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    So I have a few ideas for Dungeons and structures,

    One thing I have in mind is a way to scan a planet before you teleport to it, if you hover over a planet an option would appear to scan, this scan uses ship fuel depending on the size of the planet, when viewing the interface, the screen would turn black then a pixelated load screen would appear, it would look like a radar scanner slowly scanning the whole planet, underneath a bar would appear telling the percent of the scan, this would take time (depending on the size of the planet) but it would allow the person to prepare for the planets weather, monsters, environment etc., NOTE: the character can not teleport down until the scan is done. Once the scan is complete it will give the following:

    • Size
    • Gravity
    • Weather
    • Types of Dungeons
    • Location of the Dungeons
    • Ores
    • Day speed
    • Monster threat scale
    (The type of planet will already be given)

    A small scan of the planet will appear, the surface and where the dungeons are located, Here you can decide the main place of spawn will be, that will it will save time scouring out where the dungeons are.


    My second idea about dungeons should have been added a long time ago, but this is more for hostile NPCs. Basically if you fire your weapon, or make some obvious sound, the guards outside a dungeon will investigate, and if they are shot at they will either request back up (two extra guys will spawn) or the other guards will leave their posts and come to attack. Another thing i noticed about NPC fire is that they aim straight ahead when attacking characters, instead, they should aim a little better. Also if you are inside a dungeon and you shoot at the ceiling to attack NPCs above you, they don't respond and let you take them out.

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