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    location: metropolis planet mutalyt, every surface covered in buildings.

    date: year 7023, day 4

    Resource drill project CORE STABBER reaches core

    there was no lava, as was expected.
    there were only strange crystals, and a strange device in the center.
    a worker picks up this device, and the entire star system disappears, forever

    location- star system retyut V

    planetary system- Mutalyt

    date- year 7038, day 4

    everyone has finally recovered . the planet somehow survived being broken up, and there were only thirty seven casualties- the drill crew in the core.
    the planet has been broken up into seven pieces, each with exposed insides.
    they somehow remain continuous on the edges- walking over the edge will teleport you to the same relative spot on the next piece over
    the star system is cut off from the universe. we are trapped
    some children born after the event act weird. everyone is probably just paranoid

    date- year 7040, day 4

    the entire skyline is filled with chaos.some children born after the event are discovering extraordinary talents.
    and when they discover them, it is violent.

    date- year 7080, day 4
    after the initial year of awakenings, as they are called now, the new users of... magic, the only way to describe it, really, are much less powerful.
    most of the initial users are dead- killed in the awakening year or executed by panicked lynch mobs- the surviving firstborn usually lack licenses. yes, licenses were imposed on magic use. those experiencing 17th year birthdays are quarantined and regulated on power and affinity, and registered.
    they cannot apply for a license until 25. they do not seem to age, at all

    date- year 7085
    the metropolis has grown enough to extend into space. a new government has been elected

    date- year 7213, day 4, present day.
    welcome to mutalyt, your home. you have lived here for a long time, and seen a lot. you live under a totalitarian government, everything is strictly regulated. Enforcers roam the streets at night, and freelance Investigators root out illegal magic users.

    more often than not, the enforcers will beat anyone out past curfew, registration or not, if not kill or arrest.

    several rebellions have started, and been brutally quelled.

    you can hear a large explosion. if you were anywhere near mutalyt alpha, government sector, you would have seen a large explosion as the government tower drifts off into orbit

    looks like another rebellion has begun

    welcome to dreams! a cyberpunk dystopian RP about magic and such! do whatever you want- the story is in the player's hands!

    important plot characters and PCS can DIE AT ANYTHING THAT WOULD NORMALLY KILL THEM

    this means anything you do can change the story. anything. no matter who you are, you can make a difference!

    alright, lets talk about what you all want to hear about

    magic is divided into basic elements, each race tends to have an elemental affinity, while being weaker in others. due to this system, you need to ask me about modded races. probably not happening. sorry avali fans...

    florans- Bio
    Hylotl- Fluid
    avian- Gaseous
    apex- Material
    Novakid- Fire
    human- (no affinity. but no weaknesses)

    there are six basic kinds of magic, with some extraneous types as well. living tissue is highly resistant to direct magic manipulation, and even firstborn have an extremely hard time with it

    Bio- can manipulate living tissue- a very cruel kind of magic, requiring concentration. can heal, but also torture, disfigure and maim
    manipulating animal tissue is significantly harder than plants

    energy- a very precise magic, can mess up nervous systems and technology. can also deliver massive shocks and other large blows

    fluid- allows manipulation of fluids, in several forms. this is more chemical than waterbending like stuff- focusing on DOT and poisoning

    gaseous- allows manipulation of air. this takes a lot of concentration and energy, however, especially if suffocation is the goal

    material- allows for manipulation of metals in pure forms. it does not allow lifting them off the ground, except as a sort of toss. this is one of the most offensive magics

    fire- allows manipulation of heat and fire, creating a flame without fuel or a pilot light is difficult, however

    interesting types- if you want to use one, ask me. if it says variant, the affinity carries over from what it is a variant of

    a variant of energy, that allows very small changes within one's mind- or others. very difficult to master

    a variant of Bio, allows one to change their own form. very painful, very hard

    allows one to do the opposite of fire, robbing heat energy from the surroundings.

    telekinetic- a combination of gas and material, very difficult to execute. if done correctly, can allow movement of everyday objects from afar.

    a variation on material, allows manipulation of magnetic fields. the most commonly known magnetic spell is EMP

    extremely rare, can cause manipulation of a localized gravity field around the user

    allows manipulation of light- very difficult, but can rob sight from opponents, and Firstborn users can use it to create hallucinations

    a variant on gaseous. allows manipulation of basic sound. very difficult

    protanite is a magic crystal, a battery if you will. each harnesses their respective element. impure protanite can be found as well, with more than one element, or colorful protanite, for interesting magic.
    blank protanite works like a battery or capacitor. protanite is used in a variety of things, from ovens to nukes. it has almost completely replaced plasma and laser tech.

