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Outdated Dungeoneer Dungeons 0.7.6 - Enraged Pak File.

Adds new custom dungeons and micro-dungeons to the game.

  1. MestreCorrida

    MestreCorrida Subatomic Cosmonaut

    MestreCorrida submitted a new mod:

    Dungeoneer Dungeons - Adds new custom dungeons and micro-dungeons to the game.

    Read more about this mod...
  2. LazerBrotato

    LazerBrotato Void-Bound Voyager

    So how do I install this masterpiece?
  3. MestreCorrida

    MestreCorrida Subatomic Cosmonaut


    Extract the content into the mods folder. \Steam\SteamApps\common\Starbound\mods
  4. LazerBrotato

    LazerBrotato Void-Bound Voyager

    alright thanks, seemed there would be alot more complex things to it :rofl:. So they just randomly spawn or set locations?
  5. MestreCorrida

    MestreCorrida Subatomic Cosmonaut


    They can appear anywhere. No set locations.
  6. Reeddick

    Reeddick Void-Bound Voyager

    I've been waiting on this to crop up. Looking forward to finding one of those volcanoes.
  7. MestreCorrida

    MestreCorrida Subatomic Cosmonaut

  8. Tappei Midoriya

    Tappei Midoriya Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    I like this mod, but is it possible to have some kind of random dungeon layout generation like with the Diablo series outside of 3?
  9. MestreCorrida

    MestreCorrida Subatomic Cosmonaut

    @Tappei Midoriya

    It already works like this. There are several parts for each dungeon and the game randomly connects them. The problem is that some dungeons have more parts and some dungeons have less parts. Some of them feel the same all the time. I guess the best thing to do is to create more dungeons.
  10. Darkly

    Darkly Void-Bound Voyager

    Question, would this work with the mod "Moar Ore" by G4M5T3R?
    Or would these two conflict and not work in conjunction?
  11. MestreCorrida

    MestreCorrida Subatomic Cosmonaut


    It is compatible with all mods since all assets used in my mod are vanilla.
  12. Darkly

    Darkly Void-Bound Voyager

  13. Afflicted One

    Afflicted One Phantasmal Quasar

    Great mod, I saw your posts on /vg/.
  14. CalamityQuote

    CalamityQuote Phantasmal Quasar

    These look great! Can't wait to play them in the game. Here are a few ideas of mine:

    -Bandit Hideout: A bandit hideout built into a giant chasm. Small houses can be found along the side of the mountain, each one having a chance to contain a weapon). At the bottom of the chasm is the leader's base, which contains a Legendary weapon. The dungeon has a lot of bandits, so it's pretty dangerous to go alone (unless you have good armor and weapons).

    -Swarm Hive: a large hive that spawns in the center of the planet. The opening of the hive spawns at the surface of the planet, but goes deeper into the planet as you explore it. At the very bottom (or the center) of the hive are a few High Tiered weapons and rare vanity items. The enemies would be Flying monsters (since there aren't really insect monsters in the game) that spawn in swarms.
  15. Shadow Wolf TJC

    Shadow Wolf TJC Spaceman Spiff

    I'm personally anxious to see the following:

    Hylotl Stilt Village: A village located above a huge lake or sea, consisting of oriental buildings suspended above the water by wooden stilts. Many others may instead prefer to see the Hylotl village located underwater, but my idea for a floating city would mean that players could explore the village without having to worry about drowning, while giving the Hylotl NPCs plenty of water to swim around. (Note, you may have to place backwalls within the water, or use endless water (as found on an ocean planet), to keep the water in the village from draining.)

    Hylotl Stilt House: A microdungeon of a Hylotl house suspended over a small lake by wooden stilts.

    Hylotl Shrine: A microdungeon of a Shinto-inspired Hylotl shrine that may or may not be suspended over water.

    Hylotl Hideout: A secret hideout located under a seedy Hylotl clubhouse (with arcade machines), where a group of more militant Hylotl dissidents plot to get their revenge against the Florans for driving them away from their homeworld. Since these Hylotl are considered dissidents to Hylotl society (possibly because they may be planning to orchestrate a coup within Hylotl society, replacing it with a more militaristic society like with Imperial Japan during World War 2), they're hostile to outsiders, including other Hylotl, though the inhabitants within the clubhouse itself are friendly, so long as you don't get nosy.

