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Discussion in 'Cheats' started by steffjes, Mar 3, 2016.

  1. Zalkyria

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    I put it in and it seemed to work just fine. Idk why its not working for you.
    • Xylia

      Xylia Tiy's Beard

      Are you sure that you're unzipping it, and placing the fish.xnb that's inside that zip in contents\data and backing up the official fish.xnb?

      I gave you the exact fish.xnb that I've been using since I modified it and it's a lot easier than vanilla. Though I use the "Easier" and not the "Super-Easy" version.
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      • Xylia

        Xylia Tiy's Beard

        I uploaded the mod into the official mod repo.

        Since @steffjes has not been active since July, and since this mod was never in the repo to begin with, I can only figure that I'm doing everybody a service by doing this. If there's a problem with that, I (or a moderator) can take the mod down, np.

        Just figured I'd help people out that way.

        here's the repo version:
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        • LakhesisGames

          LakhesisGames Space Hobo

          I too would like to know this. I would love to see the super easy version available again :)
          • Xylia

            Xylia Tiy's Beard

            You should be able to do the exact same thing I said to do with the "easier fishing" above: download the super easier fish.xnb, unpack it, add the last two lines (give them both I dunno 20-30 challenge) and then re-pack and viola. done.
            • Tyrindor

              Tyrindor Space Kumquat

              This mod has always been just too easy IMO, requiring almost no user action for most fish, at that point you might as well just remove the fishing mini-game. :(

              I've always found this fishing mod to be a bit better but it does require SMAPI. It isn't updated for 1.1, but I've had no issues after 30+ hours with it.

              It has a config for personalizing how easy/hard you want it:
                "AlwaysPerfect": false,
                "AlwaysFindTreasure": false,
                "InstantCatchFish": false,
                "InstantCatchTreasure": false,
                "EasierFishing": false,
                "FishDifficultyMultiplier": 1.0,
                "FishDifficultyAdditive": 0.0,
                "LossAdditive": 0.002,
                "InfiniteTackle": false,
                "InfiniteBait": false
              This is what I use, basically this is the exact same as the vanilla fishing but the bar loss is 3x slower. It still keeps the unique movements of each fish as CA intended.
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              • Witsend66

                Witsend66 Aquatic Astronaut

                The point of it being easy is that some of us have crippling arthritis and I can play with mod or not play SDV, given that choice I choose the mod. I have no problems with easy or hard just that I don't want my hand to hurt like hell, I would have been satisfied if the developer had done something like World of Warcraft fishing that was based on rng, but with the use of mod, I can now play and be able to complete quests that require fishing items.
                • Xylia

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                • ryou0013

                  ryou0013 Master Chief

                  Thank you so much Xylia! I edited the XNB file for the super easy fishing to work with 1.1 using your instructions -- Because I'm sure there are many like me who desperately need the accessibility.

                  For those that don't have a use for this mod, good for you. But please consider this: Many of us are disabled and fishing the vanilla way could potentially trigger a flare. This mod is an accessibility tool for many of us. If you find no use for it, then you're probably not the intended audience for the mod to begin with. Feel free to turn around and walk away.

                  Being able to play without the mod doesn't make you superior or special. It just means you're more privileged than us who can't play the game otherwise. Not to mention, being able to choose the difficulty that makes the game enjoyable for us takes nothing from your personal enjoyment. So please be respectful. Because guess what, disabled people exist and we enjoy gaming as well.

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                  • Xylia

                    Xylia Tiy's Beard

                    I already updated my mod, but having a direct link in here doesn't hurt either. What values did you use for the 2 new fish? I made the one 20 and the other 15.

