Does it require Steam?

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    Hi! I was a big fan of Wanderlust Rebirth (played it almost exclusively for half a year) and I'm definitely looking forward to play Adventures, it looks just amazing. But I have a question I'd like to ask first: will there be a Steam-free version of the game, like your previous game had?

    I'm guessing the answer will be 'no', since I read you guys are using the Steam Network API to provide multiplayer support... but I haven't been able to confirm this requirement with the FAQ, so I'd be very grateful if you could tell me.

    Thanks and kudos for your great work!
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      It will Be "Steam Only" as of "Now" they plan on getting the game out to the public as fast as possible. They may later decide to make this game for console/other Online Stores. I can not speak for Yeti Trunk as I don't work for them. So Take what you want from my post! Hoped I helped!
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        I see. It'd be great if there was an alternative, but it makes sense for them to go for Steam first. I'll keep an eye on the site for updates. Thanks for your reply!
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