at any time of the day and with any weather. I also can't catch what's supposed to be an extremely common fish at all in any area: carp. Am I just extremely unlucky, or does the mod mess something up in the newest version of the game?

                        I've been fishing in this stinking lake for 4-5 days straight now with *nothing* but pike's and perch's.
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                        • initemarez

                          initemarez Space Hobo

                          Like it's not that the fishing was difficult it's that I spent over an hour fishing at the lake near the mine and never got a single sturgeon. But thank you for updating this I'll finally get to work on the community center cx
                          • Samuel Wulfign

                            Samuel Wulfign Space Hobo

                            Nope that's vanilla as well THE GOD DANG PIKES RUIN ME, EVERY TIME :urgh: sometimes I think they are a rare fish, but nooo it's always the pike :<
                            • steffjes

                              steffjes Big Damn Hero

                              No, I am not able to change the chance of someone catching a fish.

                              Regards Steffjes
                              • Zelnite

                                Zelnite Big Damn Hero

                                Can i request that the mod is only to slow down the decay of the green bar (on the right side the catch meter? of the fish) no changes on the fishes just the catch meter. thanks!
                                • Clarineta

                                  Clarineta Void-Bound Voyager

                                  Tried the mod, I still can't catch anything. Is it my mouse, or that I am 60 years old? Grrrrr... Thanks for mod, I at least practiced fishing some more.
                                  • steffjes

                                    steffjes Big Damn Hero

                                    What do you mean?
                                    • steffjes

                                      steffjes Big Damn Hero

                                      If you add me on steam i could make the fishing mod even easier for you.
                                      • carnage157

                                        carnage157 Pangalactic Porcupine

                                        Well the meter on the right goes down when your bar isn't on a fish.
                                        So I'm assuming he just wants that meter to decrease at a slower rate when that happens.

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