    and here is the app format-

    Age- magic users can be very old, but if you choose to be 190, Firstborn age, ask me. Firstborns are very magically adept and dangerous

    negative (3 needed)

    neutral (1-3)


    special traits- include if they apply

    license- has magic license
    magic- can use magic
    Firstborn-extremely powerful in magic, but dies of burnout faster

    stats cap at 10, you get 57 points to start with, 64 if magic user
    sanity (Cap is 8 if magic user, 6 if firstborn)
    magic- cap is 0 unless magic user
    mana- determines how long you can use magic. cap is zero unless you are a magic user. when you run out of magic time, you either fall unconscious or die, violently

    magic adept in-
    choose 2 and racial affinity, humans choose 3



    loki (arra) xp- 0/100 hp-90/90
    Mana: 80/80
    tyford(crits) xp- 7/100 hp-90/90
    Mana: 40/65
    davron(jar jar) xp- 0/100 hp-90/90
    Mars(qui) xp-0/100 hp- 95/95
    Mana: 75/75
    Sgt gallagher(roland)xp- 20/100 hp- 110/110

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    Oooooh, shiny. And Deadly! I'll have to give this a full read-through when I've got a spare minute. But this looks...interesting.
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    I will join this eventually when I'm not tired :DD
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    Ooh.... Im going to make an app later.
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  5. zeskorion

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    The drill was named by florans. Why else would it have such a shit name
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  6. Jareix Cryvix

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    Hmm... I think I have an interesting idea for a character... Let me know what you think...

    Name- Davron Spadeclaws
    Age- 56
    Race- Floran
    appearance- Withered leaves and sunken eyes. His skin is a pale teal color and his leaves are a shade of blue-green with tints of purple ebbing and warping through them... Often wears his heavy white labcoat, and his magitech equipment. He always wears his goggles...
    personality- Very excitable and perfectly fine with making mistakes. Just a tad bit mad...
    backstory- A normal born floran, Davron was born with no magic, but a very gifted Inteligence... His favorite studies were that of precantology (magic study), biology, and engineering. He went on to work as a biochemical engineer, and later a precantology professor, but later started conducting his own research on magic in a secluded area(his chemist friend's basement lab), which led to many of his own startling discoveries... Most involving protanite. Hebegan doing a great many experiments with it. Eventually he found a way to actually harness it's magical powers without having to be a magic user... This led to a downward spiral for magical megalomania, going so far as to experiment on his friend by replacing a large amount of his sap with protanite crystals to see what happens... He died, but the crystals fused his sap are very powerful for bio-magic... So he made a wand with it... He did many more other experiments and has grown to be very powerful, but there are always costs to such power...

    negative (3 needed)
    -unnatural Mage: while he has great power and mana doesn't draw from his life force, it's power is not as versatile as it could be and requires much skill to use for complex tasks.
    -no license: he's not legally licensed to use magic as he lacks magical blood...
    -mad scientist: the only thing greater than his desire for power is his lust for knowledge... He'll gladly exchange another's life for a juicy bit of knowledge...

    neutral (1-3)
    -Fascination with magic
    -kinda looks like Dr. Brown...
    -Magitechnician: he can use his wands for any number of magical usage. They have to be directly hooked up to a supply of protanite of the same kind as the focusing crystal, but they are quite powerful. Rivaled only by firstborns...
    -Gifted scholar: his skill and knowledge with the studies of magic and conventional sciences is very high. Need someone to distill and purify protanite? He's your guy.
    magic- can use magic

    (I'm counting him as a non-magic user for most stats)
    charisma: 3
    speed: 4
    strength: 4
    will: 6
    toughness: 3
    agility: 5
    intelligence: 10
    dexterity: 6
    sanity: 5
    magic- (depends on "wand")
    mana- (limited by protanite fuel supply)
    magic adept in- (depends on wand)

    items: harness(contains two wands hooked up two large cut crystals of protanite of the same kind as the wands), labcoat, goggles, pixel chit,

    other: loves textbooks and has a rather large collection of some of the best.
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  7. zeskorion

    zeskorion Oxygen Tank

    I have only one and a half problems with the app.
    First off, protanite is volatile-it cannot be distilled into liquid.

