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Outdated Dungeoneer Dungeons 0.7.6 - Enraged Pak File.

Adds new custom dungeons and micro-dungeons to the game.

  1. ahappydude

    ahappydude Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    I read about an modmanaged that would merge mods automaticly, havnt tried it so dont know how good it is but yes that sounds good shadow. Hopefully we get an extended merge command in future patches
  2. MestreCorrida

    MestreCorrida Subatomic Cosmonaut

    I have no idea how to reliably make a microdungeon spawn, so i have only seen some of them, like the outpost and the water tower. I know them and they are a good idea. Please do, all help is appreciated.
  3. Shadow Wolf TJC

    Shadow Wolf TJC Spaceman Spiff

    I've been doing some tests to see if lakes were spawning, though I wasn't able to find any, even if I made them the only microdungeons that could possibly show up on a world. I'm not receiving error messages in the debug file, so I'm guessing that they're either not clearing out any blocks before being placed, or are spawning, but are being overwritten by other things. I'm going to take a look at the various ponds that spawn in the toxic plains and oasis minibiomes to figure out what needs fixing.

    Edit: I've been trying to spawn a lake as a microdungeon, but I'm having absolutely no luck, even if I'm using the same settings as one of the ponds found in a mini-biome. Perhaps they're just too big to be a microdungeon?

    If that's the case, then perhaps they'd be better off retooled as actual dungeons (see my earlier post for a suggestion for an underwater cave system), while smaller lakes (that are the size of a large house, or around 70 tiles wide) take their place as microdungeons? The biggest microdungeon that I've seen is about 80 tiles wide. Perhaps that's the size limit for a microdungeon (or close to it)? I'll have to test this out.

    Edit #2: I tested one of those 32 x 32 mini-lakes found in the mini-biomes as a microdungeon, and I managed to spot it only once. (My guess is that it was the only one that's been scripted to appear.) I then tried to double its width and height to 64 x 64, but I was unable to find one on a different planet. Perhaps these smaller lakes (and the chasms) would be better off as terrain features? (However, they're predominantly 32 x 32 images, presumably so that they could be spawned frequently.)

    By the way, while testing, I've noticed an error where the Apex Space Elevator failed to spawn. From the looks of things, the Space Elevator, along with the Avian Pyramid and Floating Islands, and the Volcano, are missing a bunch of empty air blocks around their entrances, as well as those white spots that indicate that ground blocks must be present there. Also, the game once decided to place my spawn point inside of your volcano dungeon, which caused me to die over and over, with the game failing to respawn my character back onto my ship.:laugh:
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  4. Xavius

    Xavius Cosmic Narwhal

    Well... I once managed to spawn on a large-ish forest biome with a USCM prison, an Apex Thought Reassignment facility, a Glitch Castle, and a Floran Prison as well. So, I'm not sure if it's 1-2 surface dungeons after all. But, thank you for the response, and I wonder if someone could make a mod to increase planetary habitation (dungeon spawn rate). after all, it feels weird to be searching literally thousands of planets and finding nothing but a single bridge or a lone Avian hut, dozens of planets or systems away from anything else resembling civilization.

    And on the other side of things, I've gone to massive planets with absolutely nothing on the surface, and I didn't have the patience to comb every block of the planet's interior for deep underground dungeons.

    Either way, though, this looks like a good pack of dungeons, and I think I'll be DLing it for myself.

    As an idea, since the Floran backstory states that the usual way they colonize new planets is to steal a ship and crash it into another planet, maybe a microdungeon of a crashed shuttle, overgrown with plants and a small amount of dirt on it, with a Floran living in it? Perhaps a metal crate or two for loot, and maybe a couple of different ship appearances for variety?

    Actually, I'll just post a listing of ideas for dungeons in another reply here, and you can say yay or neight to which ever you choose.
  5. Shadow Wolf TJC

    Shadow Wolf TJC Spaceman Spiff

    By any chance, was the Glitch Castle alot smaller than the Floran Prison or the USCM Prison? One of the microdungeons happens to be a small Glitch castle, inhabited by a lonesome Glitch lord. The Apex Thought Reassignment Facility is another microdungeon.

