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Would you like to see a Dye System?

  1. Yes, making paint sounds fun!

  2. Would be nice but I personaly wouldn't use it much.

  3. No, I would like to see some other futures first

  4. Never, this will be a waste of time programming.

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  1. LisDraconis

    LisDraconis Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    I love that you can grow flowers in Stardew Valley but I would realy love of their use is more than just making honey.

    It would be nice if you are able to make your own dye from the flowers. You can sell the dye or color your funiture. Maybe some new futures like clothing or paint for buildings would be nice, too.

    You can also combine this with my other suggestion. Horses could be used to produce horse tail hair to make paintbrushes.

    Here is my other suggestion about making horses more usefull: https://community.playstarbound.com/forums/suggestions.74/create-thread
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    • iamtrash10

      iamtrash10 Space Hobo

      but theres already different coloured furniture
      • Reneeisxena

        Reneeisxena Big Damn Hero

        I sort of like the idea, but since I rarely have any furniture in the house it wouldn't really get used. Now if it could be used on the animals to have say a black horse or green cow or blue cat well I would definitely do that. People who have the PC version of the game already have the option with mods to have the animals and houses and even trees looks different. I play on PS4 and it has very little in the variety of animals. You can get a blue chicken if you marry Shane, but hey you have to marry Shane so that's a huge drawback.
        • plagueborn667

          plagueborn667 Subatomic Cosmonaut

          I play on the Xbox and I didn't actually have to marry Shane to get the blue chicken. I got him to eight hearts and got the blue chicken cutscene (after all the other Shane being drunk cut scenes). He wasn't even my boyfriend and I could buy blue chickens at that point.
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