RELEASED Easier Fishing (Standalone) (1.4 BETA + 1.5) 1.5a

Easier Fishing Standalone

  1. Xylia

    Xylia Tiy's Beard

    Yaaay! Glad to hear it. sorry for the messup lol.
    • sarahharvey900

      sarahharvey900 Space Hobo

      Hey! The 1.5 version doesnt seem to be letting me catch/find any sting ray on ginger island (pirates cove) :( Ive been trying for a few days and none have come up at all and ive checked everywhere.
      • Xylia

        Xylia Tiy's Beard

        Could just be really rare?

        I just checked all three versions, and it's there. If a fish is missing from Fish.xnb, it'll just crash the game when you hook one. I also checked the three files' entries, and the only thing different between them is the difficulty number. 80 for the normal, 50 for easier and 30 for super_easier.

        The wiki says that it requires first unlocking the Islands Resort. I've never been to the island myself (so I don't know if this is possible), but I have to ask anyway, you unlocked that, right?
        • Enalya7NZ

          Enalya7NZ Void-Bound Voyager

          How can I add the new fish from Stardew Valley Expanded? It seems these are stupidly hard to catch, so I figure they haven't been added in? I know next to nothing about XNB files...
          • Xylia

            Xylia Tiy's Beard

            IF you search the forums, you can find an XNB packer/unpacker.

            Once you unpack that mod's Fish.xnb, you'll see a Fish.yaml file in the unpacked folder. Open this with Notepad++.

            Here's an example line from that file:

            128: "Pufferfish/30/floater/1/15/1200 1600/summer/sunny/690 .4 685 .1/4/.3/.5/0" #!String

            The "30" after Pufferfish is the difficulty. So if you wanted to make Pufferfish easier (30 is already easy, this is from my mod), you'd reduce this number. IIRC, Legend is 120 while Smallmouth Bass is 28 to give you an idea of the scale of the difficulty number.

            Once you've made the edits you want, run the packing tool and it will repack Fish.yaml into a Fish.xnb file which you can then copy/paste into the Data\Content\ folder.

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