    Second, a secluded area would be hard to find
    He would probably be in the foundations, full of abandoned buildings, large steel pillars, and monsters
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  8. Jareix Cryvix

    Jareix Cryvix The Waste of Time

    Ah, I'll think of something then...
    I was thinking basement lab of his now dead friend...
  9. zeskorion

    zeskorion Oxygen Tank

    You can just use protanite cartridges for the wands. Similar tech to that exists already, makes reloading easier. Wouldnt be able to do much with just a wand though, hard to control mentally like innate magic
  10. Arra

    Arra The End of Time

    Name- Loki Frost
    Age- 18
    Race- Human
    appearance- Shaggy black hair, offset by golden eyes
    personality- Short tempered, but loyal to his friends

    traits- Ladies man, Fast, Smart
    negative: Short temper, Headaches, slight smoker. Not strong at all.
    neutral: Loves books. Loves music.
    positive: Loyal, ladies man. Smarter then he looks. Prefers to get under his enemies skin.
    special traits- magic user

    toughness; 3
    dexterity; 3
    sanity: 6
    magic :7
    mana :10

    items: lighter, Small notebook he writes notes in.

    Wearing: Jeans, White t-shirt, black jacket. Left hand is bandaged.

    magic adept in-
    Fire, Fluid, Photonic

    Other stuff is secret!
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  11. Jareix Cryvix

    Jareix Cryvix The Waste of Time

    That's kinda the disadvantage put as "unnatural mage" :p, but his skill with such sciences allows him to boosts the power regardless
  12. critsarecool

    critsarecool The Waste of Time

    Name- Tyford Gerick
    Age- 34
    Race- Hylotyl
    Appearance- Green skin, blue accents, headfin is in the center of his head, about three inches tall. Purple eyes. His clothing is black pants and a white labcoat, slightly discolored. Under the labcoat is a black shirt.
    Personality- Slightly off-putting, cold demeanor.
    Backstory- Tyford' father was a lab technician, and let Tyford come with him to work. His dad's work wasn't exactly the most ethical, it was attempting to use a mix of bio and fluid magics to kill people very efficiently. Tyford stopped seeing the animals, and eventually people, it was tested on as people, and more as a a resource, or a tool to further development. Because of this, he completely lost his empathy for other living beings. Once he turned 17, his powers manifested, and after the registration process, was able to work with his father. Eventually, the investors of the lab decided that the technique they were searching for was unattainable, and discontinued the research. However, his father was obsessed, and finally began testing on himself. After his death, Tyford pledged to continue his father's work, even if it wasn't through the most legal of methods.


    Negative (3 needed)-
    He's Cold As Ice- Tyford is cold and calculating, having no empathy for others.
    Wanted- The authorities don't know his face, but they have found his past work and are looking for the one who did it.
    Fri nds Fr m F miliar ar Pla es- Early onset schizophrenic; he oftentimes will see his father, and will talk to him as though he is there. He will also become increasingly paranoid throughout the RP as his condition declines, as well as adding more people he hallucinates.

    Neutral (1-3)- Has a better grip on reality when talking with other scientists, and of his "research"
    Enjoys reading medical and magical journals.

    Experienced- Spent a majority of his life in a lab, leaving him experienced as a magic user, as well as a scientist, having a wealth of knowledge when it comes to varying chemicals.
    Licensed- Has a magic license, as well as several contacts in the scientific community.
    Due to his mental state, he feels no guilt from murder, and is unburdened by killing. He thinks of most other people as resources rather than living beings.

    Special Traits-
    Stats- 64
    Charisma- 3
    Speed- 6
    Strength- 4
    Will- 7
    Toughness- 3
    Agility- 6
    Intelligence- 9
    Dexterity- 6
    Sanity- 5
    Magic- 8
    Mana- 7

    Magics Adept In- Fluids, Bio, Gaseous

    Items: Set of scalpels and other surgical equipment, in good condition, well used labcoat, variety of chemicals. Basement laboratory, well hidden. Safe full of research notes.

    Other: Prefers to test on sentients rather than animals.
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  13. Arra

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    I am extremely pumped for this!

    { Waves paws quite frantically }
  14. zeskorion

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    Alright, just make the change to crystal protanite and accepted!
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  15. zeskorion

    zeskorion Oxygen Tank

    Good app, accepted
  16. critsarecool

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    Yay, first try!
  17. Jareix Cryvix

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    Done. I think.
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  18. zeskorion

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    Not really. You cant "discover" pure protanite, as it is already pure by nature. Just that tiny detail to fix
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  19. Arra

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    Question! Will there be explosions of the gigantic nature in this RP?
  20. zeskorion

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    think it over.

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