    To my knowledge, only the largest planets can have two full-fledged dungeons, though for me, I kept getting the same dungeon repeated twice over (such as two Apex Towns on the same planet).
    Sometimes, dungeons can fail to load. This happened to me recently when the Apex Space Elevator failed to load on a new planet that I visited. (I only found this out after reading the debug log.)
    Ooh, that's a neat little idea for a microdungeon, though depending on how fast they were traveling when the ship crashed, there might or might not be any survivors. Also, I don't believe that all Floran ships crash-landed on new planets. (Certainly not the ships of playable Florans.) Rather, I believe that some of them safely landed on the planet's surface.
  6. Mike the Miner

    Mike the Miner Void-Bound Voyager

    Sounds epic, I will be getting it the second my Starbound starts working again.

    Just wanted to ask, are the transformation silos where someone get transformed into an avian, or the other way around?
  7. MestreCorrida

    MestreCorrida Subatomic Cosmonaut

    The other way around. Avians into High tech guys from the High tech dungeon.
  8. Shadow Wolf TJC

    Shadow Wolf TJC Spaceman Spiff

    Any chance that you could split off your microdungeons from your original dungeons? I've noticed that others are starting to create microdungeons that expand upon existing microdungeon sets, which Dungeoneer Dungeons currently does as well. I've also been thinking that perhaps now's the time to look into finding a way to merge new microdungeons into existing microdungeon sets (instead of overwriting them entirely), though if that can't be done, then perhaps you could team up with others to create a community dungeons pack?
  9. MestreCorrida

    MestreCorrida Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Hmmm, that really might be a problem. I will find a way. I'm also up for a community dungeons pack.
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  10. Joser

    Joser Void-Bound Voyager

    Nice work! Moar dungeons :D +1
  11. MestreCorrida

    MestreCorrida Subatomic Cosmonaut

    I still fail to see how the game handles microdungeon creation. I'm trying to make a way for my microdungeons not to interfere with others. I've deleted all original microdungeon files and lines from my microdungeons and i've tried creating a new folder inside microdungeons with all the dungeon filenames changed to dd+dungeonname. If i do this my dungeons don't spawn. If i leave the old filenames only my dungeons spawn.

    Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck, i need a light.
  12. MestreCorrida

    MestreCorrida Subatomic Cosmonaut

    MestreCorrida updated Dungeoneer Dungeons with a new update entry:

    General dungeons update.

    Read the rest of this update entry...
  13. MestreCorrida

    MestreCorrida Subatomic Cosmonaut

  14. ajfirewar

    ajfirewar Orbital Explorer

    how do you install a RAR file on a computer
  15. MestreCorrida

    MestreCorrida Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Yoi don't install, you just extract, like a .zip or a .7z file. Extract the content of the file inside the mods folder.
  16. ajfirewar

    ajfirewar Orbital Explorer

    I think I have to download something
  17. ajfirewar

    ajfirewar Orbital Explorer

    ok I downloaded 7-zip it works fine now
  18. Xavius

    Xavius Cosmic Narwhal

    The glitch Castle was a full-sized one, and it killed me amny times. Funny enough, the loot I got there was what enabled me to clean out the prisons relatively easily. the weird thing is that the Floran prison was actually partailly fused into the Thought Reassignment building, which I thought was a nice coincidence.

    But yeah, I really want a mod that 'overcrowds' some of the dunggeon types onto a single planet every now and then, resulting in a planet with a whole bunch of a single race's dungeons and microdungeons all across its surface, with only a little natural land left. I think it would be an interesting thing to run across occasionally.
  19. face21

    face21 Void-Bound Voyager

    Question, Does this replace any structure that spawn or does it spawn more
  20. MestreCorrida

    MestreCorrida Subatomic Cosmonaut

    It doesn't replace, it spawns more.

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