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Outdated Dye Mod 2.1 (Enraged Koala)

Change the color of almost anything! (Previously Dyeing Bucket)

  1. MrMagical

    MrMagical Subatomic Cosmonaut

    MrMagical submitted a new mod:

    Dyeing Bucket - Bucket that dyes armor and clothes

    Read more about this mod...
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  2. Izeck

    Izeck Star Wrangler

    Will this work on clothing added by other mods?
  3. MrMagical

    MrMagical Subatomic Cosmonaut

    It will work if the clothing exists in the basic game, but needs the mod to be created.

    If the clothing was added by the mod, it will not work unless support for it is added. This means using the dynamic coloring system and adding recipe files for each color. It's not terribly difficult to do and I could make a small guide for it if necessary.
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  4. sρooκs

    sρooκs Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Disclaimer right off the bat makes your mod sound sketchy.

    A guide would be cool.
  5. MrMagical

    MrMagical Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Adding support for an item

    Part 1, Dynamic Coloring

    All dyeable items use Starbound's system for dynamically replacing colors.

    Here's an image file for the silver armor (/assets/items/armors/other/silverarmor/icons.png):
    Note that the armor does not look silver, but orange.

    Next, at the bottom of the properties file for the silver grieves (/assets/items/armors/other/silverarmor/silverarmor.legs) we find this:
      "colorOptions" : [
        /* GREY */
        { "ffca8a" : "e5e9f1", "e0975c" : "c4c7cd", "a85636" : "72767f", "6f2919" : "4a4d52" },
        /* BLACK */
        { "ffca8a" : "838383", "e0975c" : "555555", "a85636" : "383838", "6f2919" : "151515" },
        /* GREY */
        { "ffca8a" : "b5b5b5", "e0975c" : "808080", "a85636" : "555555", "6f2919" : "303030" },
        /* WHITE */
        { "ffca8a" : "e6e6e6", "e0975c" : "b6b6b6", "a85636" : "7b7b7b", "6f2919" : "373737" },
        /* RED */
        { "ffca8a" : "f4988c", "e0975c" : "d93a3a", "a85636" : "932625", "6f2919" : "601119" },
        /* ORANGE */
        { "ffca8a" : "ffd495", "e0975c" : "ea9931", "a85636" : "af4e00", "6f2919" : "6e2900" },
        /* YELLOW */
        { "ffca8a" : "ffffa7", "e0975c" : "e2c344", "a85636" : "a46e06", "6f2919" : "642f00" },
        /* GREEN */
        { "ffca8a" : "b2e89d", "e0975c" : "51bd3b", "a85636" : "247824", "6f2919" : "144216" },
        /* BLUE */
        { "ffca8a" : "96cbe7", "e0975c" : "5588d4", "a85636" : "344495", "6f2919" : "1a1c51" },
        /* PURPLE */
        { "ffca8a" : "d29ce7", "e0975c" : "a451c4", "a85636" : "6a2284", "6f2919" : "320c40" },
        /* PINK */
        { "ffca8a" : "eab3db", "e0975c" : "d35eae", "a85636" : "97276d", "6f2919" : "59163f" },
        /* BROWN */
        { "ffca8a" : "ccae7c", "e0975c" : "a47844", "a85636" : "754c23", "6f2919" : "472b13" }
        { "e0975c" : "a96a44", "a85636" : "804424", "6f2919" : "532612" },
        { "e0975c" : "757575", "a85636" : "515151", "6f2919" : "252525" },
        { "e0975c" : "cf5b36", "a85636" : "a32c1a", "6f2919" : "721706" },
        { "e0975c" : "358ec7", "a85636" : "1f5a91", "6f2919" : "112766" },
        { "e0975c" : "dedb57", "a85636" : "968b32", "6f2919" : "6f6421" },
        { "e0975c" : "815892", "a85636" : "5a3d65", "6f2919" : "291c2e" },
        { "e0975c" : "83d358", "a85636" : "529634", "6f2919" : "306e23" },
        { "e0975c" : "e3b21c", "a85636" : "9d7319", "6f2919" : "735212" },
        { "e0975c" : "dda1dd", "a85636" : "9c5f99", "6f2919" : "663b5f" },
        { "e0975c" : "aaaaaa", "a85636" : "6f6f6f", "6f2919" : "494949" },
        { "e0975c" : "d8d8d8", "a85636" : "8d8d8d", "6f2919" : "636363" }
    This is a list of color sets that are used to replace the colors of the image, depending on the dye.
    The color sets have comments describing what dye they correspond to.
    The default set is at the top and is often duplicated because the other color sets must always come in the same order.

