Race Dragoknights

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  1. Bingo. Although, I've been thinking of doing non-sprite artwork for separate armor and weapon permutations for quite some time now. :)
    (Even if I haven't really done any weapons yet lol.)
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    Just good profiling, actually. I enjoy reading up on the better detailed species, though most of them are often too nice in a way that wouldn't fit their description. We can't have a universe full of hundreds or even thousands of culturally different species, and not expect these beliefs and lifestyles to collide and cause conflicts - the draconians don't need to be so inherently megalomaniacal per se, they should just be portrayed as one of the species willing to butt heads against the others in order to get what they want, that being the expansion of their territory, increase of power, etc., in order to survive as a species.

    It's a big world for us, and in Starbound, it's an even bigger universe. It's okay to be all happy and friendly, but in all reality, for a species trying to expand alongisde other civilizations that could quite possibly be equal in power, self-preservation and preparation for the years to come are most likely to be chief among their concerns, and they won't be pushed around or let anyone stand in their way. Provided that all species wouldn't let anyone get in their way, the Draconians can simply bring a more harsh, serious toned way of life.

    I blame years of reading lots of comics.

    I'm willing to help with that concept if needed.
  3. Grim

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    A good example would be, if an uncharted system comes up for negotiations among these civilizations, the Draconians will be the first to enter that argument, and they will fervently fight for that territory until that negotiation closes.

    A controlling authoritarian government or the more aggressive, totalitarian regime are simply two of a couple of ways to portray that type of mindset.
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    Careful with your double posts, just use the edit button.
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  6. Taso

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    I'd play as this race, it seems like it would be great as a tanker/defensive-wall. :up:
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    They should give you a job dude.
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    Okay! Can't wait to see them sprites! ;)
  9. Believe me, the Dragoknights are anything but kittens and rainbows lol. Sure, they live by a code to not harm those weaker than them, but that doesn't mean they won't hesitate to rip your insides out. xD

    Might keep their honor system actually (since they are a bit relating to knights as their name suggests), but I also may include a bit of what you're getting at here. :)
    Yeah, I've seen your race actually. One of the two dragon race threads that inspired me to make my own take at 'em. :rofl:

    Great work btw. :)
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    Wow! Thanks so much! :D
  11. Ghostar

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    I think this is your best suggestion yet. :)
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    My new favorite race by FAR.
  13. I love it. :love:

    Oddly enough, I actually created a thread on dragon-themed worlds. If you're interested, click here.
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    It is great you need to see it!
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    God, you never disappoint. Brilliant. :)
  16. Dr. Otaku-Sensei

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    Can't they just straight out say that these will be implemented? The ideas seem too good and fitting to pass.
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    We're both space penguin leaders!:)
    p.s another epic pic & idea!
  18. Saw it after I posted this earlier actually. The Dragoknight's would be right at home there, even if they prefer their burning planet to anything else. xD

    And thanks! xD
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    You never put out a mediocre suggestion, always a suberb one. You always add a backstory and I love your art.
    Excellent work, and I couldn't agree with Ghostar more.
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    I like How you have these little systems The gillians and the dragoknights each with 3 creatures!:up:

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