                    EDIT: And yeah I do not appreciate Dark Souls type people talking down on people who just want to have a relaxing time playing a game that's not really meant to be uber-difficult. If they want Dark Souls, they can go and buy Dark Souls. I'm not talking down on them either; I just wish they'd keep their MLG attitudes to their own circles and leave us casuals alone to our own circles and we could all be happy. The whole point of a moddable game is to mod it to the player's pleasure. That's what games are for, right? To have fun? Obviously a player is not having fun if they are unable to succeed at the game because it is just too difficult for whatever reason (medical, mental, etc). Most games have a difficulty slider, but this one does not.
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                    • ryou0013

                      ryou0013 Master Chief

                      The auto fishing mod uses 1/smooth difficulty for all fishes, so that's what I use for the new fishes.

                      And yeah I agree 100% -- Wanting a game to be the right level of challenging is one thing, but everyone's abilities differ. Being able to play on higher difficulty doesn't necessarily mean one is superior, either. Sometimes it means they're just more privileged (having your abilities considered the "default" by most game devs is certainly a privilege).

                      Like you said, the whole point of gaming is for fun -- And we deserve to have fun too.
                      • FieryDove

                        FieryDove Space Hobo

                        Thank you x1000000 for this! I just cannot get good with fishing as-is plus my hand hurts after trying so much. sigh

                        Cheers to all the life (and hand) savers out there!
                        • ryou0013

                          ryou0013 Master Chief

                          You're very welcome, FieryDove! I have chronic pain on my hand so this was necessary for me to keep playing. I figured I'm not the only one! ^^;
                          • samiam790

                            samiam790 Space Hobo

                            Okay so I just opened SV for the first time since the 1.1 update rolled out, and I used Xylia's uploaded fish.xnb file, but when I tried fishing the game crashed and opened up a werfault.exe error reporting command? Any help would be appreciated seeing as I can't fish with the regular fishing lol.

                            Edit: Just downloaded the mod posted over @ the repo, and now it's working. for some reason when I went to put the mod in content/data there was NO Fish.xnb file to be found, even though I JUST placed it there like 10 minutes before. So don't know what happened there.
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                            • Xylia

                              Xylia Tiy's Beard

                              Someone said that they were using my mod and that fishing was still crashing them with the 2 new fish (the original fish work fine), but I haven't gotten a save file that far to test this yet (the 2 new fish require the CC to be done) but I hope to be able to do that today, or maybe tomorrow at the latest, to test if my mod does indeed crash the game with the 2 new fish and see if I can figure out why.
                              • Brimmy

                                Brimmy Space Hobo

                                So i just had a lookie lu into SV's local files and the last time i played this game was months ago but i've like 136 some odd hours into this game so i've had the fishing mod for awhile well the shortcut to the original fish file has been on my desktop do i delete that one now that there's a new xnb file there?

                                and then follow the steps for the updated one in the mod repo?
                                • sabrinatw

                                  sabrinatw Subatomic Cosmonaut

                                  Thank you so much for uploading this, as some have already said you've helped myself and so many others! I've found an extra level of enjoyment from the game now I can actually fish with this mod (rather than simply avoiding it due to bad reflexes and pain) which is what it's all about really. :3
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                                  • Marie84

                                    Marie84 Tentacle Wrangler

                                    Thank you for uploading. I can not fish with out a mod. I was hoping one would come out for the new update.
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                                    • Zihuatanejo_girl

                                      Zihuatanejo_girl Tentacle Wrangler

                                      THANK YOU!!!! Really, thank you so much for the mod. I was thinking to give it a try myself but honestly I am no geek and wouldn't even know where to start, even with the kind advice of samiam790 (thank to you also for your patience with us noobs on this sub) and I would probably ruin my game. I am no hardcore gamer, I prefer strategies as Caesar and silly stuff like the sims and so and the fishing was really hard for me, as I lack the coordination skills of a "real" gamer. Plus, now I can also play my beloved Stardew Valley again even after work when my carpal tunnel is quite sore. Really, thank you so much.
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                                      • piperbuns

                                        piperbuns Space Spelunker

                                        THANK YOU. I can't fish regularly either. But I'm having issues downloading your link. It keeps popping up as an error here in the forums. Did you already take it down?

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