RELEASED Dwarf/krobus Marriage Mod

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Should I get into API modding?

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  1. 0boko

    0boko Phantasmal Quasar

    i can't get it to work for krobus, but for dwarf, it works perfectly fine for me. i even made my own custom dialogue for them and had some help editting a few sprites to be able to kiss them at home and whatnot. can't quite get them to show up during the actual wedding, but it's better than nothing. dwarf is so short though it looks like i'm kissing them on their head, lol.

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    • chompraccoon

      chompraccoon Void-Bound Voyager

      this is so cute, I think the dwarf and krobus are adorable, I hope this mod gets fine tuned enough to be playable again! I wanna kiss my ghost wife
      • Iragana

        Iragana Space Spelunker

        quick question, bc i wanna try this out too, does it clash it with SIVS MARRIAGE MOD?
        • pastelghosts

          pastelghosts Space Hobo

          hello! so i really wanted to marry the dwarf, but this mod kept crashing. luckily i was able to fix it and wanted to share! also got kissing to work and for the dwarf to show up at the wedding! gave him a little suit, too


          after downloading the NPCdispositions on the first page, you can also add my files below! If you need help figuring out where they go, check the help.txt

          (if people are still, like, watching this thread and want help with krobus, i can take a look!)

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          • 0boko

            0boko Phantasmal Quasar

            it probably does? i'm not sure since i don't use that mod myself. but i'd think any mod that messes with marriage would clash with another like it.
            • Toporonin

              Toporonin Pangalactic Porcupine

              Yes, please :0
              • turtlesalltheway

                turtlesalltheway Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                I can mess with it a bit to see if krobus works, it created a bunch of other problems last time I tried, I'll give it another go though. He should only require the dialogue edits like all the other people have done for dwarf, along with a bit of messing with the sprites.

                In case you guys were wondering, it does work in the 1.3 multiplayer beta, even if nobody other than the host is running it, it will just give Dwarf his generic dialogue, so its probably better to have every player running have the mod.
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                • turtlesalltheway

                  turtlesalltheway Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                  Krobus doesn't seem to be as easy to mess with as dwarf, I believe that this is because he is tied to that one wizard mission. I am able to set him as date-able with all the dialogue there, but he refuses to accept the flower thingy. I remember other mod authors having trouble with krobus as well. I'll keep going at it but I know literally nothing about code, all I have been doing is swapping names and what not :p
                  • Zosa

                    Zosa Cosmic Narwhal

                    golly, well all the same we are hopefully waiting(if you need any raw pngs though i could totally help)
                    • turtlesalltheway

                      turtlesalltheway Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                      I'll see if there is any way to make it work without ruining literally everything, but the best bet would be to wait until after the wizard's quest to use this kind of stuff. I remember some other people having trouble with him as well. relationship.jpg But at least it shows up properly though!
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                      • Zosa

                        Zosa Cosmic Narwhal

                        i am not sure what quest actually :rofl: the one with his ex probably?
                        • thewapakalypse

                          thewapakalypse Void-Bound Voyager

                        • Asilla

                          Asilla Orbital Explorer

                          Hey, I know this mod might not be continued, but I still want to use it. I'm Stardew Valley version 1.4, and whenever I give Krobus a bouquet, he accepts it (if he's at 8 hearts), but when I go to sleep, the game just crashes. Please fix this, I really love the mod and want to marry Krobus!<3
                          • Moragaine

                            Moragaine Existential Complex

                            @Asilla You don't need a mod to marry Krobus anymore, it's in the base game. If you have one, that's probably why your game is crashing.
                            • Melindee

                              Melindee Big Damn Hero

                              You can't technically marry Krobus but you can add him as a housemate. You can't be married to anyone else though - he'll remark he can't marry you because he's worried about his other people might think. You can even invite him to the movie theatre (if you built it) but no marriage option exists. It's kind of cute though. There's nothing about the dwarf - poor Dwarf shows up at weddings but seems destined for singlehood.
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                              • SeitenTaiseiSonGoku

                                SeitenTaiseiSonGoku Master Chief

                                I've been extremely sick/on leave for like 3 months and I have been binge playing this game. Once I discovered this mod, my soul purpose for the game was literally marry Krobus, as I was relatively new to the whole game as well as Mods. Unfortunately with being sick....I didn't notice there was a second page on this forum. TwT aaand only after getting Krobus to 10 hearts, and handing him a bouquet today and the message coming up that I couldn't date him was I completely sad.... I so desperately wanted this....I recorded my character buying the bouquet, and her running down the sewers and everything. I was also really really wanted us to have either human or half shadow kids;(if not my fall back plan was little monster slimes as babies and just wear the slime charmer ring.) I was hoping I just installed it incorrectly and after double checking for like 30 minutes and reading all the comments...Well, I was hoping I was still able to give him the shell somehow.

                                Has anyone posted the request for this mod to be updated on the "Updating mods for Stardew Valley 1.4" form yet by chance? (I'm going to just in case....might help if others liked the comment as well so someone will be more likely to pick it up....Posted on page #42, post number #836 (Elven Krobus Mod reskin requested post #831 if your interested!)
                                • Zosa

                                  Zosa Cosmic Narwhal

                                  you have to give krobus the dark pendant not the regular one to have him move in. though he isn't going to be your spouse only your roomate
                                  • SeitenTaiseiSonGoku

                                    SeitenTaiseiSonGoku Master Chief

                                    I know....200 Void essence to get it from the seller in the desert. Spent days in the Skull Caverns, and going to Krobus and buying the 10 from him daily. But I finally got it today! BUT! I have AMAZING. NEWS1!!!!!. I discovered a mod tonight while browsing around trying to figure out how I'm going to have kids AND have Krobus (I don't want to have to get married and divorce someone just to have the kids though....but I REALLY want the wedding; but...I worked WAAAY to hard for those hearts dag nab it!......There's a new updated mod for 1.4. It's called Family Planning.....EVERYONE WHO WANTS TO MARRY KROBUS! LISTEN UP!!! After Krobus moves in with you, YOU CAN ADOPT KIDS WITH KROBUS!!!!! HE WILL PROMPT YOU ABOUT IT JUST LIKE OTHER NPC'S!!!! YOU CAN PICK THEIR GENDER AND NAMES, AND ALSO HOW MANY KIDS YOU WANT WITH THIS MOD for 1.4 UPDATE OF STARDEW VALLEY!!!! ! (However it's recommended you only have 4 since there you can only fit 4 places for your kids to sleep, but you can have more, but it may get buggy.)


                                    And sorry for all caps and editing...but you guys have NO idea how excited I am to share this info! I've been searching and posting around in so several places in search of any unofficial updates on this mod, or if there was any other one! I'm just so happy! I'm finally going to be a virtual mommy with Krobus in a round about way! TwT

                                    OOOO! Also.....I know this isn't legit....but....if you kinda wanted shadow kids......there's one mod that has a shadow child NPC you can pretend is you kid the roams the town!
                                    Lost NPC Mod Link:
                                    • Zosa

                                      Zosa Cosmic Narwhal

                                      no, no, it is ok to be excited ^^ i don't care for children irl or in-game but it is neat to see people be excited<3

                                      haha, maybe if you ever get into buying art i could make shadow-toddlers for you, haha
                                      • Zexall

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