RELEASED Dwarf Jawa [sprite + portrait]

Discussion in 'Portraits' started by GreaterPorpoise, Mar 16, 2016.

  1. GreaterPorpoise

    GreaterPorpoise Void-Bound Voyager

    I'm surprised no one's done this yet but then again, I thought the same for my Harvey/Joaquin Phoenix mod... /shamelessplug. Anyway, to continue the theme of making things in Stardew Valley look like what they remind me of: DWARF JAWA.



    [Download clickety click]

    Usual installation stuff, replace the Dwarf.xnb files in Content/Characters and Content/Portraits with the ones in the .zip respectively. Don't forget to backup the originals! You can just rename them ("Dwarf.xnb.original").

    I've already seen the cutscene on one save and haven't unlocked it on my other save yet so I can't test the Jawa sprite in action. Let me know if things are wonky, preferably with screenshots.

    Credits to George Lucas' Star Wars, the light(saber) of my life.
    • Pewtershmitz

      Pewtershmitz Scruffy Nerf-Herder

      This is brilliant. HAH.
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      • GreaterPorpoise

        GreaterPorpoise Void-Bound Voyager

        Thank you!

        On a general note, I'm thinking of what else I can Star Warsify that doesn't need too much portrait work. Suggestions are welcome. :)
        • jedikitty

          jedikitty Aquatic Astronaut

          This is a must-have ! I fully support Star Warsifying this game as much as possible ! <3
          • GreaterPorpoise

            GreaterPorpoise Void-Bound Voyager

            As much as possible, you say? The entire valley could be reskinned into a mish-mashy Star Wars base. Twi'leks and Weequays and Togruta, rebels, clones and stormtroopers for villagers. The Saloon can be a cantina, the clinic a medcentre, the store.... into a store? Idk. The sea could probably be made into space (that you can fish for space trash and ship parts...?) with Willy's shack as a tiny spaceport? And there can even be a Tatooine area. It would probably require a whole modding team but the possibilities are there! :D
            • evilRevan

              evilRevan Master Chief

              UTINNI! I am so sorry but as soon as I saw the sprite models I couldn't stop myself.
              • kitsunespirit

                kitsunespirit Cosmic Narwhal

                *echoes this sentiment*
                • Minakie

                  Minakie Cosmic Narwhal

                  The download link is no longer working. :(
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                  • RoastedCoconutz

                    RoastedCoconutz Big Damn Hero

                    :( Not working for me either.

                    Not found
                    Error 404
                    • Minakie

                      Minakie Cosmic Narwhal

                      Took the liberty of remaking the .xnb files with the portrait and sprite sheet provided. ;)

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