    Color replacements are separated by commas and the color on the left side of the colon is replaced with the one on the right.
    All images associated with the item, including inventory icon and appearance when worn can use this system.

    Most items use an orange palette of colors to replace and if you use this palette you will almost only have to edit the image files.
    Just make sure that the normal color sets are still in the file and replace the top set with another if you want to change the default.

    However, you can use any colors you want and even color part of an item red when green dye is applied, for example.

    Once the item has a set of colors that can be changed, we can continue with the nest step.

    Part 2, Recipe Files

    To make an item work with this mod, it also needs recipe files for each color.

    1. Copy the entire /mods/DyeingBucket/recipes/starter/dyeingmachine/other/testarmor folder into your mod.
    2. Rename the folder to something similar to the name of the item if you want.
    3. Replace each instance of the word testarmor with the itemName of the item. Check the properties file for the item for this.
    4. Repeat for all items you want to add support for.

    Please ask if there's something that confuses you.
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  6. sρooκs

    sρooκs Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Here is an outfit made using this mod.

    Armor pieces are from Glitch and Apex.

  7. Roku

    Roku Void-Bound Voyager

    my only request is to have bleach consumable. poison and instadeath pls
  8. LoPhatKao

    LoPhatKao Space Kumquat

    everytime i think of something to mod, someone beats me to it, and does a better job at it haha

    awesome work man, hope this is added to core game :D
  9. Daitenshi

    Daitenshi Giant Laser Beams

    How did you have multiple inputs to a single output? I've been trying to do this and was told it was impossible. Can you do it in reverse?
  10. MrMagical

    MrMagical Subatomic Cosmonaut

    MrMagical updated Dyeing Bucket with a new update entry:

    v1.0 - Small cleanup, still no dead buckets

    Read the rest of this update entry...
  11. Psychicgammarays

    Psychicgammarays Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Maybe you should... dye it.

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  12. Marxon

    Marxon Supernova

    Annoyingly enough makeshift greaves can be dyed, but doesn't show the changes when worn... I just wanted orange makeshift armor to match my favorite rocket launcher.
    So rare when a mod preforms better than the game it's for.
  13. MrMagical

    MrMagical Subatomic Cosmonaut

    I've been relying on the game's existing textures and features to make this mod and some items have issues.

    I could do a manual fix for the makeshift greaves. They weren't set up correctly for dynamic coloring, but some custom color sets could fix that.
    In the next version, you'll be able to dye them again and it will work.

    If anyone knows of other items they would like to see added or improved, let me know.
  14. MrMagical

    MrMagical Subatomic Cosmonaut

  15. Sir Orange

    Sir Orange Ketchup Robot

    I would like to tell you that dyeing a hazmat suit with yellow dye makes it green. Also, before you updated this, I tried dyeing a wizard hat, didn't work. Is it fixed in this version or ?
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  16. MrMagical

    MrMagical Subatomic Cosmonaut

    I just fixed these two issues. It will be in the next version I upload.
  17. Sir Orange

    Sir Orange Ketchup Robot

    Thanks, try dyeing all the vanity items, you'll find some that are weird. (marine suit and combat medic)
  18. MrMagical

    MrMagical Subatomic Cosmonaut

    MrMagical updated Dyeing Bucket (multiplayer friendly) with a new update entry:

    v1.2 - Magic hat

    Read the rest of this update entry...
  19. Med

    Med Phantasmal Quasar

    Dropbox says there is something terribly wrong with the download button.
  20. Trook

    Trook Space Penguin Leader

    i am somewhat interested in taking a look at this mod! ...but sadly the download doesn't work for me ;(

    Could you upload it to this site too or any other mirror please?

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