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    Because I need somewhere to dump my other Starbound-related stuff. >w>;
    Welcome to my own little plane of Oblivion.​

    Q: What is this thread?
    A: *points to text below logo*

    Q: Do you take requests?
    A: All week, unless stated otherwise. Requests are taken throughout the week, then are worked on during the weekend (Friday-Sunday).

    Q: What kind of requests?
    A: Sprite requests only. Keep it simple though.

    Q: What do you mean by simple?
    A: This image should answer that question:

    Q: How many requests can I make?
    A: 1 request per person. Gotta be fair ya know!

    Q: What if the list is empt-
    A: No exceptions. Once your request is done you may suggest a new one, should there be room for it.

    Q: Can you take anymore requests this week?
    A: Check the list. I take 5 requests per week, and 5 in preparation for the following week. If it's full, no dice.

    Q: When will my request be done?
    A: Usually I can get requests done on the weekend they are requested on. If something comes up or if I'm running late, I will notify you all in this thread. Also, constantly asking me if your request is done is a no-no. That doesn't help speed up the process at all and instead gets on my nerves.

    Q: Do you need references?
    A: Preferably, yes. The more the better. Please try to provide an image and other specifications (like if it isn't too obvious, character height) when making a request.

    Q: Hey, can you sprite Godzil-
    A: Bear in mind that if you request a really large character it will take awhile to complete. Smaller requests usually get priority first. If said large character is too big or too complex/detailed, I will not accept it.

    Q: I demand you sprite me [CHARACTER] by tomorro-
    I'm sorry, what? :D

    Q: Hey, can I use these sprites as my avatar/signature?
    A: Sure. I'd prefer it if you asked before using any of them though. ^^

    Q: What about a mod? Can I use any of these for a mod?
    A: This one I'm gonna be a little more strict about. You HAVE to ask me if you want to use any of these sprites in a mod. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. If you do use them, I also require you give proper credit in your mod's description. If I catch you using my sprites without my permission, I will request that you either remove the sprites from your mod or remove the mod entirely, depending on if you're being cooperative or not.

    Q: Moga Forecast?
    A: The daily hunting report by the Chief's Son. How else are we gonna find out about the monsters inhabiting Moga Woods?

    Q: No really, what is the Moga Forecast? DANGER (?)?
    A: Planned Monster Hunter sprites. These sprites are done sporadically, depending on my mood and the amount of time I have. They are fairly complex designs after all. Everything that's posted on the Moga Forecast will be done eventually, however.

    Q: What programs do you use?
    A: Photoshop Elements 11 and Paint Tool SAI. I also use MSPaint and Paint.NET specifically for spritework and resizing sprites.

    Q: Do you have anymore art?
    A: Indeed I do! You can see them all on my Deviantart gallery: [link]

    Q: ImmortalFrog?
    A: Smells. Ignore him. :Y

    -----------REQUESTS ARE CLOSED-----------
    Please refer to the FAQ before you request something. Anyways, I'll be taking sprite requests all week! These requests will be worked on during the weekend (Fri-Sun). Be it pop culture, video games, or your own characters, I'll be taking 'em (just nothing too complex, m'kay?)!
    COME AT ME! (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻


    -TO-DO LIST-
    • DANGER (?)
    1. --
    2. --
    3. --
    4. --
    5. --








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  2. NanoPaladin

    NanoPaladin Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Very cool art (I like the Yoko Littner Sprite). Are you just dumping what you draw here or actually taking requests?
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  3. Shock

    Shock Spaceman Spiff

    Amazing works from the legendary Dragonith.
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  4. AdrienOnyx

    AdrienOnyx Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    MAARIO !
    ... Yeah, that's all I have to say.
  5. Just mainly dumping. Although, I'm considering taking some sprite requests next week. :)

    But for now, enjoy some Bird Wyverns.
    Obsessed with Monster Hunter atm. ^^;
  6. NanoPaladin

    NanoPaladin Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Hey was the Create a Hat contest won by forum votes or dev picks?
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  7. Dev/Mod picks.

    EDIT: Felyne and Melynx.
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  8. NanoPaladin

    NanoPaladin Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Awesome Sprites.

    And alright I was asking since I had a suggestion about forum voted/ forum made vanity armor
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  9. TenaciousTinkerer

    TenaciousTinkerer Cosmic Narwhal

    Oh i didn't notice this at first Drago, pretty bad ass sprite i must say, also where you at in your monster hunter play-through and will probably sprite up next?
  10. Just finished a quest fending off a Lagicrus and now I'm about to take on a Rathian. As for what's up next, well, that's completely up to my mood really. xD

    Maybe another Monster Hunter creature? Or maybe something else? Hoo hoo hoo...

    EDIT: *boop*
    Something simple for now. xD
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  11. This one's a large one, heheh. Delicious Aptonoths.~
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  12. Scarysnake

    Scarysnake Subatomic Cosmonaut

    I like the monster hunter stuff, gonna be playing the hell out of it when finals are over. :viking:
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  13. "Stay gold. Bang."
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  14. Vapor Horologium Corpus

    Vapor Horologium Corpus Weight of the Sky

    BANG! Right in the feels.*goes down like a sack of potatoes*
  15. NanoPaladin

    NanoPaladin Subatomic Cosmonaut

    Is..... is that Tom from Toonami?
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  16. Nirn

    Nirn Existential Complex

    Good old fashion nostalgia
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  17. And what's Toonami without SARA?
  18. Vapor Horologium Corpus

    Vapor Horologium Corpus Weight of the Sky

    Omg I got shot through the heart. Oh lord
  19. Kokoto Fried Gargwa.
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  20. Bamseper

    Bamseper Ketchup Robot

    I had already seen most of this, but not all. Great!

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