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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Gilou, Jul 16, 2014.

  1. Gilou

    Gilou Seal Broken

    Hello there,

    Will the Humble Store build be DRM free?

    • Unwerth

      Unwerth Void-Bound Voyager

      Humble usually is, so just to clarify the question: You're asking if Steam will be necessary, aren't you?
      • Gilou

        Gilou Seal Broken

        Nowadays, it is not uncommon to find games on the Humble Store with third-party software requirements (origin, uplay, steam). And I know that steam is not a drm per se, steamworkshop is. And I know that some games within steam are DRM free.

        But you get it, my question is: will steam (or other third-party software) be necessary?
        • Combaticus

          Combaticus Orbital Explorer

          I know it has a steam page, I'm not sure if they have other platforms they are launching it on though.
          • Bach

            Bach Halfway Developer Developer

            Halfway will be DRM free. It'll launch on Humble Store and Steam :)
            • DotBeta

              DotBeta Oxygen Tank

              If you buy it from the humble store you should get a stand alone copy and a steam key for a steam copy. That's how it usually works anyway.
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              • DanRiverBrew

                DanRiverBrew Intergalactic Tourist

                I'm not exactly sure what DRM (sorry for my ignorance). I really dislike steam because of the way you have to connect to there service or whatever that is. I like GOG.com better because you can just download and install. no sign in, not online, etc.

                So to buy through Humble (never purchased on that site before), are you saying it would be more like buying through GOG?
                • Dogkiller

                  Dogkiller Void-Bound Voyager

                  In short, yes.
                  If a humble bundle game is sold DRM free you download the installer and then you can install it anywhere without needing an internet connection.
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                  • DanRiverBrew

                    DanRiverBrew Intergalactic Tourist

                  • Gilou

                    Gilou Seal Broken

                    But wait before buying it. On the Humble Store, it it NOT identified as DRM FREE. It may be a mistake; it has already happened at least once (the other way round: a steam-only game identified as drm free).

                    I would suggest you to wait for clarification. I will

                    EDIT: it has been corrected and is now identified as DRM FREE.
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                    • Seminus

                      Seminus Halfway Developer Developer

                      yes it is definitly DRM free. Humble just forgot to add the icon. Sorry for the confusion :)

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