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Traditional Dragonclaw's Art

Discussion in 'Art' started by Dragonclaw, Jul 12, 2017.

  1. Dragonclaw

    Dragonclaw Oxygen Tank

    Finished non-colored version. IMG_4072.JPG
  2. Dragonclaw

    Dragonclaw Oxygen Tank

    AND I AM DONE! Now on to Bohdi Rook.
  3. The Purple Dragon

    The Purple Dragon Black Hole Surfer

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  4. Dragonclaw

    Dragonclaw Oxygen Tank


    I think that's all for tonight. THE CAMERA THOUGHT IT WAS AN ACTUAL FACE!
  5. Dragonclaw

    Dragonclaw Oxygen Tank

    WIP of something I'm going to call Cryobay 07.
  6. Dragonclaw

    Dragonclaw Oxygen Tank

    Cryobay 07. At least a part of it. Each pod is different. It's either because they are tailored to the needs of the user, their species, or because they were created in a bit of a rush.
  7. Dragonclaw

    Dragonclaw Oxygen Tank

    A little story behind it I just made too...

    [SYSTEM:20:42:01] Initiating Drive Check...
    [SYSTEM:20:42:03] Drive fully functional
    [SYSTEM:20:42:03] Initiating PROTOCOL 78
    [SYSTEM:20:42:03] Running diagnostics...
    [SYSTEM:20:42:07] Signal:ALL CLEAR
    [SYSTEM:20:42:09] Dropping out of Hyperspace...
    [SYSTEM:20:42:14] Arrived at 7725-GAMMA
    [SYSTEM:20:42:15] Initiating thaw of Cryobays 1-7...
    [SYSTEM:20:56:29] Thaw of essential crew complete. Bringing manual controls to standby...
    [SYSTEM:20:59:21] Manual controls online.
    [SYSTEM:21:02:34] Plotting course to SECTOR 885C. ETT 00:26:32.
    [SYSTEM:21:02:36] Delaying jump to SECTOR 885C. Reason according to captain: "The view."

    Just ignore the cat faces.
  8. Dragonclaw

    Dragonclaw Oxygen Tank

    WIP side view of the supercarrier/colony ship Hope.
  9. Dragonclaw

    Dragonclaw Oxygen Tank

    This is like a teaser trailer, just with art.

    This is a thing I was working on BEFORE the invention of this thread and now I'm coming back to it.
  10. Dragonclaw

    Dragonclaw Oxygen Tank

    Alright... here I go...
    *deep breath*
    Does anyone want me to make a drawing for them?
    If so, prepare to be possibly
  11. Dragonclaw

    Dragonclaw Oxygen Tank

    This isn't EVERYTHING I colored, just a completed area. SOON.
  12. Dragonclaw

    Dragonclaw Oxygen Tank

    I wonder if anyone recognizes the game from this. Anyway, listen to THIS.
  13. Firebird Zoom

    Firebird Zoom Master Astronaut

    It's No Man's Sky isn't it?
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  14. Waffle-Chan

    Waffle-Chan Oxygen Tank

    This thread needs more waffles :3
  15. Tlactl

    Tlactl Zero Gravity Genie

    Looks sorta like Subnautica to me
  16. Dragonclaw

    Dragonclaw Oxygen Tank

    It's actually Subnautica. I can see how it might look like No Man's Sky though.

    Alright then. More waffles coming up tomorrow.

    You posted this as I was writing this post. And you are correct!


    I was thinking of something like fang, but I didn't think it was very fitting.

    You might need to look closely to see some of the views. I think I wore it away a bit.
  17. Tlactl

    Tlactl Zero Gravity Genie

    X-Wing MK 1/2
    Warp Cruiser
  18. The Purple Dragon

    The Purple Dragon Black Hole Surfer

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  19. Dragonclaw

    Dragonclaw Oxygen Tank

    For anyone who cares...

    Name: L4NC3-Falcon
    Class: Multi-role fighter

    Max speed
    1250 MPH / 2011 KPH (in atmosphere)
    1560 MPH / 2510 KPH

    Tesla Ion Drive engines (x4)
    Navigation Grade B
    Target Tracking Grade A
    Particle Shield Generator
    Titanium Alloy Hull
    Ejection system
    Life Support (Small)
    Short Range Comms
    AM-730 Miniature Reactor

    MAW60 Rapid-Fire Railgun (x2)
    Spearhead Air to Air missiles (x8)
    Shrapnel Air to Surface missiles (x4)

    Supplies (Atmospheric missions only)
    3 Days Rations
    Vac Suit (Always Included)
    AP-60 Rifle
    Deployable Shelter

    I usually end up going overkill with this kind of thing.
  20. Dragonclaw

    Dragonclaw Oxygen Tank

    As of this moment, my levels of boredom have reached a critical level. Time to start drawing again.

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