    Hylotl Clubhouse: A microdungeon that's similar to the Hylotl Hideout, though with just the clubhouse, and without any secret hideouts underneath.

    Floran Tree-Village: A Floran village that's being suspended over the ground by a bunch of massive trees, and connected via vine bridges.

    Glitch Citadel: A fortified Glitch castle complex full of hostile Glitch, with many connected castle parts full of everything that you could imagine in a medieval castle, such as castle walls and towers, a moat with a drawbridge, a dining hall, a barracks, a throne room, a royal bedroom chamber, and even a dungeon complex with traps such as spinning blades and pungi spikes. Nevermind. There's already a Glitch castle dungeon in the game.

    Glitch Harbor Town: A Renaissance-inspired, or colonial-inspired, harbor town where traders (mostly Glitch, but sometimes from other races) come and go to drop off goods.

    Human Suburbs: Just your ordinary modern-day American-styled suburban town (or whatever style you wish to give it), with some small suburban houses, some apartment complexes, some parked vehicles, and the occasional store.

    Avian Pyramid: A small pyramid that's patrolled by the same hostile Avian guards and skeletal birds that are also found within Avian burial grounds, though the pyramid itself is much smaller (about the same size as an Apex research facility).

    Miniknog Villa: The (relatively) private villa complex of a high-ranking member of the Miniknog, full of hostile Apex guards, hidden catacombs, and antique stuff from the Apex homeworld that's been thought to have been destroyed since the Miniknog came to power. For a dungeon, it's about as "small" as an Apex research lab.

    Lake: A terrain feature that is randomly generated within worlds to create obstacles for the player to cross. May be filled with water, tar, acid, lava, or tentacle juice, depending on the biome. May or may not contain treasure chests at the bottom.

    Ancient Ruins: A microdungeon that consists of a few ancient ruins.

    Labyrinth: A dungeon that consists of a whole labyrinth of ancient ruins that are populated with deathtraps and boss monsters that have made these ruins their new home.

    Sunken City: An underwater dungeon that consists of many ancient ruins that were claimed by the sea (like with Atlantis).

    Abandoned City: A dungeon that consists of a bunch of abandoned, war-torn buildings. Perhaps the city was evacuated when powerful boss monsters decided to make this into their home? (That or the city was destroyed by alien tentacles when they sprouted from the ground.)

    Abandoned Facility: An underground research facility that was abandoned after a horrible accident. Now the facility is populated by powerful monsters. Perhaps these monsters were the result of some mad science experiment gone horribly wrong?

    Living Dungeon: A massive, but sessile, creature that serves as a massive catacomb of internal organs made of slime, flesh, bone, and possibly other organic stuff as well, populated by boss monsters that protect their host from intruders.

    Penguin Base: A military base where the evil penguin army launches raids across the galaxy from, complete with UFO hangars, barbed wire, sandbags, etc.

    That's all the ideas that I have for now. I'm looking forward towards seeing what other dungeons are created whenever this mod gets updated. :)
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  16. MestreCorrida

    MestreCorrida Subatomic Cosmonaut

  17. MestreCorrida

    MestreCorrida Subatomic Cosmonaut

    @Shadow Wolf TJC

    Man, you sure have a lot of ideas. Sadly i can't make Hylotl stuff right now, i'm waiting at least one official Hylotl dugeon released by chuckle. i'll look at everything else and probably do most of them, but it takes time.

    Thank you for your input.
  18. Reeddick

    Reeddick Void-Bound Voyager

    What about a little Glitch jousting tournament with stands?

    Also, found a couple things with the human microdungeon. http://i.imgur.com/JsMgnbj.jpg?1
    3 solid blocks behind front door and a floating NPC.
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  19. MestreCorrida

    MestreCorrida Subatomic Cosmonaut


    Added and Fixed. Thank you for the suggestion and for reporting the bug.

  20. MestreCorrida

    MestreCorrida Subatomic Cosmonaut

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